A King Creating A Positive Kingdom

King Apollo had a date with death & that’s when his music career came to life! Born in Atlantic City, NJ, at the age of 16- King Apollo attempted to die by suicide after years of suffering from what is now diagnosed as depression, personality disorder, mood disorder, & years of self harm on top of dealing with being diagnosed as epileptic at the tender age of 12. Always being viewed as “different”, King Apollo decided  “different” would be the direction of his music. Living life to his fullest, facing mental, physical, and emotional health issues, giving hope to the hopeless, & being somebody that makes everybody feel like somebody.

Those are the foundations to King Apollo’s music. And that’s where music comes into my story.

When it came to suicide, it’s not that I wanted to die, it was just that I did not want to be here anymore. I wanted to leave that phase of my life. I felt like I couldn’t tell anybody because they would automatically assume I was “crazy.” I know that sensation of pain personally & I want to prevent others from ever feeling like they are not valid. I am not ashamed of the fact that I attempted suicide because it made me the man that I am today. One thing about suffering is that it teaches you valuable life lessons. So now I can use what I learned from suffering to teach others and hopefully prevent someone else from suffering like I did. I wanted to think of a way I could reach as many people as possible & music is the universal language.

I’ve been rapping since I was 8 so I combined my goal & my passion together to create something meaningful. Not everyone had someone to reach out to and I know at the time, I felt like I couldn’t reach out to anyone. No one else should have to feel that way. I thought if I could make music that makes you feel important and like you matter, it’ll have the same effect as reaching out to someone. One small conversation can change your life, whether it is through music or through verbal communication. Music was, is and will continue to be my savior.



Jayshawn is a musician who has dealt with many of his own personal struggles through life. He is currently a suicide prevention advocate working to rise above challenges and bring positivity and hope to others. Music is Jayshawn’s talent & he wants to use it to bring forge miracles.


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