You Are Not Broken

I will never understand society’s infatuation with "fixing" people. We fix cars that no longer run smoothly, robots that are unable to carry out their proper functions, lights that flicker wildly in the back stockroom. We fix things that are broken.

We are people. We are a complex combination of working organs composed of living tissues and cells.  We breathe in and out. We have feelings and thoughts. We have a heartbeat.

Though we may claim to be "broken" at our lowest points, people cannot truly be broken. To help us get through difficult times, we seek comfort in things we are passionate about, whether it's family, or reading, or sports, or music.

Our struggles truly make us stronger. Think of it like working out -- as dreadful as it is sometimes to get myself out of bed early in the morning to hit the gym before work, and as painfully sore my body may get, I'm building up muscle that will benefit me in the long run. Life is no different. The obstacles that we face and the determination we put forth to overcome the roadblocks to our goals prepare us for our futures, giving us the strength - the muscle - we need to take us anywhere we want to go. 

We are getting stronger everyday and, with our music (and each other), there isn't nearly anything strong enough to keep us down. Each of us was given a life we are strong enough to live. Take a look around, breathe and sit alone with your thoughts: everyone is fighting their own battles, building up their muscle daily. 

We are not broken, we are human. We are here.

Jessica Villa
Superbands Founder