Superbands is proud to announce our long-awaited Maybe You Should Hear This Campaign, aka the "Maybe Campaign" for September 2016. 

All throughout the month, we will be posting exclusive graphics curated by our awesome SB Team of lyrics submitted to us by Superfans from all around the world. We asked you guys what you wanted to see, and you were sure to deliver. 

An overwhelming amount of lyrics from songs of varying bands, artists, and genres were coming in to us left and right on our social media platforms, and from our website. Superfans were sending in some of their favorite song lyrics that helped get them through difficult situations in their own lives, hoping that these same lyrics may resonate with another person thousands of miles away who might be struggling. Maybe these are lyrics that inspire you to keep fighting your battles, or to stay strong when it seems like everything around you is crumbling. Maybe the song encourages hope within you to remind you of the beauty of the world, despite the chaos you may currently be feeling in your own life. Or maybe you'll be introduced to a new band or artist that you fall in love with. Maybe you needed to hear this. 

As September begins, we tackle Suicide Prevention Awareness Month, and there is an inspiring air all around that is beyond contagious. We want to listen to one another, we want to pick each other up when we fall, we want to be their shoulder to cry on. We want to unite to make a difference. While we sit here wishing that this desire to empower each other wouldn't fade away as the month passes by, maybe this is the first step to changing the world. 

Through this campaign, we hope to inspire and encourage people to never forget how much strength and resilience lies within every one of us. We hope that you enjoy seeing (and sharing) these lyrics as much as we enjoyed collecting and creating them. When you see the graphics, we aim for it to bring you that feeling of comfort and support that you deserve. Remember that these lyrics were submitted to us from another person, a stranger, who truly cares. And most of all, never forget to 'stay strong and keep rockin on' even when it feels like you're hanging on by a thread, because there are people who are cheering for you. 

Maybe this campaign will help you or someone you love. Maybe, just maybe, this campaign will save a life.  

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