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Every story is unique, every story is important. Individually, we may think we are small,
but united together, we are powerful and have the ability to change the world. 



Music lovers sharing their stories allow us to connect people around the world with the same passion for music. Whether it's about journey with mental illness, the comfort you seek in music, your experiences at music events, or even a song or two that helps you get through even the most difficult of days, we want to hear from you. We will be featuring stories of hope across all our social media in 2019.

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We believe in that education and awareness are the first, crucial step in addressing the mental health crisis in today's young people. Partnerships with musicians, influencers, mental health professional and educational institutes will be our driving forces in bringing stories of hope and stories of help across the world to ensure that no warning sign gets left unnoticed and every voice is heard.

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Our shop is currently taking a break from selling our signature wristbands as we focus on building up our outreach and plan out new merch. However, we intend to re-launch our shop in late 2019, where we will continue to donate profits collected from these wristband sales to go towards our continued efforts to bring awareness, treatment and recovery to those who need it most.




We are eager to connect with young philanthropists and mental health advocates to join us on this journey to change the world. This internship allows you to dive in to our mission and help us bring this vision to life. If you are a college student seeking an opportunity to join the most rockin' team around, be sure to check out what we have to offer in the Spring when applications open. 

Applications are currently closed. Keep checking back!