MY MUSIC. My Story. my life.

Inspired by the Fears vs. Dreams campaign launched by To Write Love On Her Arms, My Music. My Story. My Life. aims to encourage people to share their story and build connections. Maybe you like the same music, maybe you have the same fears or are facing the same struggles, or maybe you just want to reach out to someone whose story has touched you. Superbands invites you to add your story -- speak out and be heard. Be sure to check out our FAQ at the bottom of this page. 

My Music. My Story. My life. (2016)

Keep sending in submissions for the 2016 campaign. Tweet or email us your submission.


My Music. My Story. my Life. (2015)


How can I submit my story?

1. Start by printing out the My Music/My Story/ My Life PDF found here.

2. Here's how generally to complete each section of the PDF- 

My Music: Here you can write your favorite bands, artists, instruments, genres, basically anywhere your music comes from!

My Story: Here is where you can to tell us a little about your story. Not sure what to share? That's okay! There's no right or wrong answer. Tell us why you're here. Tell us how music has helped you or someone you know. Tell us where or why you listen to music -- is it to get pumped up at the gym? Or to relax after a long day of work? Tell us anything you want because it is YOUR story.

Together these two components tell us about the impact that music has on your life, a unique story. 

3. Finally, post a photo of your answers on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, or Instagram using #MyMusicMyStoryMyLife hashtag. You can even tweet us directly (@superbands_) with your submission. You can also email your photo to us.

Are there any restrictions on what I can/cannot include in my submission?

We ask that you refrain from including profanity, or any topics or phrases that other Superfans may find to be inappropriate or obscene. We are proud to have supporters of various ages ranging from all over the world, so we aim to avoid anything that may make someone feel offended or uncomfortable. We encourage you to express yourself in your submission in a means that everyone can enjoy.