To all of the incredible people who made this launch possible, who motivate us to keep going everyday, our team wants to thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We will make you proud.

Jamie Starcevich and Jessie Ferris for our new logo and branding, that gave us the incredible "youthful yet professional" look we were aiming for.

Marvin Manalo, Jr. for our original logo and for the last-minute graphics we ask you to create which you execute flawlessly. 

Joe Emory for your encouraging words and for continuing to help us grow this organization, no matter how busy you are.

To Write Love On Her Arms (TWLOHA) for encouraging us to actually make this "little idea" the nonprofit organization that it is today.

Lindsey McCloy for your artistic vision and guidance in the early stages, and for taking the time to create incredible media for us. 

Daniel Sikora for your help in pushing this organization forward, and for constantly providing feedback and ideas as we grow.

Matt Scott for your support, and for providing us with such an inspirational guest blog post (to be posted soon) that reminded us exactly why we are doing what we do. 

Hope Vista and T.O.N.E-z for your support and for bringing encouragement and positivity to your fans through your music.

Diana Herald for inspiring us with Pathways In Music, and for constantly being a reminder to keep working hard despite our setbacks.

Erman Baradi for your help in building networks and helping us create the foundation we needed to build this dream bigger and bigger.

Lita Abele for pushing us to work harder despite the obstacles we face on a daily basis, and always believing in our mission. 

Nora Conrad for decluttering our endless ideas and solidifying a plan to enable us to move forward. 

5 Seconds of Summer (5SOS) for our name-sake and being the inspiration to step forward and create a community that music lovers have been yearning for. We are strong and we are united!

*To the endless amounts of support from our friend and family, as well as our Superfans all over the world on Twitter (thank you especially to @5SOSUpdatesFR), Tumblr, Facebook, Instagram - we couldn't have gotten to this point without you. Thank you for everything, everyday.