How Long Does Apple Music For Artists Take To Approve? (Best solution)

Depending on the info you provide it can take up to 4 or 10 days or it can be faster that depends. Artists and artist managers can request access to Apple Music for Artists by claiming their artist page.


How long does it take to get approved on Apple music for artists?

You may need to wait for up to 48 hours for it to be approved. Apple may disapprove your artist profile picture if it does not meet their guidelines. Make sure to only upload high-resolution images with no additional text, logos or explicit content.

How does Apple Music verify artists?

Here’s how to get verified—straight from Apple’s guide:

  1. Go to
  2. Click Sign Up, and sign in with your Apple ID.
  3. Click Request Artist Access and search for your artist page.
  4. Verify that you are claiming the correct page by selecting one of your albums.
  5. Choose your Role.

How long does it take for Apple music for artists to update?

All data is shown in Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) and refreshes daily. New data releases or updates take 48 hours to display in your Apple Music for Artists dashboard. Different music distributors may deliver your music at various points of your career.

Is it hard to get your music on Apple Music?

You can only get your music up on Apple Music through using an aggregator (like us), which means we do all the hard work for you to get your music online. We then make sure it’s formatted correctly and meets Apple Music’s strict specifications, and voila! In a few days your music will be live for the world to stream.

Does Apple Music support artists?

At Apple Music, our focus remains on artists and songwriters and finding new and innovative ways for all creators to make a living from music.

How do I get the Apple Music spins?

Every time one of your subscribers starts a song from their playlist or library and listens for 30 seconds or more, it is counted as a play. A radio spin is counted if someone listens to your track for 30 seconds plus on an Apple Music radio station.

Can artists on Apple Music See who listens?

Artists can find out where listeners discover their music, including the names of the playlists. Furthermore, they can see the demographics of their top listeners along with a global view.

Can you get verified on Apple Music?

Claim your artist page by requesting access Claim your artist page from either the Apple Music for Artists iOS app or website. To claim your page, we have to verify your identity (artist) or relationship to the artist (artist manager). Note that only artists or artist managers can claim an artist page.

Why is everyone verified on Spotify?

Spotify artist verification is a small but important part of releasing your music on the streaming platform. The streaming platform recently made changes to their playlist submission process that enables anyone with a Spotify for Artists account to submit for playlist consideration.

Does Apple Music show you your top artists?

First of all, Apple Music Replay tells you exactly how many hours of music you’ve listened to this year. Then, it shows you a playlist of your top 100 most played songs with exact play counts. It also reveals how many different artists you’ve listened and who your most popular artists are.

Is Apple Music better than Spotify?

After comparing these two streaming services, Apple Music is a better option than Spotify Premium simply because it currently offers high-resolution streaming. However, Spotify still has some major advantages like collaborative playlists, better social features, and more.

Does streaming on Apple Music count for billboard?

Big charts such as the Billboard 200 are based on streams from specific regions. But platforms have gotten savvy to fans from other locations using VPNs to boost streams, and now they won’t count those streams. Make sure you listen to a song for at LEAST 30 seconds.

How do I add artists to Apple music?

How to add a user in the iOS app

  1. Sign in to the app and tap the artist you want to manage.
  2. Tap the ellipsis, then tap Manage and scroll to the Users section.
  3. Tap Invite User, then enter the user’s email address.
  4. Select the user’s relationship and the permissons you want to grant to the new user.
  5. Tap Invite.

How do I promote my music on Apple music?

Badges and icons

  1. Go to Apple Music Marketing Tools.
  2. Search for the song or album you’d like to promote.
  3. If applicable, add your affiliate token to the affiliate field on the content page.
  4. Scroll down to the Badges and Lockups section.
  5. Choose a color and language for the Listen on Apple Music badge.

Apple Music for Artists Pending

It appears that no one has responded in a long time. In order to re-start the dialogue, simply ask a different question. user:profile matthewaaamatthewaaa’s on the internet Level 1 of the user interface (45 points) Question: A few weeks ago, I submitted an Apple Music artist claim request, and it has now been over two weeks since I have received a response, prompting me to submit a support request. How long does it typically take for an application to be accepted? Posted at 5:27 p.m. on January 14, 2019 Reply

Helpful answers

Question has been tagged as “helpful.” user:profile matthewaaamatthewaaa’s on the internet Level 1 of the user interface (45 points) The 7th of February, 2019 at 12:28 PM in response to rockrboy’s comment In response to rockrboy’s comment It took around 2 weeks from the time I submitted my request. Spotify was also a lightning-fast experience for me as well. I’d advise you to be patient with the situation and make certain that you’re checking the right email address for updates. The 7th of February, 2019 at 12:28 PM Take a look at the solution in context There’s more to this debate than meets the eye.

The content of the page is being loaded.

  1. in answer to matthewaaa’s question In response to matthewaaa’s question My submission was received many weeks ago.
  2. February 7, 2019 at 9:03 a.m.
  3. in answer to matthewaaa’s question In response to matthewaaa’s question My submission was received many weeks ago.
  4. Spotify approved me within 2 hours of submitting my application.

ReplyHelpful Question has been tagged as “helpful.” user:profile matthewaaamatthewaaa’s on the internet Level 1 of the user interface (45 points) The 7th of February, 2019 at 12:28 PM in response to rockrboy’s comment In response to rockrboy’s comment It took around 2 weeks from the time I submitted my request.

I’d advise you to be patient with the situation and make certain that you’re checking the right email address for updates.

r/WeAreTheMusicMakers – Apple Music for Artists access has been pending for over a month. Anybody else have this same problem?

Level 1I just received acceptance for mine, which I had sought back in January.Level 1I’m having the same problem. It’s no surprise that the majority of my streams come from Spotify, given that my Apple Music profile is in disarray and seems to be completely unprofessional. I’m in desperate need of getting it fixed. ASAP a second-grade education Spotify is the source of almost all of my streams. If I observed the status of my current profile as a listener, I would not even try to listen since it looks so shabby, and there is nothing I can do to improve it other than to delete it.

I’m not sure how they go about processing the requests, but it can take a long time.

However, it seemed like an eternity until my band’s song was finally released to Apple Music a couple of weeks ago.

Apple, on the other hand, waited an additional two weeks to approve it.

I contacted (the service I used), and they informed me that Apple has been taking longer to process things recently. Is it possible that they are connected? level 1How do you make changes to it? My preferred media player is distrokid, and the only thing I’ve been able to modify is Spotify.

Apple Music for Artists: How to Get Verified on Apple Music

Take advantage of this opportunity to claim your Apple Music artist page and get it confirmed if you haven’t previously. An Apple Music for Artists account may assist you in analyzing the statistics and performance of your music, allowing you to know where your tracks are being streamed and played on the platform. hrbr Before you can enroll onto Apple Music for Artists and track your music, you must first upload your music to Apple Music, claim your artist profile, and provide identification to prove your identity to Apple.

How to claim your Apple Music artist page

Only music that is already accessible on Apple Music for Artists may be streamed, and if you have submitted your first release to Dittoit and it has been accepted by Apple Music (you will know this has happened when you receive your Pre-Save

How to sign up for Apple Music for Artists:

P style=”padding: 20px; color:000000; background-color:ffffff; border: 5px solid000000; text-align: center;” text-align=”center;” text-align=”center;” text-align=”center;” 1. Go to a href=”” /abrbr target=” blank” rel=”noopener” /abrbr 2. Select Sign Up from the drop-down menu, followed by Request Artist Access.

Copy and paste the URL to your iTunes Store artist into the text field provided.

/pbrimg class=”img-responsive” src=”alt=”How to sign up for Apple Music for Artists” class=”img-responsive” src=” alt=”How to sign up for Apple Music for Artists” class=”img-responsive” src=” alt=”How to sign up for Apple Music for Artists” “hr hr hr hr hr hr hr hr hr hr

How to find your iTunes Store artist link:

P style=”padding: 20px; color:000000; background-color:ffffff; border: 5px solid000000; text-align: center;” text-align=”center;” text-align=”center;” text-align=”center;” 1. Go to iTunes and search for your artist name, then go to your artist profile. 1. Go to your desktop and click the three dots on the right-hand-side of the screen. Choose Share Artist, then Copy Link from the drop-down menu. /p If you don’t yet have an iTune artist profile, but you’ve submitted your first release to Ditto and obtained your Pre-Save SmartLink, you can send an email to [email protected] to request an iTune Store artist link before your release date is scheduled.

How to change your Apple Music artist profile picture

By selecting the ‘Manage’ tab from inside your Apple Music for Artists account, you will be able to modify the image that appears on your artist profile page. Then just select your new profile photo by clicking on the ‘Upload Image’ button. It is possible that you may have to wait up to 48 hours for it to be authorized. brcenter/centerbr If your artist profile photo does not comply with Apple’s requirements, it may be removed from your account.

Make careful you only post high-resolution photographs that do not contain any additional text, logos, or otherwise explicit information. A simple high-resolution headshot should be sufficient. You may find the whole set of Apple Music’s standards for artist profile photographs

How does Apple Music for Artists work?

Apple Music for Artists allows you to keep track of a variety of statistics and trends related to the success of your music on the platform. Let’s have a look at some of the statistics that are available! brOverview On the overview tab, you can see the most important statistics about your music across Apple Music and iTunes, such as the total number of plays and average monthly listeners, as well as song purchases and Shazam request counts. brcenter/centerbr Also on this page, you’ll be notified of new Insights that are published.

  1. brcenter/centerbrTrends It is possible to delve further into the analytics behind your music by visiting the Trends area of your Apple Music for Artist account.
  2. brPlaces With Apple Music’s Places data, you can see how many plays, downloads, and Shazams your music is receiving in various parts of the world, allowing you to better target your marketing efforts.
  3. You may decide to raise your marketing spend in France, for example, if you notice that you’re receiving a lot of streams there./span strongem pbr Your Musical Selections For in-depth analysis of particular tracks and releases, navigate to the Your Music area of your account.
  4. brcentercenterbr Each time a user listens to an Apple Music radio station for more than 30 seconds and plays your tune, it is counted as a Radio Spin for that user.
  5. hr Apple Music for Artists is a fantastic tool for delving into the statistics behind your streams and strategizing about your marketing strategy in general.
  6. br
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Here’s How To Get Your Apple Music For Artists Profile

With the introduction of Apple Music for Artists, musicians now have even more control over their Apple Music profiles. A wide range of options are now accessible to you, in addition to making your songs available for streaming on one of the world’s most prominent music streaming services. Some of the amazing rewards this channel may provide include streaming data to help you understand where your audience is spending the most time listening, information about which playlists are driving your streams, and possibilities to communicate with your followers through bespoke artist photos.

As a CD Baby customer, you now have access to speedier verification for Apple Music for Artists, allowing you to maintain complete control over your image on one of the world’s most powerful streaming platforms.

We’re constantly working to ensure that you’re the first to learn about new tools.

Claim your profile and you will be able to express your visual identity on the platform, check the results of your music promotion in real time, ensuring that your music library is appropriately represented, and even know how many people are Shazamming your music.

How to get an Apple Music for Artists page with CD Baby:

  1. GoHERE in addition to logging into your CD Baby dashboard Make a selection of the artist whose work you wish to verify on Apple Music. Select “Get Started” from the drop-down menu. Utilize your Apple ID to create an Apple Music for Artists account. Complete the signup procedure and acknowledge that you have read and agree to the terms and conditions. Choose the album that you’d want to continue listening to
  2. Fill out all of your account details completely and accurately. You’ll attach a link to your social media profile for verification. Make certain that CD Baby is your distributor of choice. Utilize your CD Baby credentials (the username and password for your CD Baby account) throughout the authentication process so that Apple can immediately recognize you as the real owner of your music and profile on their site. Your request should be sent as soon as possible. You should notice “Pending Access” underneath your account icon on Apple Music For Artists while your account is being processed.


Tons of stats and useful data for musicians

When you create an Apple Music for Artists profile, you’ll have access to a wealth of information that will assist you in building your brand and reaching new fans. Here’s a preview of what you may expect to see:

  • The number of plays through on-demand streaming
  • The average number of daily listeners Purchases of songs on iTunes
  • Apple Music has radio stations playing
  • Shazams (yeah, that’s right, Shazams! )
  • Aspects of your music’s global success, such as “You reached 10,000 all-time plays in Canada,” will be shared with you.
  • Plays songs from a playlist
  • Songs that are most frequently played
  • Countries that are popular (as indicated by heat maps)
  • Demographic and regional information about your listeners (by song, album, playlist, and so forth)
  • And much more information about your listeners

You may filter the above statistics by date periods that you specify, or you can view them as a lifetime view that dates back to 2015. Apple Music for Artists is now accessible as a mobile application, allowing you to check in on your music when you’re on the road or in the studio. Apple Music for Artists is one of the most significant streaming platforms in the world, and it’s now available as a mobile application. Apple Music will continue to grow in popularity throughout the world, and as it does, the tools and insights it provides to artists through Apple Music for Artists will become more comprehensive.

GET ACCESS TO YOUR PROFILEAbout the Author: Chris Robley is the Editor-in-Chief of the DIY Musician Blog at CD Baby.

Poetry Magazine, Prairie Schooner, The Poetry Review, and other publications have published my works.

How to Get Verified on Spotify and Apple Music

So, after years of working in the studio and sending out rough versions here and there, I eventually made the decision to start my own music distribution company. I finished mastering my music, inserted my contact information, and submitted my album art. I pushed the send button, waited for approval, and there it was! My songs has appeared on a variety of sites overnight, including Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, Deezer, and others. Party!Great. So, what do you do now? How do I make changes to my artist profile?

  • In comparison to SoundCloud, it is not as simple as logging in, clicking edit, and being done.
  • It’s also a technique of providing extra value to your audience.
  • Verify your identity!
  • How I became verified on Spotify and Apple Music within a week and grabbed control of my artist profiles is detailed below.

Why Get Verified?

So, what exactly is the big deal about those small blue checkmarks on documents? What the’certified’ checkmark signifies is that I am legitimate, that I have received the seal of approval, that I have been validated by the bigwigs, and that THIS IS MY MUSIC! To be honest, authentication used to be a source of contention for new artists. You required a large number of plays or followers to demonstrate that you were ‘deserving’ of the coveted check mark. And we all know how difficult it is to garner the first 250 supporters.

It’s good to know that this has changed recently. Because of this, Spotify has realized that it must begin to be more transparent, as well as provide all artists with the same tools to take control of their projects. The following are some of the benefits of becoming verified:

  • Make changes to your artist profiles, such as your profile photo and other information
  • Keep in touch with your fans by uploading playlists, tour dates, and other information. Take a peek at your statistics and see who is streaming your music and from where
  • Having a legitimate appearance increases your chances of being included on curated playlists. You will have the ability to submit your tunes for consideration on an official playlist

Following are the steps to take after you’ve published your song (doing so before publishing will not work!) in order to receive your blue checkmark:

Take Control of Your Spotify Artist Profile

In addition, because LANDR Distribution is a favored partner with Spotify, LANDR Distribution customers will have an easier time claiming their profile on the platform after submitting and publishing tunes. All you have to do is link your LANDR profile to your Spotify profile from within LANDR’s distribution dashboard, and your profile will be instantly claimed and verified! If you are not already a LANDR user, you must go toSpotify for Artists and click on the ‘Get Access’ button to sign up.

It can take a little longer than your overjoyed self would have liked (a few days or a week).

Here’s what getting verified on Spotify allows you to do:

  • Make a change to your artist’s picture
  • Include an Artist’s Pick (for example, your most recent release)
  • Your artist profile should have a featured playlist. Look at the numbers, such as the number of plays, the nations and places where your music is being played, and so on.

Get Access to Your Apple Music Artist Profile

Streaming service Apple Music is upgrading its Artist Verification program. Apple Music Connect is being rebranded as Apple Music for Artists, and the service is currently in beta testing. According to Apple’s documentation, here’s how to get validated on the App Store: 1. Go to the Apple website, 2. Select Sign Up and enter your Apple ID and password. 3. 3. Select Request Artist Access from the drop-down menu and navigate to your artist page. You may also search for artists by copying and pasting the link to their iTunes Store artist page.



When it comes to establishing your link to the artist you are claiming, the more information you are able to present, the more easily it will be to authenticate your claim.

Here’s what getting verified on Apple Music allows you to do:

  • Your audience would appreciate it if you share music, video, images, and ideas with them. Share your favorite playlists, albums, music videos, and songs from Apple Music with your friends and followers.

On Apple Music, a fan is defined as anyone who has purchased your music or has added it to their own collection. Individuals and organizations can access and playback the content you upload to Connect, including content on Apple Music for Android. As an artist, you are not need to have an Apple Music membership in order to publish to your page. However, you can only upload from your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch (through the Apple Music app), or your Mac computer (through iTunes). Listed below is Apple’s documentation on how to share content with your Apple Music subscribers.

Checkmark? Check!

Fortunately, the verification procedure is now open to anyone who wants to use it. This implies that when you release your music, you will be granted access to your artist profile on Spotify and Apple Music, among other services. This allows you to modify your photo, share your favorite playlists, and promote your music to your existing fan base through social media.

The blue checkmark serves as a sign of approval, making you appear legitimate—even if we always knew you to be such. Consequently, become certified immediately and make the most of your music distribution opportunities.

How to claim your artist page on Apple Music in 7 Steps

Have you made any songs available on iTunes? If this is the case, the next step is to claim your artist page on the Apple Music platform. Furthermore, it is critical to ensure that your artist page is thorough and has up-to-date information about you and your work. If you do not modify your page, just your albums will display on your Apple Music and iTunes artist page if you do not have a profile picture. Which is a bit tedious.

Claim your artist page on Apple Music in 7 easy steps

  1. Create an account on Apple Music for Artists to showcase your work. Select “Artists” from the drop-down menu. Artist Access must be requested. Look for your artist’s page on the internet. Choose your favorite artist’s name and piece of music
  2. You must complete the form in order to obtain your artist page on Apple Music. Submit your application and wait for access to your artist page to be granted.

What you put on your artist page is more significant than you may realize. Of course, you want to make a good impression on your followers. Consequently, make certain that you have a respectable collection of past albums and a bio on your profile. Additionally, a well-thought-out artist website has the potential to attract music supervisors and music collaborators to your project. Keep in mind that music is a business as much as it is an artistic endeavor. If you approach your art with the highest professionalism from the beginning, you will be able to attract the most formidable talents in the business.

Get started

Sign in with your Apple ID by going to Sign Up. If you don’t have an Apple ID, that’s not an issue. Simply register for a new account using the link given.

Step 2: Choose “Artists”

You are given the choice to select the type of page that you would like to provide your visitors. Choose a category that corresponds to your industry if you already have material in that area. To claim your artist page, select “Artists” from the drop-down menu.

Step 3: Request Artist Access

You are now prepared to seek access to your artist profile on the internet. If you already have an artist associated with your Apple ID, it will display in this section. To claim your Apple Music page in any other case, simply click on the icon that reads “Request Artist Access” to the right.

Step 4: Search for your artist page

Look for your name or the name of your band or artist. If you have already released music on iTunes and Apple Music, your name should display in the search results if you have previously released music on both platforms.

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Step 5: Select your artist name and music

Once your name shows, click on it to proceed. If you have been featured on previous albums, it is possible that you will appear on many accounts with your name. If your artist’s name does not show in the search results, you may also add a link to the artist’s website. (For further information, please see the troubleshooting section of this article.) Make certain to choose the profile that contains your music (albums and singles).

Step 6: Fill out the form to claim your artist page on Apple Music

Among the details requested on the form are your contact information, your role, and social media verification. Label and manager information are optional features that can be included. It is not a problem if you do not have these items yet. Only the options that indicate “No label” and “Self-managed” should be checked.

Your account can also be linked to this page if you release your music through Believe Music, Tune Core, DistroKid, or CD Baby. Apple also claims that connecting with your distribution contact can speed up the process of acquiring access to your Apple Music artist page.

Step 7: Submit and wait to gain access to your artist page!

You’re finished when you click “Done.” When your artist profile becomes online, you will be notified by email at the address that you provided in the form. Unsplash image courtesy of Humphrey Mulebaon

Troubleshooting: Custom artist page on Apple Music

In the event that you encounter difficulties connecting your accounts, please leave a comment below and I will provide answers in this area of the post.

My artist page appears in iTunes/Apple Music, but my artist name and/or music does not appear in Apple Music for Artists

In this scenario, the best course of action is to utilize the URL from your artist page to search for your artist page onApple Music for Artist, which is the most convenient option.

How to copy your iTunes Artist Page URL?

  1. Activate iTunes and navigate to the Store
  2. In the search field, type in the name of your favorite musician or band. In the upper right-hand corner of your artist page, click the “.” button. Hover your cursor over “Share Artist”
  3. Select “Copy Link” from the drop-down menu.

Spinnup’s Artist Guide to Apple Music

With the formal release of Apple Music for Artists, which had previously been in beta, Apple Music has added a considerably more powerful analytics tool to its artist center, which was previously in development. Now that you can view data for over 100 countries and the cities inside them, you can segment your listeners and identify exactly where your music is most popular and which songs are performing the best. You can also see data for over 100 countries and the cities within them. As of today, Apple Music For Artists will also provide you with information on the number of plays generated by playlists and algorithmic radio.

  1. Not only can you track week-to-week development, you can also configure alerts to be alerted quickly when a significant event occurs in your data, such as spikes in streams, milestones reached, performance benchmarks achieved and more.
  2. Spotify For Artists is a long-running artist dashboard that Apple believes will help you manage certain aspects of your career.
  3. Previously known as Apple Music Connect, this tool has taken over as the primary platform, and we’ve got the lowdown on what it’s all about.
  4. Read on to find out more!

What is Apple Music for Artists?

Essentially, Apple Music for Artists is a dashboard where you can access all of the relevant information about your music in Apple Music. It is now in beta testing status, which indicates that additional features are expected to be added in the near future.

What can I do in Apple Music for Artists?

In the platform, you may quickly access your most important statistics by seeing a summary on your ‘Overview’ page. More specific information on your releases may be seen on the ‘Trends’ and ‘Places’ pages after they have been published. In Trends, you can see how each of your songs is performing and which sorts of fans are responding to it the most. Fans’ statistics may be seen by age range, country, continent, gender and plays by the playlist you’re now in, to name just a few examples. When you have news or release a new single, you can use these data to help you decide where to tour and who to target with social media advertisements in specific locations.

Take a peek at the map to discover which locations (or countries) have the most plays so you can get a better understanding of where your music is being heard by listeners.

In graphs or maps, you may customize the way the statistics are shown to meet your specific requirements.

With Apple Music for Artists, things are a little different; this time, it’s more about reviewing your data and analyzing what your fans appreciate the most about your music, as well as how they consume it.

How do I create my profile?

To build an Apple Music for Artists profile, you must first ensure that your music is already available on the platform, just as you would with Spotify For Artists. We at Spinnup have you covered since we distribute your music to all major music services, including Apple Music and iTunes, so you don’t have to worry about getting your music heard. You may then claim your artist profile by logging into Apple Music with your Apple ID and selecting “Claim Artist Profile.” If you don’t already have an Apple ID, you may create one by visiting this page.

  1. It will send you to a search bar where you may look for the name of the artist or band you are interested in.
  2. If you have a manager, you may add them to your profile as an administrator, and they will be able to view your metrics as well.
  3. Furthermore, if you’re a management, you may create many accounts for different artists on your roster.
  4. Do not attempt to claim Drake’s profile based on the screenshots; they are only examples.
  5. Not to mention the fact that you have access to an enormous amount of music data with your Spinnup artist app!
  6. This makes it simple to assess how you’re performing in the stores and identify areas where you can capitalize on your efforts or identify areas where you have room to develop your business.
  7. So, what are you waiting for?
  8. Let’s get your music out there and into the world!

Apple Music For Artists: The How-To Guide & Key Benefits Explained

Apple Music is a music streaming service that operates on a subscription basis, similar to Spotify. Apple Music For Artists, which provides access to more than 50 million songs, was first introduced in January 2018. It is now available to the public and provides a thorough dashboard tailored just for artists! Apple Music For Artists will assist you in managing your music career if you are a musician. It is jam-packed with capabilities, and you can even utilize Shazam data to check plays, daily listeners, and album purchases (with data going back as far as June 2015!) It is a powerful tool.

In this post, we’ll go over what Apple Music for Artists is and how to get your profile set up on the platform. Make sure to stay around to the the end to ensure that you don’t miss out on any important details.

What Is Apple Music For Artists?

Apple describes it as follows: ‘Everything you need to understand the effect of your music across Apple Music.’ Apple MusicFor Artists is a dashboard that provides you with relevant information about the tunes that you have in Apple Music. Apple Music allows you to connect with your fans and is a fantastic tool for managing your music business in a professional manner. It’s essentially Apple Music’s version of Google Analytics, if you will. To be clear, Apple Music is not the same as iTunes in terms of functionality.

Apple Music For Artists, a competitor to Spotify For Artists and even YouTube For Artists, has officially opened its own artist center, Apple Music For Artists, which includes pre-saves and other tools to help you prepare for your release.

You may analyze your listeners’ behavior to see which songs are performing the best and where your music is being played the most frequently, among other things.

More information on how to get your music onto Apple Music can be found in our tutorial on How To Upload Your Music To Apple Music (available in English and Spanish).

What Does Apple Music For Artists Offer?

When compared to a conventional Apple Music account, Apple Music For Artists offers a plethora of additional information to musicians. Artists may quickly visit the dashboard to check how many times their songs have been played, how many radio spins they have received, and how many purchases they have made. When a subscriber starts a song from their playlist or library and listens for 30 seconds or longer, it is considered a play. The number of radiospins earned by your music is determined by how long someone listens to your tune on an Apple Music radio station.

Every time a consumer purchases your release from the iTunes store, you will be notified that it has been counted as a purchase.

How Does Apple Music For Artists Work?

When your songs are made available for listening on Apple Music, you will automatically be granted free access to Apple Music For Artists. With Apple Music For Artists, your Apple Music account not only provides you with the opportunity to hear your own voice, but it also provides you with a platform from which you can communicate with your followers. Listeners leave a digital trail behind them when they listen to Apple Music, and Apple Music For Artists will allow you to know what your followers are listening to and how they are listening to it.

Establish clear weekly growth metrics, and establish alerts to be alerted when there are big changes to your data, such as increases instreams, that you should be aware of.

On the ‘Trends’ and ‘Places’ pages, you can see detailed information about each of your releases.

You may see information on fans based on their age range, country, and number of plays per playlist.

You have the option of seeing your statistics as graphs or maps. When you decide to release a new single, this will provide you some insight into where you should go on tour or who you should target with social media advertisements.

Getting Set Up On Apple Music For Artists

Currently, as you are aware, Apple Music For Artists is primarily concerned with tracking your statistics to determine what your fans enjoy and how they consume your music. First and foremost, you must establish your identification or relationship with the artist. As much information as possible should be provided in order to expedite the verification process, such as connections to social media and distributor accounts (Twitter,Facebook,TuneCoreetc).

  1. If you haven’t already, login into Apple Music with your Apple ID to claim your Apple Music For Artists page. In the event that you do not already have an Apple ID, you may quickly create one. Select ‘Request Artist Access’ from the drop-down menu. Of be certain that you are claiming the proper artist page, copy and paste the link to your iTunes Store artist page into the search box, or search for your artist page by artist name. You may check that you are claiming the proper page by selecting one of your albums. Decide on your role
  2. Fill complete all of the application fields that have been required. Sign in to your social media, distributor, or ShazamFor Artists accounts to expedite the authentication process. Because the more information you can supply, the more likely it is that you are associated with the artist who you are claiming to be your relative.

If you already have a manager, you may add them to your profile as an administrator so that they can see your stats as well as yours. Artists and artist managers who have Administrator access are responsible for assessing any further access requests that come their way.

Managing Apple Music For Artists

Have questions about how to manage your account? Through distribution sites like as CD Baby and TuneCore, you can always get a hold of some basic information.

CD Baby

The music you distribute through CD Baby will already be available on Apple Music if you use the service. Joining CD Baby will allow you to receive faster verification for Apple Music For Artists. CD Baby has a direct relationship with Apple, which means you will be the first to learn about new tools. You will also get access to all you require in order to understand the effect of your music throughout Apple Music and iTunes. Create your profile so that you may convey your visual brand and track the progress of your music promotion in real time.

Access to your Apple Music For Artists account may be accessed through your CD Baby Dashboard.

You only need to use the same Apple ID (email address) that you use to purchase music and download applications from your iTunes Store to complete the transaction.


TuneCoreartists will have access to new, extensive, and useful data sets and analytics, which will provide insight into the following topics and issues:

  • See who is listening to your music on the internet
  • View the place from which your admirers are listening to your music
  • Milestones that your tracks are passing through
  • Streaming, radio, and data downloads are all options.

Download the Apple Music For Artists app (available for iOS) to keep track of your music’s performance on the move, and upload a customized artist photo. Authenticating your artist profile when you sign up with your TuneCore account email address and password will allow you to gain access to your profile faster.

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Apple Music Distribution Through Music Gateway!

We at Music Gateway are proud to be one of Apple Music’s officially certified partners! It is possible to get your music on all major platforms, including Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon Music, with our excellent music distribution service! Furthermore, you retain complete ownership of your transactions, and we receive no compensation from you. We will also master your song for free in order to ensure that you sound your best before releasing it. With a free account, you’ll get two free tracks to get you started, and you’ll get more dependent on your subscription plan.

In addition, press, blog, and music marketing are provided. Hopefully, you’ll be impressed with what we can do for your career and will want to take advantage of some of our other incredible services!

Promotion And Branding

It is quite crucial for a new artist to engage in some form of promotion. Your Apple Music For Artists account will be accessible once you have established a clear understanding of who you want to target with your promotion. You may construct a playlist based on the information you’ve gathered. When a tune is included in a popular playlist, it is not uncommon for artists to earn a livelihood from royalties. If you don’t have the time to promote your music yourself, why not take use of Music Gateway’s services?

With thousands of weekly playlist streams under our belt, we have earned the reputation of being a reliable partner for digital platforms.

Not only can we assist with streaming marketing, but we can also assist with radio, television, and artist development.

Final Thoughts

Apple Music For Artists provides you with more access to data, which may eventually assist you in determining which way you want to take your creative endeavors. When you’re sitting down to write a new song, it’s a good idea to think about the individuals who are most likely to listen to it before starting. If you’re an artist, your goal is to please your audience, and Apple Music For Artists is a fantastic tool for analyzing and staying connected to what your fans want from you. Why bother putting together an indie-rock album if the people who would be listening to it favor classical music rather than alternative music?

By utilizing the information you have gained from Apple Music For Artists, you will be able to provide your fans with what they want.

So, what are you waiting for?

Make sure you have an Apple Music For Artists account right now!

Are You An Artist?

If you have music that you would want to share with the world, we would like to assist you in advancing your career and getting them acknowledged. Promotion of your music and improvement of your streaming presence are two examples. Additionally, visit oursync opportunitiespage to learn how to have your music included in television and film. Sign up or click on the icon below to try it out for free right now. Your musical endeavors Get a head start. “Making it in this business involves ensuring that you have all you need to be successful,” says the author.

  • News and advice from the industry
  • Opportunities to contribute your song and work with other artists are available. Software and resources that are provided for free
  • Music Gateway membership is provided for free.

Are you certain that the email is correct? Thank you very much! Newsletters will be delivered to the following addresses: Is this the correct e-mail address to use? If this is the case, you can make the necessary changes. Is it junk mail? No way in hell – we despise such thing as well! To subscribe to our newsletter, please click here.

Observations and opportunities Thank you very much! Newsletters will be delivered to the following addresses: Is this the correct e-mail address to use? If this is the case, you can make the necessary changes. We believe that some of our services may be of interest to you.

How to Claim and Update Your Artist Profile on All Major Music Platforms

Create and maintain your artist image by using clear images and keeping your artist profiles up to date with the latest news and developments. In the digital world, branding is key, thus it is critical to maintain all of your platforms up to date with the latest information. Here’s our comprehensive picture and artist profile guide with tips and techniques for Spotify, Apple Music, SoundCloud, and other platforms, which you can find right here.

How to Claim and Update Your Artist Profile on All Major Music Platforms

When you create a Spotify artist profile, you have the option to customize both your avatar and your header image. Sign in to your Spotify for Artistsaccount, then profile, and then click the pencil icon in the top right corner of your header to make changes to both artist photos. To obtain a Spotify Verification Badge for your label or brand, please visit this page. If you need to verify your Spotify account, you may do so by submitting a request here. In order to avoid confusion, all artists who have permission to access their Spotify for Artists profile will now have the verified check shown on their artist page.

Simple instructions on how to accomplish this may be found here.

Apple Music

  1. Go to
  2. Click ‘Sign Up,’ and then sign in using your Apple ID to complete the registration process. Select ‘Request Artist Access’ from the drop-down menu and navigate to your artist page. Alternatively, you may copy and paste the link to the artist’s page on the iTunes Store into the search box. Verify that you’re claiming the proper Artist Profile by selecting one of your releases. Choose a role to play
  3. Fill out all of the application fields as completely and precisely as possible. This will aid Apple in the evaluation process
  4. As a result,

If you already have access to your Apple Music Profile, you can add/update your artist image following this process…

  1. Sign in to with your Apple ID. Make a decision on which artist you would want to manage. ‘Manage’ should be selected, then scroll down to the ‘Upload Image’ portion of the Artist Image area. Choose the picture file you want to use. Resize your image to ensure that it adheres to our formatting rules before clicking ‘Submit.’

While Apple is reviewing your photograph, the status of your image will be set to “Submitted for Review.” It may take up to 5 business days to complete this process.

  • If the image does not comply with iTunes’s criteria, it may be rejected. Please examine the criteria before submitting a new photograph for consideration.

As a Symphonic client, you may also add a picture to your artist page by signing into your Symphonic account and initiating a support request with the UPC, your artist name, and an image that meets the specifications listed in the section below. If you distribute through a third-party distributor, they will be responsible for making the necessary changes on your behalf. (Please keep in mind that you must have a Symphonic account in order for us to alter this image!)


You are allowed to make changes to your profile image on Tidal, however you must do it through your distributor in order to accomplish this.

If you’d like to set up your Tidal artist page as a Symphonic client:

When in on to your Symphonic account, submit a help request under HelpCreate A Tickets by including the following details:

  • The artist’s image must be 1080x 720 pixels (or 1500x 1500 pixels) in size and in the.jpg,.png, or.jpeg format. Your Artist’s Name
  • The UPC for a release by the artist that was distributed by Symphonic to Tidal
  • And your email address Tidal artist page with a link to the most recent release

(Please note that only your distributor has the ability to submit these modifications on your behalf.)


Deezer allows artists to alter their banner and avatar photos, but, like with Amazon and Tidal, your distributor is responsible for doing so on your behalf. Clients that use symphonic music: You may do this by logging into your Symphonic account and sending a help request under HelpCreate a Ticket that includes the following information:

  • Image of the artist that is at least 500 × 500 pixels in RGB color space and in the.jpg,.png, or.jpeg format is required. (The maximum file size that will be allowed is 3MB)
  • Your Name as an Artist
  • A UPC for a release by the artist that was supplied to Deezer by Symphonic
  • On Deezer, there is a link to the current artist page.

(Please keep in mind that you must have a Symphonic account in order for us to alter this image!)


If you have a YouTube account, you may quickly edit your profile image and cover art right from the platform.

Simply navigate to your channel and select the image you’d want to edit–be sure to adhere to the sizing criteria outlined below–and voila!

YouTube Music for Symphonic Clients:

To make changes to your YouTube Music picture, go into your Symphonic account and submit a help request under HelpCreate a Ticket with the following information:

  • An picture that meets these specifications (5120 x 2880 pixels)
  • Your Name as an Artist
  • A unique product code (UPC) for your artist that is provided by Symphonic to YouTube Music
  • A link to the current artist’s page on YouTube Music is provided.


You may easily modify the photos that appear on your SoundCloud profile when using the service. Simply log into your SoundCloud account and manage your profile to ensure that your profile photo, album artwork, and header are all up to current and accurate.

Beatport Artist Page

Every musician has the opportunity to have their own artist page on the Beatport website. The prerequisites are straightforward, but they are critical. In order to be considered, the image must be a professional artist photograph (590404 JPG), and you may also send an artist bio in addition to the photograph. If you meet these two conditions and your music is currently available for purchase on Beatport, you may submit your artist image by visiting this page. To make changes, you must follow the same steps as above as before.

Beatport Label Page

It is possible to change your label profile in a similar way to how you update your artist page. In this instance, your picture requirement of Tile Image (500500) would be required. If you are interested in having yours updated, please click here!

Google Play Music

For assistance with updating your Google Play artist image, please go into your Symphonic account and submit a help request under HelpCreate a Ticket that includes the following information:

  • Images should be no less than 2160 x 1080 pixels (4320 x 2160 ideal), with a 2:1 aspect ratio on a neutral or solid backdrop, with no text overlay or watermark. Your Name as an Artist
  • For a release by the artist released by Symphonic and available on Google Play, the UPC is
  • A link to the current artist’s page on Google Play is provided.

Always remember to keep your sites up to date, as well as your photographs looking their best! The process of claiming and updating your artist profiles on all major platforms should not be stressful, and we hope that this list has helped you uncover the information you’ve been looking for to assist you claim and update your artist profiles across all major platforms.

How to get your content on Apple Music and manage your ‘Connect’ artist profile page

Artists may already begin contributing songs and signing up to manage their artist profile on Apple Music, which will officially open at the end of the month to take over for Beats Music. Under the “Engage” branding, Apple Music delivers new social tools that make it possible for artists to share material with fans, publish updates, and connect with them in a variety of ways that were previously unavailable. While some speculated that these capabilities would be restricted to huge musicians from major labels, Apple shocked some by making the feature available to all artists, including independents.


If you are not affiliated with a label that already has a relationship with Apple and iTunes, you will need to use an aggregator, such as TuneCore, that gives distribution on iTunes and, now, Apple Music for a small price.

Following submission of your song, you’ll be able to claim your artist profile for use with the new Apple Music Connect capabilities by visiting this page.

After logging in with your Apple ID, you may do a search for the name of your favorite artist or band.

Choose a role for yourself.


Apple will send you an email to confirm that your request has been received and is currently being reviewed.

The content you post will be featured in a “From the Artist” area next to your library of music when someone searches for you on Apple Music when they search for you.

The content you upload and the postings you make are accessible to everyone, regardless of whether they are members or not.

Aside from that, you may link audio or video files that you have already uploaded to your existing Apple Music albums, as well as remark on other artists’ posts or react to comments on your own posts.

Even while some artists may use professionally created content, Apple says users can submit films and photographs “that were spontaneously taken on an iPhone or iPad” and publish them straight away from within the app.

Using its music services, Apple is letting musicians for the first time to have complete control over how they advertise themselves.

The new curated radio stations and the Connect social capabilities of Apple Music might make it the first music streaming service that really accepts smaller artists if they are well received by customers.

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has approved the use of auto affiliate links that generate money. More. More Apple news may be found on 9to5Mac’s YouTube channel:

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