How To Create Apple Music Profile? (Perfect answer)

Creating a Profile on Apple Music

  1. Open Apple Music.
  2. Tap the “For You” tab.
  3. Tap your profile picture in the top right corner.
  4. Choose “Start Sharing with Friends” and then “Get Started.”
  5. Upload a profile photo, type in your name, and pick a username so other Apple Music users can find you.


Why can’t I make an Apple music profile?

Delete built-in Apple apps on your iOS 12, iOS 13, or iPadOS device or Apple Watch — If you’re still unable to create a profile, delete the Music application and reinstall it again (search for Apple Music). Once it’s reinstalled, make sure that “Show Apple Music” and “Sync Library” are both on under Settings > Music.

How do I create an Apple music profile 2021?

If you subscribe to Apple Music, you can create a profile so your friends can see what you’re listening to. Manage what you share

  1. Open the Apple Music app.
  2. Tap Listen Now.
  3. In the upper-right corner of Listen Now, tap the photo icon. or your photo.
  4. At the top of your screen, tap [your name] View Profile.

How do you make a music profile?

Let’s look at a few ideas that will help you craft an effective musician bio.

  1. Grab your visitor’s’ attention. Make a few notes on a piece of paper to begin.
  2. Note your name.
  3. Get into the background.
  4. Mention your Music.
  5. Love the layout.
  6. Sample musician bio.
  7. Bios for all band members.
  8. Great musician bio examples.

How old do you have to be to have an Apple Music profile?

Children under 13 can’t create an Apple ID on their own. (This age varies by region.) But if you’re the family organizer, you can create an Apple ID for your child.

How do I change my profile picture on Apple Music?

Open the Apple Music app on your phone or tablet.

  1. Tap the “For You” tab at the bottom of the app.
  2. Tap on your name and “View Profile.”
  3. Select “Edit” underneath the profile icon.
  4. Tap your profile image or the generic icon and add a picture.
  5. Tap “Choose” in the bottom right of the photo.

Can you make separate profiles on Apple Music?

With an Apple Music family subscription, up to six people can enjoy unlimited access to Apple Music on their devices. And each family member gets their own personal music library, and music recommendations based on what they love to listen to.

How do you add a family member to Apple Music?

On your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Tap your name, then tap Family Sharing.
  3. Tap Add Member.
  4. Enter your family member’s name or email address and follow the onscreen instructions.
  5. Choose whether you’d like to send an invitation via Messages or to invite them in person.

Can you see who stalks your Apple Music?

Can people see when you view their playlist on apple music? Answer: A: Answer: A: No, it doesn’t notify the person.

How do I create an Apple Music account on my iPhone?

How to Sign Up for Apple Music

  1. Launch the Music app on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac, or open iTunes on your PC.
  2. You should see an offer to subscribe to ‌Apple Music‌ when you first open the Music app on your iOS device.
  3. Tap or click the three-month trial offer.
  4. Select an Individual subscription.

What is Apple Music profile?

After you subscribe to Apple Music, you can create an Apple Music profile that features your favorite playlists and what you’re currently listening to. You can share your profile with everyone or only friends you invite to see it. After you create a profile, you can choose the playlists you want to share.

What happens if you delete Apple Music profile?

“When you delete your profile, your user handle and music activity clear from Apple Music, but your Apple Music subscription isn’t affected. If you shared a playlist with a friend and they saved it to their device, the playlist disappears. Your library and playlists don’t change.”

How to Create Apple Music Profile on iPhone and iPad

Apple Music allows you to discover the music that your friends are listening to while also allowing you to share your own music collection with them. Interested in learning more about how it works? Prior to getting started, you must first create an Apple Music profile in order to be able to connect with your friends via your smartphone. You have the opportunity to personalize your account and determine who has access to the music you have shared with others. If you decide that you no longer wish to share the music that you listen to, you may delete it from your profile at any time.

You may create an Apple Music profile on your Mac by following these (nearly) identical instructions.

How to Create an Apple Music Profile on iPhone and iPad to Connect with Friends

Step 1. Open the Apple Music app on your iOS device and listen to some music. Please keep in mind that when you initially open Apple Music, you will be presented with a direct link to “Get Started.” As a result, touch on it to get things started. Step2.Now, select the “For You” tab from the drop-down menu. To access your profile image, click on it in the top right corner. Step3: Select “Start Sharing with Friends” from the drop-down menu. Step4: Select “Get Started” from the drop-down menu. Step5: You must now submit a profile photo, enter your name, and choose a username that will allow other Apple Music users to locate you on the platform.

Step6.After that, you must choose between “Everyone” and “People You Choose” in order to determine who has access to your listening history.

After that, you may choose which contacts you want to share music with.

Make sure to click on “Done” at the conclusion of the process to confirm the change.

  • It is possible that the names of your friends may appear in the suggested contacts area. If you are unable to locate somebody in that section, you can utilize the “Search” option to locate them more quickly
  • You may browse through the list of recent albums and playlists that your friends have been listening to and add them to your collection. In addition, if your friends have given you permission, you may go through their own playlists they have produced. One thing you should be aware of is that you will only be able to access your friends’ playlists if they have selected “Everyone,” or if they have opted to share their playlist with you.

Step1. Go to yourApple Music profile and click on the Apple Music For You option. Step2.Now, scroll down to the section labeled “Following.” Then select the person whose music you’d want to listen to from the list. You may select “See All” to see a list of items in a vertical format. Now, have a look at the “Playlists” that your pals have created. Step 3. Navigate to the “Listening To”section and select a collection that you desire to preserve. After that, select the collection you want to view.

Your friends’ playlists will now show at the top of your library’s playlists section, where you can easily access them.

You’ll see the name of the playlist, as well as the name of your buddy, on the screen. When you make any modifications to it, it will be automatically updated. That’s all there is to it! You have completed the process of creating your Apple Music profile.

How to Change Apple Music Profile Picture and Username

You may keep an eye on your profile to see who is following you and who is following you. You will also have the option to personalize it to your liking. Step 1. Select the Apple Music ForYou tab from the Apple Music menu. Step2.Click on the “Edit” button. Change your profile image, name, and username right now. Also available are the ability to change follower permissions and even restructure shared playlists to your preference.

How to Add a New Playlist to Your Profile

Step 1: Open the Apple Music application. Select the Library tab from the drop-down menu. To access the playlists, use the Playlists button. Step2: Select a song from the Playlist. Click on “Edit” in the top right corner of the screen. To finish, select “Show on My Profile and in Search” from the drop-down menu.

How to Stop Sharing Apple Music Playlist

Step1: Launch the Apple Music application. Select theLibrary tab from the drop-down menu. Step2.Go to your library and find the playlist that you no longer wish to share and tap on it to remove it. Step3.Now, you must select “Edit” from the drop-down menu in the upper right corner. Change the setting for “Show on My Profile and in Search” to “No.” That’s all there is to it. Bringing everything to a close Yes, the advent of social music sharing has unquestionably elevated the level of enjoyment that Apple Music users may get out of it.

Please share your thoughts about it in the comments section below.

  • 1. Launch Apple Music by clicking on the I icon in the menu bar. Choose Library from the drop-down menu. Step2.Go to your library and find the music that you no longer wish to share and tap on it. Now, in the upper right corner of the screen, you must select “Edit.” “Show on My Profile and in Search” should now be turned off. Everything has been spoken and done. Coming to a close Isn’t it true that the advent of social music sharing has made Apple Music a more jovial experience? It is to be hoped that Apple’s foray into social networking will be successful! Fill in the blanks with your thoughts on it in the comments section. Alternatively, you might refer to the following blog posts:

Make your mark on Apple Music with a unique user profile

Apple Musicuser profiles (think of them as online aliases) let you to earn followers and discover the music that others are listening to on the platform. As a result, Apple Music is gradually evolving into a more sociable experience. Here’s how to claim your name and create an Apple Music profile in a few simple steps.

  • Instructions on how to claim your Apple Music nickname Instructions on how to upload a photo to your Apple Music profile
  • How to create an Apple Music profile
  • How to use Apple Music
  • In Apple Music, learn how to follow other users. How to remove your Apple Music profile from the system

How to claim your Apple Music nickname

Because your username is the primary way that others will discover you on Apple Music, you’ll want to go ahead and claim a memorable one right now.

  1. It is through your username that people will be able to locate you on Apple Music, so choose something memorable right away.

How to add a photo to your Apple Music profile

Make a photo of yourself and upload it to your profile.

  1. Open the Apple Music app. Tap theFor Youtab
  2. Tap youravatarin the top-right corner
  3. Then tap theFor Youtab again. Select Edit from the drop-down menu after tapping on yourname. Tap on yourimage to open it. Take a photo or choose a photo from your library to use as inspiration. TapChoose
  4. TapDone
  5. And so on.

How to set up your Apple Music profile

Here’s how to get your Apple Music profile up and running.

  1. Open the Apple Music app. Tap theFor Youtab
  2. Tap youravatarin the top-right corner
  3. Then tap theFor Youtab again. Select Edit from the drop-down menu after tapping on yourname. Tap on yourimage to open it. Choose who may see your Apple Music activity: Everyone, People Approve, or just yourself. Select the playlists that you want to see on your profile and in search results under Shared Playlists. Under Show on Profile, select whether or not visitors to your profile will be able to see what you’re now listening to by toggling the switch

How to follow users in Apple Music

To add users to your following list, do the following:

  1. Open the Apple Music app. Tap theFor Youtab
  2. Tap youravatarin the top-right corner
  3. Tap on yourname
  4. Scroll down, tapFollow More Friends
  5. Selectfriendsto follow
  6. TapDone
  7. Repeat for each additional friend you want to follow.

Follow Facebook friends who are Apple Music subscribers: You may also follow Facebook friends who are Apple Music subscribers. Connect Facebook is located on the page mentioned above.

How to delete your Apple Music profile in iOS 11

Some people choose not to allow others to see what they are listening to on Apple Music, and this is a perfectly acceptable decision. If this is the case, you will be required to remove your profile.

  1. OpenApple Music
  2. Select theFor Youtab
  3. Select youravatarin the top-right corner
  4. Select yourname
  5. Select Edit
  6. Select Delete Profile
  7. CloseApple Music.
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If you have any further questions regarding how to set up your Apple Music profile, please share them with us in the comments section below. August 2019: This page has been updated. Screenshots for iOS 13 have been added.

Sweet Music

Millions of music are available to you in your pocket. More than 70 million songs, live radio stations hosted by well-known personalities, and thousands of curated playlists covering every genre imaginable are available on Apple’s music streaming service.

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What are the best DACs for iPhone and iPad?

You will require a digital to analog converter in order to listen to high-resolution Apple Lossless music on your computer (DAC). Let’s take a look at which digital audio converters are the finest for your iPhone or iPad.

How to follow people on Apple Music and set up your profile for it

  • Individuals on Apple Music may be found and followed quickly and easily by searching for them on your profile page. If you’ve never created a public profile before, you may also add or invite friends from your contacts list right from thestartup menu
  • If you’ve never created a public profile before, you can create one here. Following a person on Apple Music will allow you to see what they are listening to, as well as any new songs or albums they have added to their collection. More articles may be found on the Business Insider homepage.

If you’re looking for friends, relatives, or coworkers, it’s simple to locate and follow them via theAppleMusicapplication. Apple Music used to allow users to follow artists as well, however the option was withdrawn in 2018 due to technical difficulties. While you can still follow friends to see what they are listening to, it is not as comprehensive as Spotify. You will just need to create an account in order to do so. In the event that you haven’t previously, you may quickly add individuals to your account by visiting your account details in the “For You” page at any time.

Check out the products mentioned in this story:

Opening the Apple Music app on your mobile device is the first step. 2.Click on the “For You” tab, which is located under the heart emblem at the bottom of the page. 3.Click on the profile icon in the upper righthand corner of the page to access your profile. If you haven’t created an account yet, the account symbol will display as a human (as opposed to a profile photo oryour initials). Photo: Select the “For You” tab from the drop-down menu. source Business Insider photographer Marissa Perino Then, to set up your profile, select “See what Friends Are Listening To.” 4.

  1. source Business Insider photographer Marissa Perino 5.To begin, press the pink “Get Started” button on your screen.
  2. source Business Insider photographer Marissa Perino 6.Customize your name, username, and profile photo, if applicable, by selecting the necessary elements from the list.
  3. Continue to the following stage using the photograph.
  4. This will result in the pink “Follow” button being replaced with a gray “Following” button.
  5. You may also invite contacts from your phone who use Apple Music but do not yet have accounts by scrolling down to the bottom of the page.
  6. Foto: Follow your pals and then press the “Next” button.

The switch toggles from green to gray to indicate whether the feature is on or off. 11.Press the “Done” button to complete the operation. Photo: Press the “Done” button.source Business Insider photographer Marissa Perino

How to follow people on Apple Music once you’ve alreadyset up your account

1.Start by launching the Apple Music application on your smartphone. 2.Click on the “For You” tab, which is located under the heart emblem at the bottom of the page. 3.Click on the profile icon in the upper righthand corner of the page to access your profile. If you’ve previously created an account, your initials or profile image will show in a circle next to your name and password. Foto: Click here to see your profile. source Business Insider photographer Marissa Perino 4.Click on “View Profile” at the top of the page.

  1. source Business Insider photographer Marissa Perino 5.Scroll down to the bottom of the page to discover who you are following at the moment.
  2. 7.Click to follow any of your connections who are currently posting music on social media sites like Facebook.
  3. You also have the option to link to Facebook at the top of the page in order to browse the profiles of your Facebook friends or to invite contacts from your phone who use Apple Music but do not presently have accounts set up to do so.
  4. source Business Insider photographer Marissa Perino

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To make changes to your Apple Music artistpage, go to this page. On Apple Music, you can see what music your friends are listening to and show off your own collection. Given that Apple Music is a premium-only music streaming service, a membership or a free trial will be required. Once you’ve created an account, you’ll need to fill out your profile information.

Mac/PC: create a profile

OpeniTunesorMusic, then clickFor Youat the top of the page, followed by the profile image icon in the upper right corner of the screen. After clicking Get Started, you’ll be prompted to provide a Name, a Username, and a profile picture. Continue to the Find Contacts section. Follow and invite people who are already in your contacts. Choose who may follow you and how often you want to be updated. You now have a public Apple Music profile, which you can access from anywhere.

iPhone: create a profile

Using Music, go to the bottom of the screen and tapFor You, followed by the profile photo icon in the top right corner. Check out what your friends are listening to by tapping on their profiles. Select Get Started from the drop-down menu, then enter a Name, Username, and a profile picture. Continue to the Find Contacts section. Follow and invite people who are already in your contacts. Create a Facebook account to make new friends. Select the people who will be following you. You now have a public Apple Music profile, which you can access from anywhere.

Mac/PC: find friends

OpeniTunesorMusic. From here, you may look for friends by typing their names into the search box in the upper right corner, just as you would while looking for music.

To find friends in your contacts, go to theFor Yousection at the top of the page and then click on the profile picture icon in the upper right corner of the screen. Select “Find More Friends” from the drop-down menu. Follow and invite people who are already in your contacts.

iPhone: find friends

OpenMusic. You may search for friends from this screen by clicking Search in the lower right corner, in the same manner that you search for music. TapFor Youat the bottom of the screen, followed by the profile picture icon in the top right corner of the screen to locate friends in your contacts. More Friends may be followed by tapping the button. Follow and invite people who are already in your contacts. Create a Facebook account to make new friends.

Mac/PC: share your profile

OpeniTunesorMusic, then clickFor Youat the top of the page, followed by the profile image icon in the upper right corner of the screen. To share your profile, click on the three dots in the upper left corner and select Share Profile. Select the option toCopy Linkor text withMessages from the menu.

iPhone: share your profile

Using Music, go to the bottom of the screen and tapFor You, followed by the profile photo icon in the top right corner. To access the three-dot menu in the top right corner, click it. Choose toCopyyour URL to the clipboard orShareto bring up the sharing sheet by selecting one of the options.

How to Get Started Using Apple Music Playlists

Today’s streaming services, such as Apple Music, may assist you in compiling a customized playlist of your favorite songs. Perhaps one to begin moving at the gym, and another to concentrate and be more productive at work are both possibilities. Creating, populating, sharing, and discovering Apple Music playlists is the subject of this article, which will be covered in detail. By the conclusion of the course, you’ll be a seasoned practitioner who knows how to harness the full potential of Apple Music.

How to Create an Apple Music Playlist

Create a playlist on Apple Music is different depending on whether you’re working on a mobile device or a desktop computer. The following are the steps to build a new playlist on an iPhone, an iPad, or any other mobile device: 1.

  1. Launch the Musicapp and select theLibrarytab from the drop-down menu
  2. Select Playlists from the drop-down menu of categories. Select “New Playlist” from the drop-down menu. Please include a name for your new playlist as well as an optional description. If you’d like, you may use a fresh photo or one from your collection as the cover artwork for the playlist by tapping theCamerabutton. To select whether or not your playlist will be accessible on your public Apple Music profile, flip the switch labeledShow on My Profile and in Search. TapAdd Music to browse through the Apple Music catalog and search through your personal music library for songs and albums to add to your collection. To save your playlist when you’ve completed, use the Done button.

To make a playlist in the Music app on your Mac or in iTunes on your PC, follow these steps :

  1. Then, under the Music app, selectFileNewPlaylist (or press the keyboard shortcutCmd + N)
  2. Please name your playlist and press the Enter key or click outside of the text area to save it.

How to Add Songs to an Apple Music Playlist

You may add music to your iPhone, iPad, or other mobile device by utilizing one of the ways listed below: 1.

  • Locate your playlist underLibraryPlaylists, then choose Edit followed by Add Music to make changes. The ability to keep adding music until you press Done is provided by this feature. When exploring albums or tracks in other playlists, long-press on a track and select “Add to Playlist” from the drop-down menu that appears. Tap theellipsis(.)button on the Now Playingscreen to exit the game. Then selectAdd to a Playlist to include the current song in the playlist. Then, after downloading theShazamapp and identifying a song, tapAdd Toand select an Apple Music playlist

There are various methods for populating your playlists in Music for Mac or iTunes for Windows, including:

  • Click and drag your song to the left-hand sidebar when exploring albums and tracks, then release it over your selected playlist
  • While browsing albums and tracks Right-click on a song and select “Add to Playlist” from the context menu when browsing albums and songs. Hover your cursor over the track name in the Now Playingarea. Then, select Add to Playlist from the ellipsis(.) button by clicking on it.

These are the steps to take in order to share a playlist on an iPhone, iPad, or other mobile platforms:

  1. Locate your playlist by going To access the menu, hold down the long-press button on the playlist. Then select Share Playlist from the drop-down menu. Choose how you want to share a URL for your playlist, and then click “Share.”

To share a playlist on Mac and Windows, follow these steps:

  1. Locate your playlist in the sidebar of theLibrarytab, right-click on it, and then select Share Playlist from the context menu. In the LibraryPlaylistview, move your cursor up to the top and tap on theellipsis(.) button, then select Share Playlist.

In any case, you will be provided with a link that you may freely distribute via Messages, Facebook, AirDrop, and other means. Because there is no mechanism to remove access to the URL at this time, it is preferable to duplicate your playlist and delete the old one if you wish to cease sharing your music with others. It is also possible to make playlists visible to followers on your public Apple Music profile page.

  1. This will produce a link that you can freely distribute via Messages, Facebook, AirDrop and other similar services. Because there is no method to remove access to the URL at this time, it is preferable to duplicate your playlist and delete the old one if you wish to cease sharing your playlist. In addition, it is possible to display playlists on your public Apple Music profile for followers to view.

Can You Make Collaborative Apple Music Playlists?

Apple Music does not allow you to create collaborative playlists, which is a shame.

How to Subscribe to an Apple Music Playlist

To subscribe to a friend’s playlist, simply ask them for a link to it using one of the sharing methods described previously. These links will launch the Music app on iOS and macOS, or iTunes on Windows, depending on your device. You may subscribe by opening a playlist and tapping theAddbutton to add it to your library, where it will get automatic updates going forward.

All of your playlists, including those you’ve made and those you’ve subscribed to, are grouped together in a single list underLibraryPlaylists on iOS devices and in the sidebar on desktop computers and laptops.

How to Discover New Playlists in Apple Music

To receive suggestions based on your listening behavior, go to theListen Nowtab on any platform and choose “Listen Now.” Among the automatic-generated playlists is a Favorites Mix, which is comprised of your favorite songs from the past, a New Music Mix, which is comprised of your favorite songs from the present, and playlists based on the genres you listen to the most. Each of these playlists will be updated on a regular basis as new music is released and your listening preferences change. You’ll also find some more generic (but selected) playlist recommendations on this page, such as Artist Spotlight Playlists and a list of new releases that are related to your collection.

The fact that you enjoy or dislike a suggested playlist will be taken into consideration by Apple Music, which will use your feedback to improve future suggestions.

This may be accomplished by locating the music on which you would like your playlist to be built.

As you listen to songs from your collection and from the larger Apple Music library, comparable music will be automatically queued up, allowing you to hear more of the songs you already know and discover new ones.

Don’t Forget to Search for Playlists Too

Was it ever brought to your attention that Apple Music is curated by humans? While there is a strong emphasis on providing predictive choices based on your listening habits, there is also a staff of curators that are constantly updating and producing playlists for your enjoyment. If you’re looking for anything specific, just search. Try looking for a specific genre, a band or producer, an album, or even a specific mood or activity on the internet. The suggested playlists may be found by scrolling down in your search results.

  • Headspace is a collection of electronic, acoustic, and ambient music that may be used to increase productivity and maintain concentration. Vaporwave Essentials: A succinct introduction to a genre that serves as a jumping off point for further musical exploration
  • Grind Your Core: This playlist has some of the most violent music ever recorded, and it may be just what you need to kickstart your new workout program at the gym. Sampled: Blue Note Records: A collection of tracks sampled by contemporary artists from the legendary jazz label, as part of the “Sampled” series of playlists (of which there are many more)
  • Sampled: Blue Note Records: A collection of tracks sampled by contemporary artists from the legendary jazz label
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Explore Apple Music or Try Something Different

You’ve made it all the way to the end of our Apple Music introduction! Congratulations! If you’re new to Apple Music, this guide should get you up and running quickly in terms of making, sharing, and finding new playlists. And if you’re a seasoned Apple Music user, perhaps the suggested playlists can provide some entertainment for you. Apple Music is simply one of a slew of high-profile music streaming services, each of which has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. If you don’t only use Apple products and are debating whether or not to try another streaming service, feel free to look into Spotify or Google Play Music, which are both free.

Spotify vs.

Google Play Music: Which Is the Best?

Apple Music vs.

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Change Profile Picture, Name, or Nickname in Apple Music

  • Click on the silhouette symbol and then selectSee What Friends Are Listening ToGet Started to begin setting up your profile. Select View ProfileEdit from the View ProfileEdit menu once you have selected your profile photo or name. Apple eliminated Connect from Apple Music in 2018, but you can still see what your friends are listening to by visiting the Friends tab in Apple Music.

Learn how to change an Apple Music profile on iPhones and iPads running iOS 11 or later by reading this article!

How to Update Your Apple Music Profile

On the majority of Apple Music pages, your profile is prominent and easily accessible. To set it up and personalize it, simply follow these instructions.

  1. Click on theListen Nowbutton at the bottom of the music app’s screen
  2. Then hit theAccountbutton located at the top of the screen. Essentially, it’s the silhouette of a head with a circle around its center
  3. Select Check out what your friends are listening to. Select Get Started from the drop-down menu. The camera icon may be used to take a new profile photo or to select an existing one from your Photos app. By choosing the option and entering in a custom name, you may change your given name or nickname. In the event that you don’t want your complete name to be displayed, you may abbreviate it to only your first name or whatever nickname you want. The official “@nickname” might be the same as or different from your given name. To proceed, select Continue to Find Contacts from the drop-down menu. Spaces are not permitted in the moniker, although an underscore may be substituted for a space. The next page displays a list of your contacts who are presently sharing their information on Apple Music, as well as those who are using the platform but do not yet have profiles on the site. If you want to exchange music with your friends and see what they’re listening to, tapFollownext to their names. If you want additional contacts to establish profiles, tapInvitenext to their names. Continue by pressing the Following button
  4. The next screen provides privacy settings. Select whether anybody may follow you or only those who have been approved by you by tapping the screen. In addition, you may utilize the lower controls to choose when Apple Music will alert you of friend suggestions and when it will display you in other peoples’ profiles. Continue by using the Next button. If you’ve built playlists on Apple Music, the following page will allow you to share them with your contacts. SelectNext
  5. Finally, you can choose whether or not you want to get notifications when you gain new followers or when artists you follow release new music. You may edit your profile later by touching your profile image or symbol and then selectingView Profileand theEditbutton to bring up the Edit Profile page, where you can make the necessary adjustments.

If you didn’t complete the Apple Music signup process and are wondering how to activate your 3-month free trial, please see our full instructions on how to sign up for Apple Music.

What Happened to Apple Music Connect?

When Apple Music first launched, it had a social function known as Connect, which allowed fans to communicate with their favorite musicians and vice versa. Users may accomplish this by creating a personalized profile on a social media platform such as Twitter or Instagram, which would allow their friends to discover them and others to see who they were conversing with. Though Apple Music’s Connect feature was deleted at the end of 2018, it still retains a social component that you can utilize to see what your friends are listening to and discover new music for your personal collection.

How to Share a Playlist on Apple Music

A playlist is a terrific method to compile a collection of your favorite music or artists in one convenient location. To share a playlist on Apple Music, simply follow the instructions outlined below. In terms of streaming music, Apple Music is one of the greatest alternatives available, with an enormous collection of artists and tunes to choose from. With Apple Music, you’ll get access to millions of different artists and will be able to take use of specialized features such as lossless music and spatial sound.

After all, playlists are intended to be shared and listened to by others.

How to Create Your Apple Music Profile

Despite the fact that Apple has given up on trying to manage its own music social media site, you will still need to set up your Apple Music profile before you can share a playlist with other people. It will not be possible to share until you have created your profile. To accomplish this, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Apple Music app on your iPhone or iPad and start listening. Click on your profile image in the upper-right corner of theListen Nowtab
  2. Set up your profile by pressing the Set up Profile button. Set your login, identify contacts, follow friends, and pick who may follow you by following the on-screen prompts. Once your profile has been established, you may choose which playlists you wish to be shown on your profile.

Once your Apple Music profile has been created, you should be able to share your playlists with other people. Apple Music enables you to do this using AirDrop, Messages, social networking sites, email, and other sharing applications, among other methods. The applications that are installed on your smartphone will determine the alternatives you will be presented with. Your friends and family members will need to have an Apple Music membership or access to the playlist through an Apple Music Family subscription in order to watch the playlist.

  1. OpenApple Music on your iPhone and navigate to theLibraryPlaylists folder. Select the playlist that you wish to share with others. Toggle the three-dots symbol in the upper-right corner. After that, select Share Playlist. After that, theShare Sheetmenu will display
  2. Choose one of the various choices to share your playlist
  3. And then click OK. TapCopy if you only want a link to your playlist and nothing else. You may then share or download the playlist to another location.

It will display in another Apple Music user’s music library once you have shared the playlist with them (and they have accepted your invitation).

Any modifications you make to the playlist will be reflected in their respective libraries as well.

Sharing an Apple Music Playlist from Your Computer

Using the Apple Music website, you may also share an Apple Music playlist created on your PC or Mac with others. It’s fairly similar to the procedure of sharing a playlist on your mobile devices, although there are fewer options available. It will depend on the device and method you use to access the Internet that the alternatives you see will differ. In order to share your Apple Music playlist from your PC or Mac, follow these steps:

  1. On either platform, launchApple Music on macOS or iTunes on Windows, or go to theApple Music website. Go to your playlist and click on the three-dot symbol to the right of the song list
  2. Following that, selectShare from the pop-up option. Finally, select the method through which you wish to distribute your playlist from the list of alternatives.

If you’ve set up your profile in Apple Music but are still unable to share a playlist, try one of the following solutions:

  • Remove any restrictions on content and privacy. Go to SettingsScreen TimeContentPrivacy Restrictions on your iOS or iPadOS device. If it’s enabled, make sure it’s turned off. Restart your iPhone and give it another shot. Disconnect from your aVPN connection. Check to see if you are connected to a virtual private network (VPN). This can be found underSettingsGeneralVPNDevice Management
  • Choose Device Management Profiles from the drop-down menu. Check to see whether a device management profile is the source of the problem. Look for any configuration profiles that aren’t currently in use inSettingsGeneralVPNDevice Management once again. Examine your time and date settings
  • If necessary, remove them and restart your iPhone to try again. Last but not least, double-check that your date, time, and time zone are correct. These options may be found in the GeneralDateTime section of the Settings menu.

The majority of people should be able to resolve the issue by following these instructions. If you’re still having problems, you should contact Apple support for assistance, since this might indicate that there is a problem with your Apple Music account or with the settings on your device.

Make the Most of Your Apple Music Experience

If you’ve compiled a collection of your favorite songs and artists into an Apple Music playlist, you don’t have to hide it. You may easily share a playlist on Apple Music with anyone else by following the procedures outlined above. The days of creating mixtapes are long gone; we now have more efficient and speedier methods of curating a personalized music library. There’s a lot to like about Apple Music, so make sure you take use of all of its features. For example, you may elect to stream Apple Music on your television, or, if you’re tired with the music on offer, you could consider moving your playlists to Spotify instead.

Apple Music: How to Add Friends

In addition to being a streaming service, Apple Music is also a terrific venue for some light networking among music fans, according to the company. Once you’ve created a profile, you can begin following your friends and seeing what they’re listening to on the platform. More than that, you may collaborate with others to make playlists and share your favorite tunes with them. Although it is not as sophisticated as a social networking platform, it offers its own set of advantages. This is the correct location to learn more about this aspect of Apple Music if you are interested in learning more about it.

Follow along as we dissect the features of one of the most widely used streaming services in the world.

Option 1: How to Follow People in Apple Music?

There is one need before you can connect with your friends through Apple Music — you must first register a profile on the service. You must actively configure it, thus simply installing the program will not enough. Fortunately, the entire procedure may be completed in a few easy stages. It does not necessitate much work on your part, save from generating a username. If you want, you may do it using your phone, which is quite convenient:

  1. To begin using the app, click on the Apple Music icon on your desktop. From the home page, select “Listen Now” or “For You” from the drop-down menu. To sign into your account, choose the account symbol in the top-right corner of the screen. Users of Android devices may access a drop-down menu by tapping on the three vertical dots at the top of the screen. After that, select “Account.” You’ll notice an option to “See What Friends Are Listening to.” Click on that option. Select “Get Started,” and the app will guide you through the rest of the procedure. To create a username, follow the step-by-step instructions provided. When you’re finished, press the “Done” button.

After you have created a profile, you may begin adding individuals to it.

The fact is that you can only connect with people who are already members of the Apple Music community! Once you’ve decided on a certain individual, here’s how to include them on your list:

  1. Apple Music may be accessed simply pressing on the app icon
  2. Select the heart-shaped symbol located at the bottom of the home page. In the top-right corner of the screen, click on your profile image. If you’re using an Android device, pick “Account” from the drop-down list after pressing the “More” button. Select the “Follow More Friends” tab, which is located at the bottom of the screen. To follow a friend, click on the red button that appears next to their avatar on the right-hand side of the screen. Invite a friend to share music by tapping the “Invite” button next to their profile on the right-hand side of the screen.

Note: If you link your Facebook account to the streaming service, you will be able to see who of your friends has an Apple Music subscription. Remember to login in to both applications before attempting to synchronize them together.

Option 2: Use Recommended Friends

If you’re looking for anything specific, Apple Music can assist you by proposing profiles. Depending on your current list of followers as well as your general activity, the algorithm will recommend several options. Especially if you’re not sure how many of your pals have an Apple Music profile, this feature may be really useful. Here’s how to make use of this convenient feature:

  1. By pressing on the Apple Music icon, you may access the app. At the bottom of the screen, there is a heart-shaped button labeled “For You.” To locate a list of suggested profiles, scroll down to the “Recommended Friends” portion of the page. If you come across someone you recognize, click on the red “Follow” icon next to their username.

Option 3: Search for Friends in Apple Music

You can locate a buddy more quickly if you know his or her username on the social networking site. Apple Music includes a built-in search engine to assist you in your search for friends. It’s the same one you used to discover your favorite artist, only this time it’s someone you know: it’s the same one you used to find your favorite artist, only this time it’s someone you know:

  1. Open Apple Music on your favorite device and start listening. To access the magnifying glass icon, locate it in the bottom-right corner of the screen and tap it. To begin inputting your friend’s username, tap on the dialog box and start typing. You may locate them by searching for them by their true name, assuming that it is associated with their Apple Music account. Scroll down to the “People” section of the search results and click on the “People” link. If your friend’s profile isn’t among the top three results, click “See All” to see all of the profiles in the category. To visit their profile, simply tap on their username. Then click on the red “Follow” icon next to their account information.
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The fact that you are having problems discovering your buddy on Apple Music does not necessarily imply that they do not have an Apple Music profile. It is possible that the search feature will have difficulty loading the results. It is susceptible to errors and problems, much like the majority of comparable features. It is primarily caused by an unstable connection, which may be swiftly remedied by reconnecting. In order to resolve the situation, the following steps should be taken:

  • Restart your device if it hasn’t already. The majority of issues may be resolved by just restarting the computer. Prepare your storage area by cleaning it out. When there is insufficient memory available, applications tend to underperform. Update the operating system on your iOS or Android device. It is possible that downloading the most recent framework would eliminate issues. Turn off and on the iCloud Music Library many times. This is only applicable to iOS devices. It is possible that the app will be restarted.

Apple Music Friends FAQs

The actual question is, “Why not?” says the author. The interaction with your pals is low-key, and you can get to know them a bit better as a result. Music sharing and enjoyment are the only things that you can do with Apple Music — there are no Apple Music messages, reels, or status updates. While on a friend’s profile page, you may see and listen to their shared playlists, which include: 1. Click on the Apple Music icon on your home screen to launch it. 2. Open the “For You” tab by tapping on the small heart-shaped symbol at the top of the screen.

  1. Select your avatar by tapping on it in the upper-right corner of the screen.
  2. 4.
  3. To view a specific profile, select the friend’s username or profile image from the drop-down menu.
  4. If you don’t want other people to be able to view a certain playlist, you must conceal it: hiding 1.
  5. 2.
  6. 3.
  7. Select the ones that you do not want to see on your profile or in search results and click “Deselect.” 4.

How Do You Unfollow Someone in Apple Music?

With Apple Music, you have the option to change your mind at any time. If you mistakenly followed someone and would wish to unfollow them, you can do so in one of the following ways:1. Open Apple Music and navigate to your personal page.2. 3. Navigate to the “Following” area of your profile and choose your list of friends. To unfollow someone, look for their Twitter handle and touch on their username.4. 5. Select the three horizontal dots on the right-hand side of the screen.

To unfollow someone, go to their profile and select “Unfollow” from the drop-down menu. To prevent someone from seeing your profile, go to your profile and select “Block.” Simply complete steps 1-4 and then pick “Block” instead of “Unfollow” when you’ve finished.

Friends That Stream Together, Stay Together

The style of music that a person listens to may reveal a great deal about that individual. With Apple Music, you can get a sneak peak at what your pals have been listening to recently. It only takes a few minutes to create a profile and you can find out which of your friends would make the perfect road trip buddy. Of course, this is true in both directions. When someone begins to follow you, they receive access to the playlists that you have shared with them. When you create your profile, you have the ability to choose what information will be shown on it.

Do you have an Apple Music profile?

Do you just follow those that you truly know and trust?

30 Apple Music tips, tricks and features

According to some estimates, Apple Music will have 72 million users by the end of 2020. Even more impressively (depending on who you ask), the service has had a five-star rating from us since its introduction in 2015. Apple Music has undergone five major upgrades, including two major interface redesigns. Now, with the introduction of the excellent HomePod Mini (despite the retirement of the original HomePod), there’s no better moment to become completely familiar with Apple’s music streaming service.

You can get the most out of Apple Music regardless of whether you’re using the free three-month trial or are already a subscriber and frequent user.


1. How to unsubscribe from a mailing list Sure, this is a bit of a downer to begin with – but if you’re signing up for the three-month Apple Music free trial and don’t want to commit to paying for the service after that, you can drop out at any time without penalty. To do so, go to the For You page and click on your profile symbol in the upper right corner of the screen. From there, select View Account, then View Apple ID and login into your iTunes account to complete the process. Then, about halfway down the page, select Subscriptions.

  • Don’t worry, you may still use the service for free for the next three months if you don’t want to.
  • Savvy.
  • Unfollow artists in large numbers.
  • Thus, you will have a constant stream of new and apparently never-ending content from these artists in your Connect area (which has been relocated to the Made For You menu).
  • We don’t pass judgment).
  • You may now ensure that you only hear music from artists who you enjoy listening to.
  • Sign in to iCloud Music to have access to additional services.

Many features, like offline listening, are only available when iCloud Music is engaged, and this is especially true with Apple Music.


Users who have a large existing collection, particularly if they create their own playlists, may have difficulties as a result of this.

As a result, if you value your current downloads (and you should), you might consider turning off iCloud.


If you have a large existing music library and are concerned about Apple matching it for access on your mobile device, you may turn off this function on your PC but leave it turned on for your mobile device instead.

By selecting PreferencesGeneral and unchecking iCloud Music Library under the iCloud Music Library section, you may turn off the iCloud Music Library on your Mac.

A number of different gadgets The Apple Music Individual Membership plan, which costs £9.99 a month and can be used by up to 10 devices, five of which can be computers, is available for purchase.

7. Using several devices at the same time If you wish to listen to many devices at the same time, you’ll need to purchase a Family Membership from us. With this service, you may stream simultaneously with up to six other individuals for just £14.99 per month.


8. Access the album details for the currently playing track. One feature that is only partially visible is the ability to examine the album of the tune that is now playing. There are two ways to go about it. The quickest and most straightforward method is to touch on the artist and album names at the top of the currently playing window. After that, a pop-up will display asking if you want to “Go to Album” or if you want to “Go to Artist.” Select the Album choice from the drop-down menu. It takes a little longer to use the second approach, which involves tapping the three-button symbol in the bottom right corner of the screen and selecting ‘Show Album’ from the pop-up menu that appears.

  • 9.
  • Alternatively, if you’ve chosen the more time-consuming method: once you’ve been carried to the album page, click the name of the artist (highlighted in that pinky-red text).
  • 10.
  • Prepare your ears (or the ears of your child).

Organising your music

11. Make the most of your storage space. This is a no-brainer in my opinion. Because why would you want to take up valuable storage space on your phone with music you’re not listening to? If your Apple Music storage is getting low and you haven’t listened to any of your downloaded music in a long time, the Optimise Storage function will erase them for you on its own own. It’s a simple but effective function that keeps your phone free of music you don’t want or need to listen to. When you’ve completed the process of toggling a button, you’re done.

  • To configure it, go to the Settings menu on your iPhone and select Music > Optimise Storage from the drop-down menu.
  • 12.
  • Only music that has already been added to your collection can be downloaded.
  • To include it, simply tap it.
  • To download, simply tap on the cloud.
  • 13.
  • If you just want to see the music stored on your phone for offline listening, simply pick the Downloaded Music category in the Library tab on the left side of the screen.
  • 14.
  • Rather than by artists (as is the usual configuration), you could choose to have your music collection organized alphabetically by title.
  • Choose either Title, Recently Added, or Artist from the drop-down option that appears.

And there you have it. 15. Shuffle and repeat the process Have you noticed that the shuffle and repeat icons have vanished? On the Now Playing screen, you’ll find them directly beneath the track and artist, right close to the words ‘Playing Next.’

Music curation

16. Tracks you like (or don’t like) An important component of Apple Music’s appeal is concentrated in the For You tab, which provides recommendations for albums and artists based on the music you enjoy listening to on your computer or mobile device. Apple’s algorithms require you to tap the Love (heart) symbol on the pop-up menu for each song (or album) you enjoy in order for them to know what to do next. The Dislike option (which is represented by a thumbs-down icon) is now available right next to it, allowing you to tell Apple which songs you don’t want it to recommend to you.

  • 17.
  • Simply navigate to SettingsMusicEQ to select a preset from an extensive choice of options.
  • 18.
  • Do you want to discover new music?
  • Browse’s Playlists area has carefully chosen playlists from publications such as Pitchfork, NME, and Sonos, as well as playlists for every mood and activity.
  • Browse new songs by genre to find something you like.
  • In the Playlists area, you may also filter playlists based on their genre.
  • Make use of the built-in Shazam feature.
  • This handy tool can assist you in determining what songs are playing when driving in the automobile and not being able to scrutinize your screen (do not scroll while driving), or while watching television shows or movies.
  • And here’s the best part: the program will recognize the music you’ve taken and add it to your collection without your intervention.
  • Now, simply press on this Shazam music detection button to find out what music is playing in your immediate vicinity.

Radio and TV

Create your own radio station (number 21). You can listen to a selection of music that has been curated by Apple based on a specific artist or track. To listen to related music, simply click on the three dots next to an artist or a track and then select Create Station from the pop-up menu that appears. The ‘love’ icon can be used on subsequent songs to inform Apple that it should continue to play similar music. 22. Use Apple Music to listen to live radio stations. Apple Music customers may now listen in to not one butthreelive radio stations: Apple Music 1, Apple Music Hits, and Apple Music Country.

  • 23.
  • You may also listen in to your favorite broadcast radio stations, including your local ones.
  • Not to mention, you can ask Siri to play a specific radio station by name if you know what it is.
  • Play music videos on Apple TV Apple Music makes it easy to watch music videos on Apple TV.

To utilize it, launch Music on Apple TV and slide to Videos. Then, swipe down to see a menu of video categories. Depending on the video, you can add it to a playlist or your library or remove it from your library.

More features

25, make your listening history available to your friends and family. Do you want to share your latest audio discoveries with your friends? Within the app, you may accomplish this by establishing an Apple Music profile. Finally, if your friends subscribe and establish a profile, you will have access to see what they are listening to, as well as their favorite artists. To establish a profile, go to the Listen Now screen on your iPhone and then press the picture icon in the upper-right corner of the screen to add a photo.

  1. Follow the onscreen directions to establish a login, locate and follow friends, share playlists, and other features of the service.
  2. Certain playlists can be hidden from view, people can be blocked or unblocked, and you can follow your friends’ profiles.
  3. Siri and Apple Music are a brilliant combination.
  4. However, it is actually considerably more ingenious than that.

“Play the number one hit from April 1988,” “play the most popular songs by AC/DC,” and “play the newest song by AC/DC*” are all valid commands for Apple Music, as is “play the number one hit from April 1988.” It might be a bit hit-and-miss at times, but it’s worth testing with a variety of instructions to see what works best for you.

They’re not quite as excellent, however.) (Image courtesy of Apple) 27.

In order to get the most out of your new Apple HomePod Minispeaker, you’ll want to use Siri voice commands in conjunction with Apple Music.

Start by saying “Hey Siri, play something I like,” and it will utilize your Apple Music profile to build a customized radio station consisting of music you are familiar with and enjoy.

  • When comparing Amazon Echo with Apple HomePod Mini, which is the superior smart speaker?

Turn off the Listening History feature on your Apple HomePod Mini. For those of you have a HomePod Mini, you may be concerned about your children or that friend who only listens and enjoys country music interfering with your carefully tailored For You suggestions when they start yelling out song requests. Using the Home app (which you should have downloaded when setting up the Mini), navigate to the Details section and toggle the ‘Use Listening History’ switch to the off position to keep your Apple Music profile distinct from what the Mini has been listening to.

When setting an alarm in the Clock app on your iPhone, choose SoundPick a song (located under the Songs section) and then select a music from your Apple Music collection.

Lyrics You have the ability to karaoke!

If you want, you may select the Lyrics tab from the pop-up choices menu.

Since iOS 12, it’s also possible to search for songs based on their lyrics. Simply begin entering lyrics into the search box, and voilà – you’ll be directed to the music you’re looking for in no time (or at least suggestions for what it could be).

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