What Happens If You Don’t Pay Apple Music? (TOP 5 Tips)

If you do not pay by the day it is due then it is canceled. “When your Apple Music membership ends, you will lose access to any feature of Apple Music that requires a membership, including but not limited to access to Apple Music songs stored on your device, and iCloud Music Library.


What happens if you dont pay Apple Music?

If you don’t have a paid subscription, Apple Music still lets you listen to music you’ve purchased, ripped, or uploaded to your device but you won’t get access to all the features Apple Music offers, like offline listening. You’ll also be able to listen to Apple Music 1 and listen to ad-supported Apple stations.

How long can you not pay Apple Music?

Apple Music will remain in your library for 30 days in case you decide to re-activate the Apple Music service, you won’t have to save them again. After 30 days the songs will be removed from your library.

Can I get my Apple Music back?

“If you have content downloaded to your device, it deletes from your device when you turn off iCloud Music Library. After you turn iCloud Music Library back on, you can redownload the content.”

How can I use Apple Music without paying?

To try out Apple Music on any of your devices, you have to sign up for a free trial on the company website.

  1. Access the Apple Music website.
  2. Scroll down until you reach the Start Your Free Trial section.
  3. Pick the plan you want.
  4. Click on the Try it for free button below the price.
  5. Select Try It Free at the bottom banner.

Do I lose my music when I cancel Apple Music?

Once your Apple Music subscription is canceled you will lose access to the playlists you created and any music you’ve downloaded. Also, your music and playlists would not return if you decide to sign up for Apple Music again in the future.

Do you lose your Apple Music?

You’ll lose the Apple Music tracks you downloaded, but not individual purchases. Subscription music currently in your account is tied to your subscription. Once you cancel that subscription the music is no longer be available in your account.

Is Apple Music worth the price?

While there’s certainly no shortage of great options for streaming music, Apple Music is more than worth consideration. It offers a larger selection of music than most of its competitors with 60 million songs. And it comes in at roughly the same price. This can be a great way to discover new music.

What Happens if I Don’t Pay for Apple Mus…

It appears that no one has responded in a long time. In order to re-start the dialogue, simply ask a different question. Is it true that I’ll lose all of the music I’ve ever added? OS X El Capitan on a MacBook Pro (10.11.1) Posted at 4:22 p.m. on June 19, 2016 Answer: Answer: When you quit paying for Apple Songs, you lose access to the music you’ve added to your library. Apple Music will retain track of the music you’ve added to your library for 30 days after your membership expires in case you decide to switch back to the service.

The music, however, will no longer be playable as soon as your subscription expires, even if it has been downloaded to your iOS device or iTunes on your computer before the expiration date.

on June 20, 2016 user:AMUser dannymichel’s profile on the internet Answer to the question:What happens if I don’t pay my Apple Music subscription for a few months?

r/AppleMusic – I didn’t pay for Apple Music this month and it’s still playing music! Is this a bug? (Reason for nonpayment is that my card is missing and I had to get a new one mailed in)

Level 1They have grace periods in place to deal with these kind of issues. Though it is possible that it will cease at any moment when you are not paying, this is not guaranteed. In the spirit of inquiry, how long does this grace period last? level 2 1st grade My Apple Music subscription has been active for the past four months without any payments, despite the fact that I cancelled it in November. Perhaps a beneficial bug? 1st grade Are you certain you haven’t paid? They would have been giving you reminders at the time.

  1. The bank automatically updates Apple Pay with the latest information.
  2. a second-grade education No way, dude.
  3. a second-grade education Wow, Apple Pay is being updated on its own accord?
  4. I’ve only been using Apple Pay for approximately 8 months, and none of my credit or debit cards had expired during that time, so I had no idea how the process worked.
  5. a second-grade education It’s now up to 100!
  6. level 2It was the first item that caught my attention.
  7. When it stops allowing you to add new songs to your collection, it will only be a matter of days before it shuts down completely.
  8. Having experienced this twice, I’m going to presume that it’s a generous grace period that provides you with enough time to make another payment.

1st grade Likewise, I was given a grace period of around 2-3 weeks or something, during which I received 5-10 emails informing me that the grace period was over and that I needed to pay to continue using the service until it destroyed all of my music and playlists (I was using it with a student discount so maybe thats why it differs from some others that say 2-3 months of using it after expiring) 1st grade The “old” credit card from a prior biller will be accepted by the vast majority of major credit card providers.

The term “prior” is used frequently.

That has been my own personal experience.

Apple has very likely continued to bill you, and you will discover this on your statement. level 2Omg it’s the same. It’s very delicious! I’ve already listened to it a number of times :). 1st grade Likewise, pay your payments like the rest of us

What Happens If You Don’t Pay Apple Music?

Written by Justin Sabrina On May 14, 2020, an update was made. Summary Was there any consequence if you did not pay for Apple Music? Will you lose access to all of your music? This video will explain what happens if you decide to cancel your Apple Music membership, as well as how to keep Apple Music available for playback indefinitely even after you cancel your subscription. How does Apple Music work if I don’t pay for it? This is a common question. This article contains affiliate links. Apple Music is a streaming service that was introduced by Apple in June 2015 and has amassed a considerable number of customers.

A family plan (for up to six people) is available for $ 14.99 per month.

Apple Music users now have the ability to download music offline, allowing them to save songs and listen to them while they are not connected to the internet or a WiFi network.

What Happens If You Cancel Your Apple Music Subscription?

By entering into your Apple Music membership account, you may download a large number of Apple Music tracks for offline listening. How does this work in the event that you decide not to subscribe after the three-month trial period, or if you wish to discontinue your subscription? Apple Music is a streaming service that requires a monthly membership. Any music comes with its own DRM encryption technology, which prevents consumers from fleeing after downloading the song and listening to it elsewhere.

How to Save Apple Music Downloaded Songs on PC after Subscribing?

It’s a shame that all of the music you’ve added are no longer available when you unsubscribe. If you want to make Apple Music available to others after you stop paying for Apple Music, a professional Apple Music Converter is an absolute must-have. Discover the best Apple Music Converter for retaining Apple Music tracks indefinitely after unsubscribing from the service. Aiming to decode DRM from Apple music tracks and convert songs from M4P to MP3, AAC, WAV, FLAC, and other formats at up to 16x quicker speeds while maintaining 100 percent original quality, UkeySoft Apple Music Converter is one of the finest available today.

In addition, all chapter data will be stored in the M4A output file (if applicable). Follow the instructions outlined below to convert Apple Music downloaded music to MP3 files that may be saved on your computer indefinitely in only four simple steps!

4 Steps to Save Apple Music on Computer Forever

Adding Apple Music Songs to Your Library is the first step. For those who are using macOS 10.15 or newer, you should add Apple Music songs to your Apple Music music library, while for those who are using Windows or other Mac versions, they should add Apple Music songs that they wish to convert to their Apple Music music library. Launch UkeySoft Apple Music Converter and select the songs you want to convert. Launch the Converter on your computer and choose the music playlist from the left column by clicking Refresh and selecting the playlist from the left column.

Step 3: Choose MP3 as your output format.

MP3, M4A, AC3, AIFF, AU, FLAC, M4R, and MKA are among the formats supported.

For the time being, Mac users may only benefit from a 1x conversion speed.

After conversion, all of your Apple Music songs are converted, and you may either keep converted Apple Music music on your computer for as long as you like, or sync converted Apple Music to devices such as iPod nanos, MP3 players, Android tablets, PSP/PS4, Xbox 360, and other streaming devices.


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What is Apple Music and how does it work?

According to Pocket-lint, Apple Music is a subscription-based music streaming service similar to Spotify, which provides access to more than 90 million songs for a monthly membership fee. It’s jam-packed with features, like offline listening for when you’re not connected, and it consolidates all of your music into an one location – including tracks that have been copied directly from CDs. Apple Music also includes live radio stations, as well as connectivity with Siri, allowing you to operate the majority of your devices with voice commands.

squirrel widget 4443206 With this Curve card, you may accumulate rewards and advantages on all of your current credit cards.

Every time you make a payment, this ingenious technique will save you time and effort.

What is Apple Music?

Having acquired Beats Electronics in 2014, which featured the now-discontinued Beats Music subscription service, Apple launched Apple Music in 2015. It is the company’s first music streaming service. Apple Music not only allows you to stream on-demand any track from the iTunes catalogue, but it also allows you to access all of your music in one place across all of your devices, whether it was purchased from iTunes, copied from a CD, or downloaded from the web. Apple Music is available for both iOS and macOS devices.

Apple Music is available on Apple devices.

How much does Apple Music cost?

When you join up for the free trial, Apple Music is accessible for three months free of charge. After that, you may choose from three different subscription options, with a fourth plan on the way. Individual plans are available for £9.99 or $9.99 per month. A Family plan, which can accommodate up to six people, is available for £14.99 or $14.99 per month, which is less expensive than Spotify’s counterpart. The University Student plan, which costs £4.99/$4.99 a month, is the third option available.

TheApple One package, which is described in further detail below, is also worth mentioning since it will save you money if you subscribe to various Apple services.

  • Why should you sign up for Apple Music Family Plan and what benefits it provides

Squirrel widget 4443206

Apple One bundle

Squirrel widget 4443206

  • You can subscribe to Apple Music for £14.95/$14.95 per month, and you’ll also receive access to Apple TV+, Apple Arcade, and 50GB of iCloud storage. Family: For £14.95/$19.95 per month, you may subscribe to Apple Music, Apple TV+, Apple Arcade, and 200GB of iCloud storage for up to six members of your family. In addition to the aforementioned features, Premier includes an increase in iCloud storage capacity from 1GB to 2TB per month, as well as additional subscriptions to News+ magazine and newspaper services and the Fitness+ service for £29.95/$29.95 per month.
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First-time customers can subscribe to Apple One by following the procedures outlined below:

  1. Open the Settings app on your iOS device
  2. Click on the General tab. Navigate to yournameat the top of the Settings page
  3. Make a selection from theSubscriptionsmenu. Choose Get Apple One from the drop-down menu. Select theApple One tier that you like
  4. Start a free trial by selectingStart a free trial.

If you currently have an Apple subscription, such as to Apple Music, you will get a pro-rated refund for the number of days remaining on your existing Apple Music membership (s). To learn more about Apple One, please see our guide to the device.

Do you need a subscription?

Unless you have a paid membership, you may still listen to music that has been purchased, ripped, or transferred to your device. However, you will not be able to take advantage of all of the benefits that Apple Music has to offer, including offline listening. In the case of people who have iTunes Match, they will be able to utilize Apple Music to listen to any music they have uploaded to iCloud without the need for a membership to Apple Music. You’ll also be able to listen to Apple Music 1 as well as Apple stations that are sponsored by advertisements.

You’ll have unlimited skips for Apple Music radio stations, unlimited listening for the full Apple Music catalogue, and access to your previously purchased and ripped music collection with this subscription.

Which devices support Apple Music?

Apple Music may be accessed with the use of the following devices:

  • IOS devices: Update to the most recent iOS version and activate the Music app
  • Android devices: A linked iPhone (iPhone 5 or later) can send an update to the Apple Watch. It is now possible to use the Apple TV-Default Music app on the new Apple TV box. iTunes on the Mac should be updated to the most recent version and launched. Using a computer, update to the most recent version of iTunes and launch it. HomePod- The smart speaker is pre-loaded with Apple Music
  • It is also compatible with other streaming services. Android users should download the app from Google Play and start it. Sonos-Download and open the Sonos application.

Upgrades to the most recent version of iTunes are required for both Mac and PC users, and may be completed by visiting this Apple support website. Meanwhile, Android users may visit this help page to learn more about how to get Apple Music up and running on their devices.

Does Apple Music work on Apple Watch?

Music from your Apple Music library can be synced to your Apple Watch in the same way that a playlist is synced. All of the music is kept locally on the Apple Watch.

Where is Apple Music available?

Apple Music is accessible in over 100 countries, including the United States and the United Kingdom. You can see the entire list by clicking here.

How do you navigate Apple Music?

Once you have downloaded and signed up for the Apple Music app, you will be taken through a music-tailoring process that will ask you to choose music genres you enjoy and dislike, followed by musicians you enjoy and detest, among other things. The Listen Now screen will be displayed when you’ve completed the straightforward procedure of getting started. Pocket-lint The Apple Music app has a menu bar at the bottom of the screen that allows you to navigate and see the portion of the app you are currently in.

  1. Based on your stated preferences, your listening habits, and the music you have in your possession, we’ve created a personalized recommendation for you.
  2. From there, you’ll get a slew of options on the screen, including genre-specific playlists, albums, and guest playlists created by artists, among other things.
  3. Browse:An editorially chosen selection of music from throughout the service is available for you to browse.
  4. You may also sort these fresh curation by genre if you choose.
  5. Pocket-lint Radio: This is the home of Apple Music 1, the 24-hour, worldwide-broadcast radio station.
  6. Below that, you’ll find Pandora-like stations, as well as the classic iTunes Radio channels, among other things.
  7. Apple Music Library: This is a place where you can navigate through all of your music, whether it’s through iTunes, a CD, or any of the streamable tracks available through Apple Music.
  8. This page may be customized to your liking.

You may even search by lyrics, in which case you only need to type a few phrases from a song you like and it will automatically discover it for you. It will also inform you of what is currently popular in this sector.

How does Apple Music work?

Apple Music has a number of built-in features, controls, and customization choices. Here are a few of the most important ones to keep in mind: Pocket-lint Play some music: To have a miniplayer appear at the bottom of the screen, tap on any play button on the playlist, or on an individual song or album to see it display on the screen. Select a song from the Now Playing screen to access its controls, which include the option to download it for offline listening, skip it, play next, like it or dislike it, share it via AirPlay or other means, add it to your library, establish a station, and see the lyrics.

Make use of Siri: In addition, you can ask Siri to “play the top songs from 2021,” “play more songs like this,” “add the new Drake album to my library,” “play all Drake songs” (to listen to all of Drake’s music, even if it isn’t in your library), and “play my Drake music” (to listen to Drake’s songs that you have saved to your library) among other things.

  • There will also be a new selection of playlists available that can be managed by Siri in the near future.
  • Search: To search for genres, songs, albums, and artists, use the magnifying glass button in the lower right-hand corner of the screen.
  • Using the search term Drake, you will receive the most relevant results, including top results for Drake songs, albums, playlists, artists, and radio stations.
  • Pocket-lint Create a library: Hit the “+” button to add an album or playlist to your library after searching for an artist, such as Drake.
  • When you press on the three dots, you’ll also see a “Download” option, which allows you to listen to the music when not connected to the internet.
  • Adding songs and albums to a playlist is as simple as touching the three-dot (more choices) button on the Now Playing screen and selecting Add to a Playlist from the drop-down menu that appears.
  • Additionally, on the Library page, you’ll find options to filter all of your playlists and create new ones under the Playlists section.

Music to share: Selecting the share button on any song or playlist in the three dots menu will allow you to send the link to a friend on Facebook or Twitter, send it in an email, or copy the URL.

The radio tab will not only display what is now playing on the radio, but it will also provide a schedule of forthcoming events and DJs in the section below.

If you’re going to be out of range, it’s a good idea to have one.

There are no restrictions on what you can store offline or how long you may keep it offline.

Your login credentials are as follows: When you click on the Listen Now tab, you will see a profile symbol in the top right corner.

To access account-related options, such as seeing what your friends are listening to, upgrading your membership, and managing alerts, tap it on the home screen. Pocket-lint

What is Apple Music TV?

Apple Music TV is a music video station that broadcasts music videos. You can find it under the Browse area of the Apple Music app or the Apple TV app, depending on which app you are using. Apple Music TV differs from Apple Music 1 in that it is a streaming service (previously branded as Beats 1). Apple Music TV is a free, 24-hour, curated live stream of popular music videos, whereas Apple Music 1 is a 24-hour music radio station owned by Apple that broadcasts music videos every hour of the day.

Weekly video premieres on Apple’s music video channel take place at 12:00 ET on Fridays.

To give you an example, Bruce Springsteen was one of the first artists to make an appearance on Apple Music TV to promote his next album, Letter to You.

What are some tips and tricks?

Check out Pocket-collection lint’s of usefulApple Music tips and techniques that everyone should know.

Are there any alternatives?

Spotify, YouTube Music, Amazon Music Unlimited, Deezer, and Tidal are just a few of the readily available choices. Each of these services allows you to not only stream music but also continue listening while you’re not connected to the internet. However, you’ll need to pay a monthly fee to have access to offline listening as well as other premium features. You may learn more about all of these services by reading the Pocket-lint round-ups that are included below:

  • Spotify, Tidal, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music Unlimited are all options.

Maggie Tillman is the author of this piece. Britta O’Boyle was in charge of the editing.

Cancel Apple Music Subscription But Keep Your Music Library

We use cookies to enhance your browsing experience on our website and to better understand how users interact with the site. By using this website, you acknowledge and consent to this usage. Details may be found here. Alternatively, you may just want to terminate your Apple Music free trial so that you aren’t charged, or you may like to move to a different provider. If you want to cancel your Apple Music membership for whatever reason, here’s everything you need to know about doing so. It is important to note that you do not have to wait until the day before the following paying day to cancel your Apple Music subscription.

That is to say, if you sign up for an Apple Music trial, you may cancel it at any time and still enjoy Apple Music for a free three-month trial period.

Depending on the device you are using, you can follow the instructions outlined in the following section.

  1. Remove Apple Music from your iPhone
  2. Remove Apple Music from your computer’s iTunes library. Apple Music on Android has been canceled. What should I do if I decide to cancel my Apple Music subscription? Keeping your music library and playlists up to date

Apple Music on the iPhone may be turned off.

If you have an iPhone, the easiest method to cancel your Apple Music membership is to use it. On an iPad, the process is the same as it is on a computer.

Cancel via Apple Music App

1.Open the Music app on your iPhone and select the For You option at the bottom of the screen. On the For You page, choose the profile symbol in the upper right corner of the screen. 3.To proceed, select Manage Subscription from the drop-down menu. 4.If you are currently using the Apple Music free trial, you can cancel your subscription by selecting Cancel Subscription or Cancel Trial. You have successfully terminated your Apple Music subscription by selecting Confirm.

Cancel via Settings

Even if you have deleted the Music app from your iPhone, you may still cancel Apple Music on your device. Simply go to Settings and change your profile photo. iTunes App Store is a service provided by Apple Inc. Apple IDView Apple IDSubscriptionApple MusicApple Music subscription In order to terminate your Apple Music membership, just select Cancel Subscription from the menu bar. When you wish to access your Apple ID, you may be prompted to validate your Apple ID by entering your password, using Touch ID, or using Face ID to verify your identity.

  • You may also cancel your Apple Music membership using the iTunes software on your PC or Mac computer.
  • 1.
  • 2.
  • To complete the process, enter your Apple ID password and click “Sign In.” Your Apple ID account page will be shown as a result of clicking this link.
  • Continue to the Settings area by scrolling all the way down.
  • 5.
  • If you have another active membership than Apple Music, select Apple Music Membership from the drop-down menu.

Apple Music on Android may be canceled.

Download and install Apple Music on your Android phone if you don’t already have it, and then start using it.

Log into your Apple ID and password.

On the Account Settings page, pick Manage Membership from the drop-down menu.

To terminate your Apple Music membership, just select Cancel Subscription or Cancel Trial from the drop-down menu.

Access to Apple Music after Cancelation

After canceling your Apple Music membership, you will still be able to access the service until the next monthly cycle begins. You will be contacted a few days before your Apple Music subscription ends, and you will have the option to resubscribe to Apple Music in order to continue enjoying your music. If you have made the decision to abandon Apple Music, there is a method to keep your playlists intact. Just keep reading.

After your subscription is over

It will be necessary to uninstall the music you downloaded from the Apple Music library from all of your devices. The music you purchased from iTunes will be erased from your device, but you will be able to download it without having to pay for it once more. In addition, as you are aware, iCloud Music Collection allows you to access your complete iTunes library from anywhere. If you have contributed your own music to your iCloud Music Library, it will remain there until you re-subscribe to Apple Music, at which point you will no longer be able to access it.

Following the cancellation, you will no longer be able to access any of the playlists you have created. To migrate playlists to another music streaming service or to save all of your playlists in one place, Tunemymusic is the tool you’ve been looking for.

How to cancel Apple Music but keep your playlists?

No matter how long you have been a subscriber to Apple Music, there is a good chance that you have compiled a playlist or two that you enjoy listening to. To be safe, it is advised that you export your whole Apple Music Playlist to a separate file in case you decide to never subscribe to Apple Music again. If you decide to switch to another music provider, you can quickly transfer all of your playlists over to the new service using the file. Tunemymusic provides the ability to export Apple Music to TXT or CSV formats.

Furthermore, you may use Tunemymusic to post this file to any music platform that accepts our service using our service.

Transfer Apple Music playlist to

If you decide to move to another music streaming service, such as Spotify, you may convert your Apple Music playlist to a Spotify playlist for free with TuneMyMusic’s free conversion tool. There is no need to log in. Transferring your complete music library to Spotify in one go is possible provided you have playlists, albums, and artists to move. Of course, you can only move your playlists if you choose to do so.

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Apple Music subscriptions explained

You’ll receive access to all of the benefits of a paying membership during your first three months of Apple Music subscription if you join up for the service. If you want to keep paying for Apple Music after the first 90 days, though, you’ll have to pick between continuing to pay for the service and keeping those paid account features, or downgrading to a free account. If you’re not sure what the difference is between the two levels, we won’t hold it against you: Because everyone received three months of paying access for free, no one now has a free account, so it’s difficult to determine straight away what you’ll be losing out on if you cancel your subscription.

Here’s a breakdown of what you receive with each membership option, as well as what you don’t get.

What a free account offers

If you do not have a paid Apple Music subscription, you will be able to do the following:

  • Music that you’ve purchased, ripped, or uploaded to your device may be listened to. Pay attention to Beats 1 radio. The ability to browse and follow an artist’s Connect stream (but no ability to access or download unique Connect content)
  • Listen to Apple Music radio stations that are sponsored by advertisements, albeit you will only be allowed to skip a limited number of songs.

What a paid account offers

With a premium membership, you receive everything listed above, as well as:

  • Unlimited access to the complete Apple Music catalog
  • The ability to download Apple Music songs to your Mac’s library and listen to them later
  • The option to listen to Apple Music songs on the go. everything in your purchased and ripped library has been matched and transferred to your iCloud account Apple Music radio stations can be skipped an unlimited number of times
  • The ability to interact with Connect material by liking, commenting, playing, and saving it
  • Apple Music’s hand-curated suggestions and playlists are available to you

What happens if you stop subscribing to Apple Music after the three-month trial?

You will receive the following if you opt not to subscribe after your three-month trial period:

  • It will no longer be possible to listen to any streaming music that you have added to your library from the Apple Music catalog. It is impossible to stream previously purchased and uploaded music to your devices unless you have an iTunes Matchaccount, and any songs from your Mac’s collection that have been transferred to other devices will be erased. (Your Mac’s original iTunes library is not affected in any way.) You will no longer be able to access Connect content. When listening to Apple Music radio stations, you’ll have a limited number of skips available.

Other questions?

Hopefully, we were able to make some sense of the differences between free and premium accounts. If you have any questions regarding them, please ask them in the comments section and we will try our best to respond.

Sweet Music

Millions of music are available to you in your pocket. More than 70 million songs, live radio stations hosted by well-known personalities, and thousands of curated playlists covering every genre imaginable are available on Apple’s music streaming service. If you make a purchase after clicking on one of our links, we may receive a commission. Analog to Digital Conversion

What are the best DACs for iPhone and iPad?

You will require a digital to analog converter in order to listen to high-resolution Apple Lossless music on your computer (DAC).

Let’s take a look at which digital audio converters are the finest for your iPhone or iPad.

How to Cancel Apple Music And Keep Your Playlists – Blog – FreeYourMusic.com

Music consumption has changed considerably throughout the years, from record players and cassette players to MP3 players and the iPod. For the vast majority of individuals, streaming services are now their primary way of getting their music fix. Apple Music, despite the fact that it was not the first service in this sector, has grown to become one of the most popular services among music aficionados, and the service is the best-rated service in the United States. But what happens if you change your mind about the subscription after you’ve signed up?

This will prevent your card from being charged after the three-month trial period has expired.

What is Apple Music

Apple Music is a music streaming service that was established in 2015 by Apple following the acquisition of Beats Electronics in 2014. It is the company’s first music streaming service. Apple eventually stopped Beats Music’s subscription streaming service, which was listed in the latter category. If you have an iTunes account, you may use Apple Music to stream any song from your iTunes library on demand. You can also use Apple Music to find all of your music in one location, whether it was purchased through iTunes, downloaded from the web, or copied from a CD.

  • Internet radio (including the Beats 1 channel)
  • Personalized recommendations based on your music preferences
  • The ability to store music on your device so that you may listen to them while you are not connected to the internet
  • Playlists prepared by industry professionals
  • Integration with the Siri virtual assistant on iOS devices

How much is Apple Music

Paying a monthly charge for a paid membership that automatically renews is a common cost model for numerous Apple services and gadgets ( (iPhones, iDevices, Apple TV, and Macs). Consequently, consumers have continuous access to services like music, news, video, and so on. The cost is collected on a monthly or yearly basis. For example, if you subscribe to Apple Music beyond the free trial time, you will be charged automatically until you cancel your membership. You should understand how to terminate your Apple Music premium membership as a result of this situation.

Apple Music pricing: Individual, student and family plans

Apple Music offers a number of different membership options to its customers. The cost of a monthly subscription for an individual user is $9.99 a month. A Family plan, on the other hand, is more cheap, as it allows up to six people to share the whole Apple Music experience at the same time. The monthly cost of the family plan is $ 14.99. In the event that you are heading to college, Apple offers a special student plan that is 50 percent less expensive than the usual plan. Keep it in mind! In addition to the same features as the Student subscription (which costs $ 4.99 / month) and the Individual subscription (which costs $ 9.99 / month but includes three free trial months), both Student and Individual subscriptions have the following features: listening to music with or without an Internet connection, no advertisements, access to original content, etc.

Apple Music is accessible on a wide range of devices (not only iOS), including Android and Sonos phones and tablets, as well as desktop computers and laptops.

In order to use the Apple Music app on an Android smartphone, go to Google Play and search for “Apple Music.” You’ll appreciate all of its features, as well as the large number of music available.

Apple Music is not available in all countries or regions

One of the drawbacks of Apple Music is that it is not available to everyone who wants to test it out. Even if your nation has an Apple Store and the assistance you require for Apple products, there may be a problem downloading and utilizing Apple Music if you are in the United States. Therefore, before getting too excited about a service that so many people are praising, double-check to see if it is accessible in your country.

How to use Apple Music for free

If you are a first-time Apple Music member, the good news is that you can take advantage of a 3-month free trial. Everything is as simple as downloading the app on your device, entering your ID credentials, and selecting a subscription plan. During the free trial time, you will not be charged anything by the service. Following the free trial, you will be automatically invoiced on a monthly basis. But don’t be concerned. If you are dissatisfied with the features provided by Apple, you can cancel your membership at any point in time.

How to cancel Apple Music subscription

Once you’ve subscribed to Apple Music and followed their subscription plan, the update is instantly activated. A normal monthly subscription will be charged to your account once your three-month free trial period has expired. The automatic subscription renewal must be deactivated before the due day if you do not desire to continue with your membership.

How to cancel Apple Music on iPhone or iPad:

To begin, open the app and touch on Listen Now, followed by the symbol with your initials. 2. 2. Select Manage Subscription from the drop-down menu. Select Cancel Subscription from the drop-down menu and confirm your action.

How to cancel Apple Music on Mac:

  1. Open Apple Music and select Account – View My Account from the drop-down menu. Navigate to the Settings menu and select Manage (next to Subscriptions). 3. Select Cancel Subscription and then confirm your decision by tapping the button.

How to cancel Apple Music on an Android device:

  1. Apple Music is launched by tapping on the three red dots button in the upper right of the screen. Then select Account from the drop-down menu. The Account menu will appear
  2. Select the Manage Subscription Button from the Account menu. Last but not least, you’ve reached the Subscription menu. To cancel your free trial membership, select CANCEL FREE TRIAL from the drop-down menu.

What will happen after canceling Apple Music

Songs added to My Music are locked and cannot be played if Apple Music subscription is cancelled. In addition, all music that were downloaded during the active membership will be removed from the Library, and the iCloud Music Library will no longer be visible. It’s also unable to add Apple Music music to your Library, listen to radio stations, or download songs for offline listening while the service is unavailable. Receiving music recommendations from industry professionals would also be unavailable following the cancellation.

So things like following the artist, playing material, pressing the “heart” button, leaving comments, and listening to Beats 1 radio are still possible.

Keep your playlists before you cancel Apple Music Subscription

You’re worried that you’ll lose access to your playlists. There is a method to continue to listen to your favorite music from Apple Music even after you have cancelled your membership! Once your membership has expired, you will be able to listen to your playlists on another music streaming platform if you have already transferred them. You may, for example, move your music from Apple Music to Spotify. Spotify offers a free subscription that allows you to save all of your playlists for no additional charge.

Following the requests of customers who enjoy music, FreeYourMusic created a multi-functional playlist transferring program to meet their requirements. Your complete playlists may be transferred from one streaming platform to another with the help of FreeYourMusic’s innovative technology.

How to see how many songs you have on Apple Music

To find out how many music you’ve saved, select “view” and then “display the status bar” from the drop-down menu. Song viewing options may be found in the same menu that allows you to access playlists (named Library). The status bar and the amount of tracks you’ve saved will appear below when you click on the button.

Saying goodbye to Apple Music

If you change your mind about Apple Music at any point, you can always cancel your subscription. There is a simple method to discontinue using the service without losing any of your playlists, no matter how you use it. When your subscription expires, you may easily move your playlists to another service, such as Spotify or Tidal, without losing any time. Nowadays, there are several streaming providers to choose from. It is not necessary to utilize only one of them all of the time; you may try them all at the same time.


The complete guide to Apple Music

When Apple introduced the iTunes Store in 2003, it was the company that single-handedly flipped the digital music sector on its head. It has now grown into Apple Music, which is a music streaming service that competes with services such as Spotify, Tidal, and other similar services. Whatever your level of Apple Music experience, whether you’re new to the service or have been a member since the beginning, there’s a lot to learn—especially if you’re thinking about switching from another provider.

Apple Music: Getting started

What the hell is this contraption? Apple Music blends subscription-based music streaming with programming that is similar to that of a worldwide radio station. The service is available to customers on a “all you can eat” basis: By paying one low monthly charge, users have access to Apple Music’s huge 90-million-song catalog. All new iPhones, iPads, iPod touches, and Macs come pre-installed with the Music app, which is the interface via which you access the service. The app is also accessible for Android phones, as well as for a wide range of smart TVs, streaming boxes, and gaming consoles.

  • Why is Apple Music different from the iTunes Store?
  • In no way, shape, or form.
  • A distinct iTunes Store application is available for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, in addition to the Music app.
  • The iTunes Store has been moved to a part of the Songs app, where you may still purchase music.
  • What is Apple Music, and how does it differ from the iTunes Store in terms of purchasing music?
  • You pay a one-time charge to gain access to Apple Music’s complete repertoire, but you do not really own any of the music you listen to on the service.
  • In the same way that every other media streaming subscription service, whether it’s a music-only service like Spotify or Tidal, a TV service like Hulu, or a movie/TV combo service like Netflix or HBO Now, works, Apple Music works as well.

No, not at all.

You can access your complete iTunes collection from within Apple Music by selecting the My Music tab from the Apple Music menu bar (think of your iTunes library now as your music library).

If you already purchased TV series and movies through iTunes, you will be able to access them through the TV app.

However, Apple places a strong focus on Apple Music’s radio stations and its carefully crafted playlists, even though the idea and virtually all of the music are the same.

Songs, pop culture news, and conversations with artists are all delivered through a carefully chosen collection.

Speaking of curating, Apple Music also provides personalized suggestions based on your preferences, taking into account the music you enjoy and recommending additional artists and playlists for you to listen to.

These may be found under the For You area of the app—but first, you’ll need to set it up by following the instructions to choose the genres and musicians that interest you.

Using this, you can get started with the curating of the music that the service feeds into your account.

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Oh, and you can also view music videos without being interrupted by advertisements, as well as Apple’s unique original content.

Using the Connect platform, artists were able to share exclusive content with their audience.

Apple, on the other hand, terminated the Connectservice.

Apple Music is available for $9.99 per month, or $14.99 per month for a family membership that includes up to six individuals (which requiresiCloud Family Sharing).

In conjunction with iOS 15.2 and macOS 12.1 came the introduction of a newApple Music Voice plan, which offered restricted functionality at $4.99.


If you cancel during the trial period, you will not be eligible for a subsequent free trial period.

Is there a free, ad-supported version of this software?

The option to listen to Apple Music radio stations with a limited number of skips will be available to anybody who logs in with an Apple ID, and this includes Beats 1, which will be available to anyone who checks in with an Apple ID.

What devices am I able to utilize this with?

On top of that, it’s also available on the Mac and PC (through iTunes 12.2 or later, or through the Music app beginning with macOS Catalina), Apple TV (running tvOS 9 or later), and Apple Watch.

It is possible to access Apple Music on a number of smart TVs and streaming devices, as well as on various gaming consoles.

Wait a minute, did you just say Android?

Android users may join up for Apple Music and have access to the whole collection, but they will lose out on the full range of services available to iOS users (like voice commands).

Is it compatible with Apple AirPlay?

Almost every song and music video has an AirPlay button next to it, which you can use to broadcast the music to any device you wish.

Apple Music is accessible in over 100 countries across the world, including the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, Japan, Brazil, and India, among others.

What is Apple Music Voice, and how does it work?

You may use your voice to request any song, album, or artist, as well as any of the hundreds of Apple-curated playlists available for download.

As a result, you have access to the whole song collection, but you are unable to create your own playlists, use Spatial Audio or Lossless Audio, see lyrics, or download songs to your library for playing when you are offline.

Moving to Apple Music from other streaming services

I subscribe to iTunes Match on a regular basis. Is it still necessary to have iTunes Match if I subscribe to Apple Music in order to maintain my whole music library in one place? Because iTunes Match and Apple Music are two totally different services, it will be up to you to decide whether or not you want to maintain your existing iTunes Match account after the transition. If you have a large number of rare tunes and other items in your own music library that you can’t obtain through Apple Music, you may want to consider retaining both Apple Music and Spotify memberships.

  • Apple continues to offeriTunes Match, a service that allows you to store the music that you own in the cloud using your Apple ID.
  • Over the course of several years, I refined my playlists on both Spotify and iTunes.
  • When you create an Apple Music account, all of your iTunes playlists, as well as the rest of your iTunes collection, will be immediately imported.
  • There is currently no simple method to import your existing playlists into Apple Music.

Music 101: Quality, compatibility, offline listening, and more

What is the sound quality like? Apple Music broadcasts music with a bitrate of 256kbps, which is the same as the rate used by iTunes Match for streaming. Spotify, on the other hand, employs a bitrate of 320kbps, which is a significant reduction. The lossless version of select Apple Music tracks and albums is available at no additional cost when using Apple Music Lossless. However, the most significant advantage of Apple Songs is the newest Spatial Audio function, which is available for certain music.

  • Is Apple Music compatible with Apple’s HomePod speaker?
  • Is there a connection between Apple Music and Sonos?
  • In the event that you already have Sonos speakers installed in your house, getting started with Apple Music streaming is a breeze.
  • Log in to Apple Music by selecting it from the drop-down menu.
  • Yep!
  • You can save as many songs as you like, as long as your device has enough storage space.
  • You will not be able to burn them on a CD, utilize them in other video projects, or save them on any other devices that are not linked to your Apple Music subscription.

In the event that you’re concerned about data overages, or if you’re planning on visiting a location where there is no reliable wifi connection, the offline listening function is an excellent choice.

When it comes to radio, iTunes Radio uses a Pandora-style approach, allowing users to construct their own stations based on their favorite songs, artists, albums, or genres, and iTunes will then offer up tracks that are relevant to that topic.

Apple Music’s radio stations, on the other hand, are primarily human-curated, whereas iTunes Radio stations were created using algorithms.

Zane Lowe, a former BBC personality, is in charge of the project from Los Angeles, with Ebro Darden of Hot 97 in New York and Julie Adenuga in London assisting him as well.

That every user on the planet receives the same material at exactly the same moment is extremely remarkable, and these stations take a lot more curated approach to radio than iTunes Radio does, which is incredibly cool as well.

Will the standalone iTunes Radio service continue to be a free service?

All of Apple Music’s radio stations, as well as Apple Music 1 itself, are available for free to anybody with an Apple ID—though the genre- and artist-based radio stations will be sponsored by advertisements and have a restriction on the number of song skips they allow.

Although many of the old record label-sponsored iTunes Radio stations have vanished, you may be out of luck if you want to listen to them now.

What musical genres does Apple Music 1 mostly feature?

On any given day, you’ll hear a well-balanced mix of indie rock, hip-hop, pop, funk, electronic, classic rock, dance music, and more, all of which have been expertly weaved together in a way that doesn’t seem like a jumbled jumble of sounds.

Furthermore, the Apple Music 1 DJs choose one music each day to serve as their daily World Record, and that track is played hourly at the half-hour mark.

Among the interviews that broadcast were those featuring 2021 Apple Music Award winners The Weeknd, H.E.R., and Olivia Rodrigo (among others).

What is the best way to add music from Apple Music 1 to my playlists? A song on Apple Music 1 that was so fantastic that you knew you’d want to listen to it again was a positive sign. Here’s how to find out where it is. iOS/iPadOS:

  1. What is the sound quality like on the soundtrack? Song streams at 256kbps on Apple Music, which is the same bit rate used by iTunes Match. Spotify, on the other hand, employs a bitrate of 320kbps, which is a significant decrease. Apple Music Lossless is included with certain Apple Music singles and albums at no additional cost. However, the newer Spatial Audio option for selected songs is a significant advantage of Apple Music. It isn’t available for the majority of the 90-million song repertoire, but it makes a significant impact for the ones that are. Is Apple Music compatible with Apple’s HomePod smart speaker system? That is correct
  2. However, to manage your music with Siri, you must have an Apple Music membership. Apple Music and Sonos are compatible, but how do they work together? Yes! In the event that you have Sonos speakers installed in your house, getting started with Apple Music streaming is a simple process. Simply launch the Sonos app and select “add music services” from the drop-down menu. Apple Music may be accessed by logging in with your Apple ID and password. Will my music be saved so I can play it while I’m not connected to a network? Yep! Store music to your device so that you may listen to them later on without having to connect to the internet. You can save as many songs as you like, provided that your device has enough storage capacity. But keep in mind that you will not be able to claim ownership of such files and that you will not be able to transfer them elsewhere. This means that you can’t copy or burn the songs on a CD, utilize them in different video projects, or save them on any other devices that aren’t tied to your Apple Music account. In the event that you decide to discontinue your Apple Music membership, you will no longer be able to listen to those particular tracks. In the event that you’re concerned about data overages, or if you’re planning on visiting a location where there is no reliable wifi connection, the offline listening feature is an excellent choice. When compared to iTunes Radio, how does Apple Music 1 differ? iTunes Radio provides a Pandora-style approach to radio, in which users construct their own stations based on songs, artists, albums, or genres, and iTunes then serves up music that are relevant to the subject of the station they have created. Apple Music still includes a version of iTunes Radio, but it’s now referred to as Apple Music radio stations rather than iTunes Radio. Apple Music’s radio stations, on the other hand, are mostly selected by humans, whereas iTunes Radio stations were created by algorithms. With a 24-hour live radio stream hosted by DJs from New York, Los Angeles, and London, Apple Music 1 is more like a traditional radio station than it is like a streaming music service. With the help of Ebro Darden of Hot 97 in New York and Julie Adenuga in London, former BBC personality Zane Lowe is leading the initiative from Los Angeles. Celebrity interviews, pop culture news, and other music-related content are included in Apple Music 1, which is a mix of tracks curated by these DJs. That every user on the planet hears the same content at exactly the same time is extremely cool, and these stations take a much more curated approach to radio than iTunes Radio does, which is also very cool. Among the interviews with artists on Apple Music 1 are this Gaslighter interview with The Chicks. What is the future of the standalone iTunes Radio service? Would it be better if the record label-sponsored iTunes Radio stations were moved to Apple Music instead of being removed altogether? It is free to listen to and download Apple Music 1 and the Apple Music radio stations, though the genre- and artist-based radio stations will be ad-supported and will have a limit on the number of songs that can be skipped at a given time. The stations you’ve built will sync with the new version of the app, where you’ll be able to find them under the Radio tab. Although many of the former record label-sponsored iTunes Radio stations have vanished, you may be out of luck if you were hoping to find something similar now. For more information, see our tutorial on how to customize your own Apple Music radio stations. Specifically, which musical genres does Apple Music 1 promote? In contrast to traditional AM/FM radio stations, Apple Music 1 does not really specialize in a single genre. On any given day, you’ll hear a well-balanced mix of indie rock, hip-hop, pop, funk, electronic, classic rock, dance music, and more, all of which have been artfully woven together in a way that doesn’t sound like a jumbled jumbled mess. Apple Music 1’s opening remarks were delivered by DJ Zane Lowe, who stated that the station is simply about great music and that it serves as a good starting point for discovering new artists. As part of their daily World Record selection, the Apple Music 1 DJs choose one song that is played hourly at the half-hour mark. Apple Music 1 broadcasts special programming from other artists in addition to the daily rotation of DJs. Among the interviews that aired were those with 2021 Apple Music Award winners The Weeknd, H.E.R., and Olivia Rodrigo, among other artists. The following steps will guide you through the process of adding songs from Apple Music 1 to your playlist. A song on Apple Music 1 that was so good that you knew you’d want to listen to it again was a great find. You can track it down using the following method: iOS/iPadOS:

As a result, if you navigate to the LibraryPlaylists playlist, the music should be there. Mac:

  1. Right-click a song in the currently playing section at the top of the Music app when listening to Apple Music 1, or another Apple Music radio station, and select “Save target as.” Alternatively, position your mouse over the song title in the currently playing area and then click on the three-dot button that appears
  2. There will be a pop-up menu shown. SelectAdd to Playlist from the drop-down menu
  3. A list of your playlists will be shown. The playlist to which you wish to add the music should be selected, or you may choose New Playlist to create a new playlist from scratch. When you click on the song, an alert will display at the bottom of the Music sidebar, informing you that it has been added to your playlist.

That’s all there is to it. After selecting the playlist from the sidebar, you should be able to see that the music has been included. Is there a restriction on the amount of songs that may be included in a playlist? We’re not aware of anything like that! Remove from the equation. What is the best way to tell it which songs you don’t like? When listening to a playlist or radio station, you have the option of skipping any songs that you don’t like for (except for inApple Music 1, which is live).

For example, you can express your dissatisfaction by selecting “Suggest less like this” from the three-dot menu (.).

This used to be fairly hard, but Apple has recently made it much simpler—all you have to do now is tap or click on the name of the artist.

As soon as they are added, they are instantly added to the Library page, where you may arrange your collection alphabetically by artist, album, and song title.

Scroll down to find the songs you’ve recently added to your collection.

It all boils down to the agreements that Apple has reached with various artists and record companies over the years.

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Is it possible to get Apple Music over the web?

Navigate to music.apple.com using your web browser.

You can use the online interface in a similar fashion to the Music app on your Mac, and it’s a convenient method to access your music when you’re not using one of your own devices.

In order to avoid having my credit card charged by Apple, I need to terminate my free trial membership.

Please keep in mind that if you make a purchase after clicking on links in our articles, we may receive a small fee.

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