When Was Apple Music Made? (Solution found)

Apple Music is an audio music streaming platform launched by Apple in June 2015. The service had over 60 million subscribers as of an announcement from Eddy Cue on June, 2019. This number included both paying users and free triallists.


When was Apple Music released?

Apple Music is the company’s music streaming subscription-based service that was released on June 30 of 2015 in 100 countries. Apple Music has over 90 million songs in its catalog and offers the ability to download your favorite tracks and play them offline.

What is the oldest Apple Music song?

‎The Hymn of Ugarit (The Oldest Song In the World) by Al-pha-X on Apple Music.

How was Apple Music created?

Apple singlehandedly turned the digital music marketplace on its head when it launched the iTunes Store in 2003. Since then, the iTunes Store has evolved into Apple Music, a music streaming service to compete with the likes of Spotify, Tidal, and other services.

Is Apple Music bigger than Spotify?

While Apple Music may have more content, Spotify’s music catalog is still extensive with over 50 million songs, with around 40,000 being added every day. Unlike Apple Music, Spotify also offers podcasts, with over 700,000 currently on the platform.

Who created Apple?

In 1976, when the Hewlett-Packard Company, where Wozniak was an engineering intern, expressed no interest in his design, Wozniak, then 26 years old, together with a former high-school classmate, 21-year-old Steve Jobs, moved production operations to the Jobs family garage. Jobs and Wozniak named their company Apple.

Is Apple Music free?

Apple Music is an ad-free streaming music service that lets you listen to millions of songs and your music library.

When was Spotify made?

Spotify Premium currently costs $9.99 per month and $4.99 for students. What do you get with a Spotify Premium membership, and how is the price changing? Spotify Premium currently costs $9.99 per month and $4.99 for students.

Can you gift Apple Music?

Buy Someone an Apple Gift Card Give the gift of Apple Music through Apple’s website. Apple’s gift cards work for anything payable through the App Store, including apps, music, books, games, and related digital subscriptions, as well as products at the Apple Store. Go to the Apple Gift Cards website, and choose Buy.

When was Soundcloud made?

Listen offline Apple Music lets you download copies of any available songs, albums or playlists you want to your devices. If you’re on a train, out of range, or short on data, you can still rock out. There’s no limit to how what you can keep offline or for how long.

Can u play Apple Music on Alexa?

Here’s what you need An Apple Music subscription. If you’re not a subscriber, you can join on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, or on your Android device. If you use an Android device, check the Google Play Store for any updates to the Apple Music app or Amazon Alexa app.

Is Apple Music cheaper than Spotify?

Apple Music and Spotify cost the same (mostly) It costs $5 for students, $15 for an Apple Music family plan or $16 for a Spotify family plan. You can stream any song from the catalog on demand, plus listen to songs offline.

Introducing Apple Music — All The Ways You Love Music. All in One Place.

RELEASE TO THE PRESS The 8th of June, 2015 June 8, 2015 SAN FRANCISCO, CA Apple® today announced Apple MusicTM, a single, simple app that brings together the finest ways to listen to music – all in one place. Apple MusicTM is available now on iOS devices. Streaming music service Apple Music is a revolutionary new way for music fans to connect with their favorite musicians. It also includes a groundbreaking international live radio station airing 24 hours a day from Apple, and a terrific new method for music lovers to interact with their favorite artists.

Apple Music will be accessible in over 100 countries starting on June 30th, according to the company.

“All of the ways that consumers enjoy music are brought together in one app – a groundbreaking streaming service, live international radio, and an exciting method for fans to communicate with their favorite musicians.” “Apple Music is going to make a significant difference for both fans and musicians,” Jimmy Iovine said.

Apple Music combines the greatest features together in one place for a music-listening experience that everyone will enjoy.” Apple Music is a digital music service that allows you to listen to music on your computer or mobile device.

  1. Your music, whether it’s from the iTunes Store® or ripped CDs, is now all in one place, alongside the Apple Music collection, which has more than 30 million songs.
  2. Every playlist generated on Apple Music is based on the curatorial decisions of its creators.
  3. As you listen to more of their playlists, they become even better curators.
  4. Additionally, Siri® is devoted to assisting you in enjoying great music and having fun with Apple Music, in addition to human curation.
  5. Apple Music Radio is a streaming service that allows you to listen to music on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.

In Los Angeles, famous DJs Zane Lowe and Ebro Darden host a 24-hour listening experience; in New York, Ebro Darden hosts a 24-hour listening experience; and in London, Julie Adenuga hosts a 24-hour listening experience Listeners all around the world will be treated to the same high-quality programming at the same time.

  • As part of its radio overhaul, Apple has prioritized human curation above technology.
  • The new stations include a wide spectrum of musical genres, from indie rock to classical to folk to funk, and each one has been meticulously handpicked.
  • Apple Music Connect is a service that allows you to stream music from your Apple device.
  • Artists can use Connect to share lyrics, backstage photos, videos, and even release their latest song directly to their fans, all from the convenience of their iPhones.
  • And when you comment, the artist can respond directly to you.
  • There will also be a family plan providing service for up to six family members available for just $14.99/month.
  • At the end of the trial period, the membership will automatically renew and payment method will be charged on a monthly basis until auto-renewal is turned off in account settings.
  • See more information.
  • Apple Music will be coming to Apple TV and Android phones this fall.
  • Today, Apple leads the world in innovation with iPhone, iPad, the Mac and Apple Watch.

Apple’s 100,000 employees are dedicated to making the best products on earth, and to leaving the world better than we found it. Press Contacts: Tom Neumayr [email protected](408) 974-1972 Sarah JoyceApplesarah [email protected](310) 795-4757

Apple Music Revenue and Usage Statistics (2021)

In the early 2000s, the iPod and iTunes revolutionized the music business as the hardware and software pair that made singles more popular than albums and enabled consumers to store thousands of songs on a single device. ITunes is a trademark of Apple Inc. That may sound archaic now, but it was the most common way for most people to listen to music for more than a decade. With the iPod, Apple established a significant lead over all rival music players, which was bolstered even further by the introduction of the iPhone.

  1. Instead, for half a decade, a tiny Swedish developer was allowed to expand despite the absence of any significant competitors.
  2. A further 68 million users had freemium accounts, according to the company.
  3. Apple’s acquisition of Beats Electronics for $3 billion was the first indication that the company was eager to experiment with music streaming.
  4. Apple Music took off right away, garnering 11 million members in its first year, despite widespread criticism of the user interface.
  5. Since then, Apple Music has progressively matured into a legitimate competitor to Spotify, particularly in the United States, where it is the largest music streaming service in the world.
  6. We have gathered information and statistics about Apple Music.

Apple Music key statistics

  • For the fiscal year 2020, Apple Music generated around $4.1 billion in sales, accounting for 7.6 percent of the company’s total services revenue. According to estimates for June 2020, Apple Music will have 72 million subscribers. Apple Music has more subscribers than Spotify in the United States, while Spotify has more members in Europe and South America
  • Apple Music has more subscribers than Spotify in Europe and South America

Apple Music overview

Launch date 30 June 2015
HQ Cupertino, California
People Oliver Schusser (head of Apple Music), Brian Bumbery (director of publicity), Trent Reznor (creative officer)
Business type Subsidiary
Owner Apple
Industry Music streaming

Apple Music revenue

Year Revenue
2016 $0.6 billion
2017 $1.1 billion
2018 $1.8 billion
2019 $2.8 billion
2020 $4.1 billion

Please keep in mind that Apple does not break out its revenue by product. According to estimates based on total worldwide streaming income, Apple Music’s share of the market, and comparisons to Spotify, this figure is conservative.

Apple services revenue

Year Revenue
2015 $19.6 billion
2016 $24.1 billion
2017 $29.8 billion
2018 $36.9 billion
2019 $46.1 billion
2020 $53.6 billion

Please keep in mind that this includes all of Apple’s services income. Read our Apple statistics data post to learn more about the company’s services and products. Apple is the source of this information.

Apple Music users

Year Users
2015 11 million
2016 20 million
2017 27 million
2018 40 million
2019 50 million
2020 72 million

Apple is the source of this information.

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Apple Music vs competitors: pay per stream

Music streaming service Pay per stream
Apple Music $0.0076
Spotify $0.0026-0.0049
YouTube $0.00067

BBC is the source of this information.

Apple Music vs Spotify: users

As of February 2021, more than 70 million songs are accessible for streaming.

How many countries is Apple Music available in?

Apple Music is offered in 167 countries across the world.

What platforms does Apple Music support?

Apple’s MacOS, iOS, iPadOS, tvOS, watchOS, CarPlay, HomePod, Windows, Android, Chrome OS, Amazon Echo, Sonos, and the web all run on Apple’s operating system.

More MusicAudio App Data

  • In the year 2021, SoundCloud Revenue and Usage Statistics will be published
  • Similarly, Spotify Revenue and Usage Statistics will be published
  • Music streaming apps will be published
  • Pandora Music Revenue and Usage Statistics will be published
  • And clubhouse revenue and usage statistics will be published.

Apple Music launches to take on Spotify – and traditional radio

A three-month free trial of Apple’s new music streaming service has begun, with the company hoping to compete with organizations as diverse as Spotify, traditional radio and social media platforms such as Facebook. It was announced that Apple Music will be made available for iOS devices as part of the company’s iOS 8.4 software update, which was scheduled to go live at 4pm BST. Through Apple’s iTunes software, the service will also be made available to users of PCs and Mac computers, with Android devices to come later in 2015.

  • The shop will stay online, but Apple will begin the process of transitioning digital music customers to a monthly membership model that will give them access to the company’s complete collection of music.
  • Apple’s plans not to pay royalties to labels and music publishers during that time period had created criticism, but it was only after intervention by independent labels and Taylor Swift that the company reversed its decision to pay royalties.
  • The second component is the ability to create playlists and store songs for offline listening.
  • Individuals will be able to build their own playlists to share with friends via social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Apple’s messaging app, in addition to listening to playlists made by Apple’s engineering staff.
  • In addition to DJs Zane Lowe (who was recruited from the BBC’s Radio 1 earlier in 2015), Julie Adenuga, and Ebro Darden, there will be a slew of guest DJs on the show, including fellow Apple employee Dr Dre and artists such as Elton John, Disclosure, St.
  • “Radio stations” established by DJs and focused on certain genres and themes will be included in Apple’s definition of radio, which is similar to a feature that is currently prevalent on competing services, such as Spotify’s recently-introduced “Now” homescreen.
  • Apple Connect is the third component of Apple Music, and it combines parts of SoundCloud, YouTube, and Facebook into a single platform.

It was important for us to provide artists with a space where there is a rhyme and a reason: where there is an ecology where everything feeds off of one another.

These individuals, as well as Beats Music CEO Ian Rogers and Chief Creative Officer Trent Reznor, have played a key role in the development of Apple Music, which has been led by longstanding iTunes CEO Eddy Cue.

Apple purchased a streaming music startup named Lala in 2009, and the company leveraged its technology for the introduction of its iTunes Match cloud locker in 2011, which allows users to store music and access it from several devices at once.

The non-live radio stations made their debut with Apple’s iTunes Radio service, which started in the United States in 2013 but did not spread outside of the country until this year.

Apple confronts significant competition in the streaming sector, which, according to the International Federation of Phonographic Industries (IFPI), had more than 41 million paying users in 2014, with an additional 100 million using free tiers of streaming services such as Spotify.

Founder and CEO Daniel Ek recently told the Guardian that Spotify’s business is “basically limited to the sale of music.” As a result, the company is “the most linked” with the music industry, according to Ek.

As a result of Apple Music’s introduction, there will be more competition in the industry, including a war for exclusive rights to major albums and artist back libraries.

Other musicians are embracing the whole spectrum of streaming platforms as well.

All of these companies will be attempting to overcome the most difficult challenge in the streaming world: persuading musicians and songwriters that their business model can more than compensate for the decline in sales of their music in both physical and digital formats – with a number of artists having complained about the paltry streaming royalties they have been receiving.

However, the attempts of the streaming services to win them over are hampered by the fact that they do not pay artists directly, but rather through the labels that represent them, and whose contracts with those creators define the amount of streaming money that goes to them.

Apple Music: Everything You Need to Know

With iTunes and the iPod, Apple established itself as a leader in digital music over 15 years ago, causing the music business to scramble to catch up and adapt as rapidly as possible. Now, with the company’s new streaming service, Apple Music, which launched today in the face of fierce competition from established streaming giants Spotify, Pandora, Tidal, and Rhapsody, it appears to be a little late to the party. The main test of the service will come in the months ahead, when music consumers will have the option to try it out for three months and decide whether or not they want to abandon the services they’ve gotten accustomed to as Apple gradually entered the music streaming market.

  • It is Beats 1, a radio station created by Trent Reznor that will be available to everyone for free and will contain programs by Dr.
  • Besides that, it has other sections, including one that is curated based on users’ specific musical likes, one that offers new music, a quasi-social network called “Connect,” and one that allows users to stream music from their iTunes library.
  • In the United States, Apple Radio will be sponsored by advertisements.
  • The platform, on the other hand, is intended to show these features in the most user-friendly manner possible, as revealed by a closer investigation.
  • Is Apple Music going to be the one-stop shop for music listeners that the business thinks it will be, converting dedicated Spotify users and preaching the MP3 loyal, regardless of whether the interface is intuitive?
  • Here are six of the most important aspects of Apple Music, as described in detail.
  • The service provides hyper-customization in the vein of Netflix.

In addition, the service will analyze your music library to identify your favorite musicians.

As you listen, you can continue to tap on hearts to inform the company about your preferences – defining your personal algorithm – so that it can make educated guesses about what playlists and other content to recommend to you.

(This has been a long and arduous search.) Despite the fact that none of the recommendations submitted by Rolling Stone were particularly subversive, none of them were completely off the mark.

Beats 1 radio will introduce music listeners to known voices in new and exciting ways.

As well as Dr.

Vincent, Ellie Goulding, Jaden Smith, and others, Beats 1 has exclusive shows by Dr.

Vincent, Jaden Smith and others.

Each episode of Gratitude will include an artist talking about another musician who has affected them (the first two episodes will feature Nas on Eric B.

There’s also a Chartshow, which will represent what music, movies, and television shows are coming out in the following week once the international release day for the music industry is implemented (which will be on Friday this week instead of Tuesday).

Even the performers, though, have made measures to make their music presentations more appealing for the audience.

Vincent, whoseMixtape Delivery Service is perhaps the most well-known.

In one episode, an 11-year-old girl recorded a message expressing her admiration for St.

Music from Depeche Mode’s “Enjoy the Silence” and New Order’s “Blue Monday” as well as Deee-“Groove Lite’s Is In The Heart” were performed, and the singer interacted with a fan during the performance.



Moreover, Elton John’s Rocket Hourwill demonstrate the singer-unexpectedly songwriter’s varied and up to date sense of style.

In addition, when the app launches, only a handful of shows will be listed on the Beats 1 homepage as part of a schedule, rather than as a complete schedule (though an Apple representative said the day would start with Chart, move on to Lowe, and then on to shows from London, New York, and Los Angeles, before moving on to artist programming at night).

  • 3.
  • Discovering new music may be a time-consuming job for the casual music listener and a continuous hunt for the most ardent music lover, which is why Apple Music’s editorial personalization comes in useful for the service’s “New” page, which is accessible through the service’s “New” tab.
  • Besides “Hot Tracks,” “Recent Releases,” and “Top Songs,” it provides a broader range of music across all genres by picking a particular genre, which includes anything from reggae to children’s music.
  • The most significant disadvantage of these carefully crafted lists is the needless step of clicking into each one to read a brief summary of what’s coming.
  • According to reports, the music is contemporary work by rock “icons” ranging from Robert Plant to Spoon.
  • So if you suddenly get a desire for some late-Nineties Venezuelan IDM, you’re not going to be able to satisfy your craving very quickly.
  • The “For You” page consistently produces results that are fascinating.

You’ll find playlists based on your preferences here — introductions to bands, lists of deep cuts, fresh interpretations on established musicians (for example, “inspired by R.E.M.”), as well as whole albums that you might like listening to.

In one instance, the choices were heavily influenced by metal, indie, and blues music.

Not too shabby.

There is one drawback to the music discovery process, and it is not related to the “For You” page.

When you Google up Trent Reznor, you will not find any obvious connection to Nine Inch Nails or How to Destroy Angels.

Note that the “You May Also Like” option on David Bowie’s best-of CD does include selections by the Stones, Mott the Hoople, and James Gang, which make tangential sense.

Apple Music intends to experiment with the creation of an artist-centric social network.

Artists who wish to communicate with their fans can do so through a Twitter-like feed, which, according to an Apple representative, numbers hundreds in number.

However, after you’ve started following an artist, you’ll be able to “like” and comment on their posts if, for example, Snoop Dogg wishes to test fresh lyrics and recordings alongside songs and videos.

Because there is no other streaming-music analog on other services, this feature appears to be the most difficult uphill battle for the service.

Furthermore, the only location where fans can engage with one other is in the comments section of each post, therefore eliminating a significant component of what Apple believes will be a new music ecosystem: the fanbase.

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However, only time will tell whether or not it becomes popular.


Many artists, of course, continue to refuse to share their music with streaming services, citing a variety of reasons for doing so (thoughTaylor Swift came aroundto Apple Music after a well-publicized power play).

Furthermore, like many of its competitors (including Tidal and even Amazon), you have the option of making music available offline, which is particularly useful for folks who commute on public transportation or reside in areas with bad phone coverage.

The Final Word: Apple Music, with its wide variety of music and intelligently crafted playlists and radio, is strong enough to compete with, and perhaps even overtake, Spotify and Pandora as the preferred music streaming service for music enthusiasts.

The Beats 1 radio station, with its unique input from musicians, will most likely be the app’s most reliable feature.

After everything is said and done, Apple Music provides well-designed renditions of the finest of its competitors, accessibility on millions of people’s phones, and premium features that will be available at the same price as its competitors.

The service is a nice addition to the growing field of streaming music services.

Apple announces its streaming music service, Apple Music

Apple has officially entered the music streaming battle, announcing Apple Music at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) this afternoon. After revolutionizing digital music with the iPod and iTunes, the corporation is now playing catch up, attempting to fit itself with the current era of subscription services. “We’ve had a long and fruitful relationship with music,” Apple CEO Tim Cook stated. “And music has a long and illustrious history of transformation, some of which we’ve been a part of.” An all-in-one app that includes music downloads, streaming radio, and a streaming music service will be made available through the service.

  • $14.99 per month for a household of six people The service will cost $9.99 per month or $14.99 per month for a family plan that includes up to six people, with a three-month free trial period.
  • Spotify, on the other hand, provides a two-person membership option for $14.99 per month.
  • Apple had planned to shake things up by introducing a tier with prices ranging between $5 and $8, but it was unable to secure support from the music business as a result.
  • The 30 million music available on Apple Music will be available on other streaming services such as Spotify and Rdio.
  • Jimmy Iovine has been at the forefront of Apple’s push into paid streaming.
  • iTunes Radio has been completely redesigned, and DJs such as Dr.
  • It is also bringing in seasoned talent, like as Zane Lowe from the BBC, to assist in the curating of stations.

BeatsOne will be the first station to launch, and it will be available in 100 countries.

Subscribers have the ability to skip through as many tracks as they choose.

Users who have signed up for that service will have their accounts immediately migrated to Apple Music when the latter opens on June 30th, according to the company.

A blog that followers can subscribe to, then comment on and like specific entries is what it is in essence.

Drake’s upcoming album, Connect, will be released on Connect.

He admitted that as a youngster, he questioned if he or anybody else from Canada would be able to make it big in the world of rap.

There has never been a time when the ambition of being a new artist like me five years ago and interacting directly with an audience has been closer or more achievable.

There is some interesting connectivity with Siri.

You may even ask it a more broad question, such as “play the best music from the summer of 1982,” or whatever year you graduated from high school happened to be.

Siri, please play me the song that had the most retweets in 2014.

It is entering a market that is dominated by Spotify, which has amassed more than 60 million users, including 15 million paying customers, as of the end of 2017.

However, with over 800 million payment cards on file, Apple has a strong potential to swiftly build a massive user base and become Spotify’s first serious competitor.

Mary Meeker is the source of this information.

The writing on the wall, however, is that digital downloads are no longer a viable option for customers who have access to the internet from anywhere.

According to Jimmy Iovine, the record executive and creator of the Beats Electronics company, who is now assisting in Apple’s push into the music industry, “Apple Music is truly going to shift the needle for fans and artists.” “Online music has morphed into a jumble of apps, services, and websites that are difficult to navigate.

Apple Music combines together the greatest elements to provide a music-listening experience that music lovers will enjoy.” Check out ourApple WWDC event page for all of the latest information!

A brief history of Apple’s iTunes

Getty Images is the source of this image. Apple has stated that its three new entertainment applications, Apple Music, Apple Podcasts, and Apple TV, will incorporate the functionality of iTunes. This year, the 42-year-old hardware manufacturer announced the debut of a variety of new services at an event attended by celebrities, signaling a shift in direction for the organization. ITunes will not be totally phased out; downloads will still be available on the sidebar of Apple Music, the app will continue to function, and the platform will stay intact on the Windows operating system.

However, there’s no denying that the once-iconic music service has passed its best-before date.

Age of piracy

Although the iTunes music shop initially opened its doors in 2003, the first generation iPod MP3 player – which could hold up to 1,000 songs – was released in 2001, and it was this device that revolutionized the world of digital music. Getty Images is the source of this image. Even though it wasn’t the first product on the market, industry experts deemed it to be the most user-friendly, and sales took off. Digital music has existed up until that point in a culture dominated by pirate sites and a thriving black market in illicit downloading.

  • The need to secretly record music from the radio onto a cassette tape was no longer necessary since millions of tech-savvy music fans suddenly had access to a massive library of tunes that they could download directly from one other’s hard drives.
  • Getty Images is the source of this image.
  • Dre has made it clear that he despises Napster in no uncertain terms.
  • The software giant was so confident in the popularity of its new service that it debuted the iTunes phone in 2005 – although it was not like as successful as the iPhone, which was released the following year.

What went wrong?

As mobile and broadband capabilities increased, video, podcasts, and e-books became more widely available, and iTunes evolved to become much more than a music shop, becoming the most visited website in the world. It was, however, criticized for becoming excessively swollen as a result of the procedure. Making the one-stop shop into three different market stalls, according to Mark Mulligan, an analyst at Midia Research who studies the music industry, might provide Apple a competitive advantage in the future.

What Apple is doing is stating that in order to be successful in this environment, one must specialize in everything – one cannot be a generalist in everything “he explained.

In terms of market share, it is still behind Spotify. “If it wants to be the leading player, which is what it aspires to be, it must unbundle all of these products and make each one a leader in its own field,” says the analyst.

The rise of streaming

Globally, music streaming income generated $7.1 billion (£5 billion) for the music business in 2017, surpassing CD and vinyl sales for the first time in the industry’s history. According to numbers issued by the BPI, 90 billion songs were streamed in the United Kingdom alone in 2018, representing a 33.5 percent increase over the previous year. Getty Images is the source of this image. Queen, Miley Cyrus, and Eminem’s songs were among the most streamed in 2018, according to the image caption. It is fitting that the public’s movement to streaming coincides with a larger societal trend away from ownership and toward subscriptions, rentals, and on-demand accessibility.

This was the third year of growth for the industry, which had been plagued by problems with piracy and declining physical sales.

“Realistically speaking, music will never be able to return to that point again,” he asserted.

Now, streaming video and gaming are just as important as they were previously.

More on this story

Apple Music is Apple’s streaming music service, which is comparable to similar streaming services such as Spotify, Amazon Music Unlimited, Google Play Music, Tidal, and others, though it has an advantage over many of its competitors in that it supports lossless audio and Spatial Audio, among other features. Apple Music offers access to more than 75 million songs, according to the company. Content may be streamed or downloaded for offline use, and in addition to the curated Beats 1 radio station, there are song and genre-based radio stations accessible as well.

Apple Music’s Standout Features

The first time Apple Music supported Spatial Audio was in June of 2021; the second time it supported Lossless Audio was in June of 2021. Both of these capabilities are being supplied to Apple Music customers at no additional cost. Both of these capabilities make listening to Apple Music a substantially more enjoyable experience.

Spatial Audio with Dolby Atmos

When combined with Dolby Atmos, spatial audio creates an immersive, multi-dimensional audio experience that allows musicians to blend music in such a manner that it appears as if the notes are coming from all around the listener. Apple previously offered a Spatial Audio option for television material, and the company has now made the technology available for Apple Music audio content as well. AirPods and Beats headphones equipped with an H1 or W1 processor, as well as the built-in speakers of the most recent iPhones, iPads, and Macs, immediately play Dolby Atmos music when Apple Music is launched.

Apple intends to release additional Dolby Atmos music on a regular basis, and it already has a curated collection of Dolby Atmos playlists available on its website.

Apple is collaborating with Dolby to make it easier for musicians, producers, and mix engineers to create songs that sound great in Dolby Atmos surround sound environments.

  • What is Dolby Atmos Spatial Audio and How to Enable It on Apple Music

Lossless Audio

It was announced in June 2021 that Apple will be converting their entire music archive to Lossless Audio using the ALAC (Apple Lossless Audio Codec), which keeps the characteristics of the original audio file. Apple Music users will be able to hear songs in their entirety as they were recorded in the studio by the artists. At debut, the codec was supported by 20 million songs, with the goal of having all 75 million Apple Music songs accessible in Lossless Audio by the end of 2021. In the standard Lossless tier, the lowest quality is CD quality, which is 16 bits at 44.1 kHz, and the highest quality is 24 bits at 48 kHz.

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It is not possible to listen to lossless music on the AirPods, AirPods Pro, or AirPods Max.

A future update will include support for lossless audio on the HomePod and the HomePod mini, among other devices.

Other Apple Music Features

All of the streaming services differ in some way, and Apple Music is unique in that it places a strong emphasis on human curation. While there are certain playlists that are generated by algorithms, the majority of the content that is highlighted on Apple Music is selected by Apple Music editors. “For You” tab of the Apple Music app has frequently updated personalized playlists, such as a favorites mix, a relax mix, a friends mix, and a new music mix, as well as additional playlist selections that are updated on a daily basis.

Beats 1, Apple Music’s live radio channel that broadcasts 24 hours a day, seven days a week, is also one of the service’s distinctive characteristics.

Live Radio Stations

Apple introduced support for more than 100,000 live radio stations from across the world to Apple Music in iOS 13, allowing you to ask Siri to play your favorite local radio station, which was previously unavailable.

What’s Included in a Subscription

  • On-demand access to Apple Music tracks on an unlimited basis
  • The use of Dolby Atmos spatial audio is included at no additional cost, as is the use of lossless audio on compatible devices. Algorithmic playlists that are tailored to the individual
  • Playlists that have been curated
  • Playlists that are based on mood
  • Playlists produced by users Beats 1 radio station
  • Having access to various radio stations is important. Playback of a music while not connected to the internet
  • Existing music has been matched to the iTunes library and uploaded to the iCloud Music Library. synchronization of music and playlists across all Apple Music-compatible devices

Apple Music Availability

Apple Music is accessible in over 100 countries and regions, with a complete list of nations available on Apple’s website. Apple Music is available in over 100 countries and areas.

Classical Music

Apple purchased the classical music provider Primephonic in August 2021, and the services provided by Primephonic are being integrated into the Apple Music app. For classical music enthusiasts, Apple is developing a special Primephonic experience in Apple Music, which will be available later this year. Additionally, the Apple Music app will include playlists and audio material from Primephonic in addition to enhanced browsing and search options by composer and repertoire, updated classical music metadata, and other features.

Apple intends to develop a specialized classical music app in the future, which will integrate Primephonic’s classical music user experience with additional features and functionality.

Apple Music Voice Plan

It was announced in December 2021 that Apple will launch the Apple Music Voice Plan, a $4.99 Apple Music subscription option that would allow content to be accessible only through Siri commands on compatible devices such as the HomePod, iPad, iPhone, and Mac. The $4.99 per month Apple Music Voice Plan is distinct from the $9.99 per month full Apple Music membership, which already includes all of the features of the Apple Music Voice Plan. The $4.99 per month Apple Music Voice Plan is only available to new Apple Music subscribers.

  • Apple developed the Apple Music Voice Plan to be a more condensed version of the normal Apple Music subscription than the usual Apple Music subscription.
  • So, instead of searching for music on the Apple Music app, you’d just ask Siri to play anything instead of opening the app and searching for it.
  • In situations when the natural inclination is to utilize voice control, such as in the car or on the HomePod, this feature is very beneficial.
  • The Apple Music app allows you to search for artists, albums, and songs, and you can listen to previews of songs, but not the complete song, without having to download the app.
  • If you subscribe to the Apple Music Voice Plan, you will be unable to add songs or albums to your Library, nor will you be able to create playlists or save music for later listening.
  • That means you’ll need to subscribe to a full Apple Music membership in order to take use of those services.

Device Compatibility

Currently, Apple Music is available on all of the company’s devices, including the iPhone (which includes CarPlay), iPad, Apple Watch (which does not need an iPhone on LTE variants), Apple TV, Mac, and the HomePod and HomePod small.

It’s also available on non-Apple devices, so you don’t have to be an Apple user to take use of this feature. It supports PCs running the PC version of iTunes, Android devices running the Apple Music app for Android, Sonos devices, and Amazon-branded Echo devices. It is not available on iOS devices.


Apple Music, in contrast to Spotify, does not provide a free, ad-supported music streaming service. All Apple Music content is accessible only through a paid subscription. In the United States, a regular Apple Music membership costs $9.99 per month (plus tax). College students who have their UNiDAYS authentication can sign up for a subsidized Apple Music membership, which costs $4.99 per month. The Apple Music Voice Plan costs $4.99 per month and includes unlimited calls. It is possible to subscribe to Apple Music on a family plan for $14.99 a month, which allows up to six people to listen at the same time.

Apple Music may also be purchased in conjunction with other Apple services as part of anApple One bundle, allowing you to save money over the cost of purchasing the services separately.

The Apple Music streaming service is available for free to Verizon customers who have purchased a Beyond Unlimited or Above Unlimited data plan.

Free Trial

Apple Music is available for free three-month trials, and the company has been known to give additional trial months in order to persuade users to join up for a premium membership.

Apple Music Basics

  • How to Sign Up for Apple Music
  • How to Sign Up for an Apple Music Family Plan
  • How to Sign Up for an Apple Music Subscription
  • How to Sign Up for an Apple Music Student Plan
  • How to Sign Up for an Apple Music Student Plan
  • How to Install and Configure Apple Music
  • Apple Music Subscription Cancellation Instructions

Using Apple Music

  • How to Make Use of Apple Music on an Android Device
  • The Best Ways to Use Apple Music on Your Apple Watch
  • When transferring albums and playlists from Apple Music to an Apple Watch, there are a few things to keep in mind. Instructions on how to stream Apple Music to an AirPlay speaker or an Apple TV. How to Personalize Apple Music by Adding Favorites and Dislikes
  • This tutorial will show you how to transfer a Spotify playlist to Apple Music. How to Make Your Apple Music Library More Personal
  • Instructions on how to enable automatic downloads for songs in Apple Music
  • Instructions on how to enable the iCloud Music Library for Apple Music.

Managing Your Music

  • How to Add Music to Your Apple Music Library
  • How to Create a Playlist in Apple Music
  • How to Make a Video Stream in Apple Music
  • What is the best way to add photos to playlists? How to Download Songs for Offline Playback on Apple Music
  • How to Download Songs for Offline Playback on Spotify
  • How to Uninstall Apple Music Songs That Have Been Downloaded
  • Instructions on how to assign star ratings to songs on Apple Music
  • How to View Song Lyrics in Apple Music
  • How to View Song Lyrics in iTunes

Finding Songs

  • Siri Commands That Are Beneficial When Using Apple Music
  • Learn how to search for songs on Apple Music by using the lyrics as a search criteria. In this article, we will show you how to ask Siri on HomePod to play Apple Music playlists, genres, moods, and more.


  • Creating Your Own Radio Station in Apple Music
  • How to Make Your Own Podcast on iTunes
  • Find the Beats 1 Archives in Apple Music by following these steps:


  • How to Share Songs and Albums With Friends in Apple Music
  • How to Share Songs and Albums With Friends in iTunes
  • Instructions on how to share Apple Music playlists with your friends. Discover what your friends are listening to on Apple Music by following these steps: Using Apple Music, you may subscribe to a playlist created by a friend.

Apple Music on Other Devices

  • What is the best way to listen to Apple Music on Amazon Echo? How can I listen to Apple Music on Sonos Speakers?

More Apple Music Tips

  • Instructions on how to use an Apple Music song as an alarm
  • How to Reduce the Amount of Storage Space Consumed by Apple Music on Your iPhone
  • Learn how to listen to Apple Music on the web in this tutorial. Learn how to see the ‘Spotify Wrapped’ version of Apple Music.

Apple Music Comparison Guides

Consider the following: Are you trying to select between Apple Music and another service? Make sure to read our tips comparing Apple Music to the many alternative streaming music services that are available on the market.

  • In the battle of the music streaming services, Spotify takes on Apple Music, while Google Play Music takes on Apple Music
  • Amazon Music Unlimited takes on Apple Music
  • Tidal takes on Apple Music
  • And so on.

For the most part, Apple Music is the best option if you’re already a member of the Apple ecosystem, have a HomePod, want human-based curation, and already have an iTunes music library.

Music Quality

Apple Music’s normal listening is accomplished through the use of 256kb/s AAC (Advanced Audio Coding) files, but the service also offers a lossless tier. Apple Music lossless in the ALAC format begins at CD quality, which is 16-bit at 44.1 kHz (kilohertz), then progresses to 24-bit at 48 kHz for native playing on Apple devices that are compatible with the format. Apple Music is also available in a Hi-Resolution lossless tier with resolutions up to 24-bit at 192kHz, however this requires the use of a USB digital-to-analog converter (DAC).


Apple Music allows users to download songs for offline listening, however the content that you download is secured by DRM (digital rights management), much like the content that you download from other streaming music providers. In the event that you cancel your Apple Music subscription, any Apple Music music that you have already downloaded will no longer be playable. Apple Music tracks are also not transferable to other devices, cannot be downloaded, cannot be burnt to a CD, and cannot be utilized in any manner other than on the device from whence they were purchased.

It’s important to note that, with iCloud Music Library enabled, all of your Apple Music material will be accessible from any device that is compatible with Apple Music.

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