How Much Is Apple Music Family Plan? (TOP 5 Tips)

The Apple Music Family plan costs $14.99/month in the US or £14.99/month in the UK and it includes access to Apple Music for up to six users, just like the Amazon Music Unlimited plan.

  • Apple Music Family plan: How much does it cost? The Apple Music Family plan costs $14.99/month in the US or £14.99/month in the UK and it includes access to Apple Music for up to six users, just like the Amazon Music Unlimited plan. It is slightly cheaper than the Spotify Premium for Family plan after Spotify increased its pricing.


How much is Apple Music family plan for a year?

$9.99/month or $99/year for individuals. $14.99/month for families (up to 6 users)

How does family membership Apple Music work?

Each member of an Apple Music family subscription can stream millions of songs from the Apple Music catalogue. And each family member gets their own personal music library and music recommendations based on what they love to listen to.

How can I get Apple Music family plan for free?

Open the Apple Music app or iTunes. Go to Listen Now or For You. Tap or click the trial offer, (one trial per person or family). Choose Family, then tap or click Start Trial.

Will I lose my music if I join family sharing?

You can leave or be removed from a Family Sharing group at any time. Once you are no longer part of that group, you lose access to any apps, moves, music, books and services purchased by another family member.

Is Spotify better or Apple Music?

After comparing these two streaming services, Apple Music is a better option than Spotify Premium simply because it currently offers high-resolution streaming. However, Spotify still has some major advantages like collaborative playlists, better social features, and more.

Is Apple Music worth the cost?

While there’s certainly no shortage of great options for streaming music, Apple Music is more than worth consideration. It offers a larger selection of music than most of its competitors with 60 million songs. And it comes in at roughly the same price. This can be a great way to discover new music.

Is Apple music family plan worth it?

Apple Music’s family plan is particularly good value, whether you’re a parent wanting to keep your kids off torrent sites, or living with housemates.

How much is Apple music each month?

For access to Apple Music’s premium offerings, including Spatial Audio and Lossless Audio, Lyrics, Music Videos, and more, subscribers can easily switch to Apple Music’s individual plan for $9.99 per month or family plan with up to six accounts for $14.99 per month at any time.

Who pays for Apple music family?

One adult in the family — the family organizer — pays for everyone’s purchases. You can share apps, music, books, and more.

How do I get the 3 month free trial for Apple Music?

If you cancel your current subscription, you can re-subscribe through Shazam and get another three months for free. The easiest way to cancel it is directly through the Music app on your iPhone or iPad: Open the Music app.

Is Apple Music family sharing free?

You can add anyone to your Family Sharing group age 13 and older and invite them to share an Apple Card. Age varies by country or region. The Apple One free trial includes only services that you are not currently using through a free trial or a subscription.

Is Apple Music family free for 3 months?

Since the Apple Music Family plan allows up to 6 people to share under one subscription, users can share an extra 3-month free trial by accepting the Family plan invitation.

Is Family Sharing free?

It’s free, but to share some paid-for services you’ll need to have the appropriate subscription plan – so for example to share Apple Music you’ll need a family subscription.

Why can’t I leave Family Sharing?

When the family organizer turns off Family Sharing, all family members are removed from the group at the same time. If there are children under 13* in the family group, the family organizer can’t disband the group until they move the child to another Family Sharing group.

Can you upgrade Apple Music to family?

Tap Subscriptions. Tap the subscription that you want to change. If you choose a subscription that you can share with family members, make sure that you have set up Family Sharing or joined an existing family group.

Apple Music

  • With compatible audio devices, you can get 6 months of Apple Music for free. Find out more.

Hear sound all around.

Take advantage of our three-month free trial. *Try it risk-free*

  • Over 90 million songs and 30,000 playlists are available to play
  • Take use of dynamic head tracking for sound that surrounds you in a spatial audio experience. 1st, download your favorite tunes from the internet. Play them when you’re not connected to the internet. By just asking Siri, you may listen to anything in the Apple Music collection. Get access to specially produced playlists and live radio
  • Listen to music on all of your devices

Over 90 million songs and 30,000 playlists are available to listen to. With dynamic head tracking, you may listen to music that surrounds you in three dimensions. Number one, download all of your favorite songs. It is possible to play them without an internet connection. By simply asking Siri, you may listen to anything in the Apple Music collection; Playlists and live radio are provided. Listen to music on all of your gadgets.

Listen and discover. In perfect harmony.

Spatial audio with Dolby Atmos allows you to hear sound all around you. 1As well as stunning resolution and lossless audio. 2With dynamic head tracking on AirPods (3rd generation), AirPods Pro, and AirPods Max, you can enjoy even more immersive sound. 1 Simply request that Sirito play music by any artist, in any mood, or in any genre.

  • Hey Siri, play exercise music
  • Hey Siri, play J Balvin in the kitchen
  • Hey Siri, play workout music
  • Hey Siri, put on something relaxing

Sing along, tap forward, or just listen to the lyrics, which are always visible unless you turn them off in your device’s settings. With CarPlay, you can listen to your Apple Music collection while driving. With Listen Now, you can discover new music that you’ll enjoy based on what you’re already listening to. With curated and tailored playlists, you can get a taste of our editors’ favorite music. Music may be downloaded and streamed directly to your Apple Watch.

Playlists and chartsthat keep you in the mix.

We’ve introduced Apple Music Voice Plan, a new subscription service developed just for Siri that allows you to access any song, playlist, or radio station using only your voice – across all of your Apple devices. Simply say, “Hey Siri, start Apple Music Voice,” and you’ll be listening in no time. 4 Free trial of Apple Music Voice is available. You may try it for free.

Choose the plan that’s right for you.

The following features are available:VoiceStudent5/ IndividualStudent5IndividualFamily6

In case you missedanything.

  • Apple Music is a streaming service that allows you to listen to over 90 million songs on a single subscription plan. You may download your favorite tracks and play them offline, view lyrics in real time while listening on all your preferred devices, receive new music tailored just to you, listen to curated playlists created by our editors, and many more features. Additionally, there will be exclusive and original stuff to look forward to. 1
  • Apple Music is already downloaded and ready to use on your iOS device — including your iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Apple TV, Mac, and HomePod mini — and you can listen in your car or online at Apple Music is also accessible on a variety of other devices, including Windows and Android smartphones and tablets, Sonos speakers, Amazon Echo, Google Nest, Smart TVs, and more. iPhone iPadWatch Apple TV is a streaming device that allows you to watch movies and television shows on your computer or mobile device. Mac HomePod CarPlay Smart TVs are televisions that are connected to the internet. Samsung LGGaming Consoles are a type of gaming console that is designed to play video games. A streaming service built for use with Siri, Apple Music Voice Plan allows you to access over 90 million songs using only your voice. It is available on the PlayStation 5 and Apple TV. Simply by asking, you may have any song, album, artist, or playlist requested. Personalized stations for every mood or activity, seamless listening across all of your favorite devices, curated playlists from our editors, new ways to use Siri with Apple Music that are customized for you, exclusive and original content, and more are all included. The Apple Music Voice Plan is simple to use
  • All you have to do is ask Siri to play some music to get started. The app allows you to subscribe within it, and you may listen to the content simply by making a voice request on any Siri-enabled device
  • Yes You can take use of all of the advantages of Apple Music with Siri if you have a device that supports Siri and an Apple Music subscription. All plans also include Type to Siri functionality
  • However, the plan you pick will determine which features are available. (1) After a three-month trial period, the Apple Music Voice Plan costs $4.99 per month after that. Student can subscribe to the Apple Music Student Plan, which costs $4.99 per month. (3) After a three-month free trial period, an individual monthly subscription costs just $9.99 per month after that. Fourteen dollars a month gets you the Apple Music Family Plan, which lets you share your membership with up to five people while also providing each member with their own personal account on the service. (5) In addition, the Apple Music Individual Plan and the Apple Music Family Plan are included in Apple One, which allows you to bundle up to five different Apple services into a single monthly membership at a discounted price. The Apple One service is available for $14.95 a month, and Dolby Atmos is a cutting-edge audio technology that immerses you in a truly immersive listening experience. In contrast to stereo music, which is restricted to the left and right channels, music generated in Dolby Atmos is not limited to the left and right channels, allowing artists to position individual sounds all around you. Each instrument’s loudness, size and brightness may also be adjusted by the artist to show finer elements in the song
  • Apple Audio users who use the current version of Apple Music on their iPhone, iPad, Mac, or Apple TV can listen to thousands of Dolby Atmos music tracks using any headphones. Whenever Dolby Atmos music is available for a song and you are listening with compatible Apple or Beats headphones, Dolby Atmos music is played back automatically. In order to use different headphones, go to SettingsMusicAudio and turn Dolby Atmos on all of the time. Music in Dolby Atmos format may also be heard through the built-in speakers of a compatible iPhone, iPad, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, or iMac, or by connecting your Apple TV 4K to one of the following devices : The HomePod speakers that have been set up as the default speakers, a Dolby Atmos compliant sound bar, an AV receiver that supports Dolby Atmos, or a television that supports Dolby Atmos audio are all options. Please visit the following link for a complete list of supported devices. Dolby Atmos is not accessible with the Apple Music Voice Plan
  • Lossless audio compression decreases the size of a song’s original file size while retaining all of the information contained within it. Apple Music is making its full collection of more than 90 million songs available in lossless audio at a variety of various formats, including high definition. 2 If you’re referring to lossless audio via Apple Music, the term “Lossless” means lossless music up to 48kHz, while the term “Hi-Res Lossless” means lossless audio from 48kHz to 192kHz. Lossless and Hi-Res Lossless files are extremely huge and take up a significant amount of bandwidth and storage space compared to regular AAC files. Lossless audio is not accessible with the Apple Music Voice Plan
  • However, you may listen to lossless music on your iPhone, iPad, Mac, or Apple TV by using the most recent version of the Apple Music app. Lossless audio may be enabled in the SettingsMusicAudio Quality section. For cellular or Wi-Fi connections, you can select between Lossless and Hi-Res Lossless compression. It should be noted that Hi-Res Lossless requires additional equipment, such as a USB digital to analog converter. Yes. With an Apple Music Family Plan, up to six individuals in the family may take advantage of all of Apple Music’s services as well as its entire repertoire of music. In order to get started, just set up Family Sharing on your iOS or iPadOS device as well as your Android phone or Mac and invite family members to join
  • Students have access to all of the same Apple Music features and advantages as individual users. Student membership price is available for up to four years once your college or institution verifies your status as a student. You may use this discount for as long as you are a student. When your membership expires after four years, you will be re-enrolled at the individual member rate. Apple Music contains no advertisements, and your iTunes collection remains intact. You may access your full collection through Apple Music or iTunes for macOS or Windows
  • New users can get six months of Apple Music for free when they purchase a compatible audio device from the company. Check to see if your iPhone or iPad is running the most recent version of iOS or iPadOS before continuing. Once your audio device is connected to your iPhone or iPad, you will be able to activate your Apple Music trial account. After the first activation of the qualifying gadget, you will have three months to redeem the offer.
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Working with Apple Music.

A wide range of tools are available to Apple Music artists to help them produce, release, and measure music on a worldwide scale. The MusicKit, RSS feeds, widgets, brand guidelines, badge art and other methods of showcasing material on Apple Music are all covered in detail in this section.

  • Apple Music for Artists
  • Apple Performance Partners Program
  • Apple Music for Publishers

What is Apple Music Family, how much is it, what does it offer?

(Pocket-lint) – a piece of lint found in a pocket. Apple Music is a music-streaming service that was first introduced by the company in 2015. The service, which competes with the likes of Spotify, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music Unlimited, provides users with access to millions of songs as well as a variety of features, depending on their subscription level, and is available in English and Spanish. Apple Music Family is one of four paid-for subscription choices available, one of which is the Apple Music membership.

This section is devoted to the Apple Music Family membership, and it covers everything you need to know about it, from how much it costs to what it includes and where it can be found, in detail.

Apple Music Family plan: How much does it cost?

Similarly to the Amazon Music Unlimited plan, the Apple Music Family plan costs $14.99 per month in the United States and £14.99 per month in the United Kingdom, and it provides access to Apple Music for up to six individuals. Following Spotify’s recent price rise, it is somewhat less expensive than the Spotify Premium for Familyplan. If you want to share your Apple Music Family membership with additional members of your family, you’ll need to set up Family Sharing on a device that is compatible with it.

Apple Music is also included in theApple One membership bundle, which includes access to all of Apple’s services.

You’ll get Apple Music, Apple TV+, Apple Arcade, and 200GB of iCloud storage.

Additionally, the Apple One Premier tier is available for $29.95/month in the United States and £29.95/month in the United Kingdom, and it offers access to Apple TV+, Apple Arcade, as well as News+, 2TB of iCloud storage, and Fitness+ for you and up to five family members.

Apple Music Family Plan: What does it include?

Aside from providing access for up to six users, the Apple Music Family plan also provides each of those users with a separate individual account, which will allow them to stream ad-free music and videos, access more than 70 million songs and their iTunes library, listen online or offline, and download 100,000 songs to their personal music library. Users on family plans will also have access across all of their devices, as well as the ability to see what their friends are listening to and access to Apple Music 1 live and on-demand radio broadcasts, among other features.

If they have enabled iCloud Family sharing, they will also be able to share iTunes purchases with other members of the Family plan.

Apple Music Family Plan: Where is it available?

The Apple Music Family package is available in more than 100 countries, including the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia. You may check to see if the Apple Music Family Plan is available in your country by visiting this page: Apple Music Family Plan.

Apple Music Family Plan: How do you sign up?

A subscription to the Apple Music Family plan can be obtained through the use of any of the following devices: an iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac, PC, or an Android device. A Family membership can be added to an existing Apple Music Individual or Student subscription if the latter is no longer required. Following the instructions on this page from Apple’s support website will assist you in managing your membership selections. Individual and Student subscriptions to Apple Music are immediately cancelled when a person joins a Family plan, unless they previously had an Apple Music membership as an Individual or Student.

How to sign up for Apple Music Family plan for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch is covered in depth immediately after this paragraph.

Setting up Apple Music family on an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch:

  1. Launch the Apple Music application. To see the Apple Music screen if you don’t see it right away, touch ‘For You’ at the bottom of the screen
  2. You may take advantage of the trial offer if you’re joining Apple Music for the first time or if you’ve previously utilized one. If you already have an Apple Music subscription, sign in with your existing credentials and then switch to a Family membership. Then select the ‘Family’ option, followed by ‘Start Trial.’ In the event that you are requested, enter your Apple ID and password that you use to access the iTunes Store. You may be prompted to verify your billing information, but you will not be charged for the full monthly amount until after the trial period has ended. Add a valid payment method and click ‘Join’ to proceed. Accept the terms and conditions if you are requested to do so. Select musical genres and performers that you enjoy. You can also see what your friends are listening to and receive notifications when new music from your favorite artists is released.

Following the procedures outlined above, family members who have previously been set up in Family Sharing will immediately have access to Apple Music. Request an invitation to Family Sharing from the family organizer if you don’t already have access to the service. With our Curve MastercardByPocket-lint International Promotion, you may accrue rewards and advantages on all of your current credit and debit cards. Every time you make a payment, this ingenious technique will save you time and effort.

Setting up Apple Music family on an Android device:

  1. Install the Apple Music app from the Google Play store. Launch the Apple Music application. To access the Apple Music screen if you don’t see it, hit the three vertical dots and then tap ‘For You’. You may take advantage of the trial offer if you’re joining Apple Music for the first time or if you’ve previously utilized one. If you already have an Apple Music subscription, sign in with your existing credentials and then switch to a Family membership. Select the Family option, and then select Start Trial. If asked, sign in using the Apple ID and password that you use to access the iTunes Store on your computer. To create a new Apple ID if you don’t already have one, go to the ‘Create New Apple ID’ button. You may be prompted to verify your billing information, but you will not be charged for the full monthly amount until after the trial period has ended. Add a valid payment method and click ‘Join’ to proceed. Accept the terms and conditions if you are requested to do so. Select musical genres and performers that you enjoy. You can also see what your friends are listening to and receive notifications when new music from your favorite artists is released.

To enable iCloud Family Sharing, follow these steps: Account SettingsManage Membership may be accessed by selecting the three vertical dots. Maintain control over the family. Britta O’Boyle is the author of this piece.

How to share your Apple Music or Apple One family plan

AppleInsider is supported by its readers, and as an Amazon Associate and associate partner, AppleInsider may receive commissions on qualifying purchases. Our editorial content is not influenced by our affiliate partnerships in any way. The ability to share your Apple Music Family membership — or your Apple OneFamily or Premier package — with people in your family is a terrific way to save money while still taking use of Apple’s extensive collection of streaming music content. Here’s what you need to do to get it done.

Spend $14.99 instead, and you’ll obtain a family package that includes you and up to five other people, saving you money.

In comparison to each of the six individuals purchasing their own Apple Music membership, it represents a savings of $44.95 right there. Even if you just have one other person in your household, switching to a family plan will save you $5 each month.

Choosing between Apple Music and Apple One

In the same way that the Apple Music family plan saves you money, the Apple One bundle saves you money as well – provided that the conditions are met. It all depends on what else you use from Apple, as well as the edition of the package you choose to purchase. The Apple One Individual Plan, which costs $14.95 a month and includes Apple Music —but just for you — is available for purchase for that price. The Family Plan, which costs $19.95 per month, or the Premier Plan, which costs $29.95, must be purchased in order to take advantage of a family Apple Music membership.

So, when it comes to the Family Plan, you should be aware of the following benefits:

  1. Apple Music Family, Apple TV+, Apple Arcade, and 200GB of iCloud storage are all included.

It’s not worth it to get the Apple One Family bundle if all you want to do is share Apple Music with your loved ones. But if you use or require any of the other services, it is more cost-effective to purchase them as part of this Apple One Family package. You must select what you are using, what you intend to use, and whether or not you want to share any of your data with others when purchasing the more costly Apple One Premier package. The Apple One Premier bundle, on the other hand, has more features, some of which are exclusive to this tier.

  • There’s also the Apple Music Family, Apple TV+, Apple Arcade, 2TB of iCloud storage, Apple News+, Apple Fitness+, and more.

It’s Apple News+ as well as Apple Fitness+. These are only available as part of the Premier package Because of these features, as well as the 2TB of iCloud storage space — which can be shared between your family — the Premier package may be the most cost-effective option to obtain Apple Music for everyone in your home. However, the problem of adding a family member to your Apple Music membership remains unresolved at this time. The method you use to accomplish this varies on whether you are a first-time user or whether you have a personal membership.

Adding family members to Apple Music

Prior to adding a family member to your Apple Music membership, there are a few things you’ll need to accomplish first. Check to see that the gadget you’re using is fully charged and connected to a solid Wi-Fi or cellular network, for example. Also, make sure you have a valid form of payment on available and that you set aside at least 20 minutes to set up your account. First and foremost, we’ll guide you through the process of subscribing to an Apple Music family subscription. In the event that you have never subscribed before, congrats!

How to subscribe to Apple Music family Plan for the first time

  1. If you have a Mac, an iPad, an iPhone, or an iPod touch, launch Apple Music. To listen now or for you, select the Listen Now or For You tab. Select the Familytrial offer by tapping or clicking on it. Start the trial by tapping or clicking on it. Fill out the form using your Apple ID
  2. Confirm the billing details you provided. If you don’t already have one, add a valid payment method to your account. Join by tapping or clicking on it.

Of course, if you currently have an Apple Music subscription as an individual, you will be unable to take advantage of the free family plan trial offer. As a result, you’ll need to upgrade from an individual plan to a family plan, which may be accomplished by following the procedures outlined below. Switching to a family Plan is possible from both iOS and iPadOS devices, as well as from a Mac.

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How to switch to an Apple Music family plan on an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch

  1. Open the Settings application. Select Subscriptions from the drop-down menu under your name. Individual Apple Music Membership
  2. TapFamily (1 Month)
  3. Individual Apple Music Membership

How to switch to an Apple Music family plan on the Mac

Apple Music subscription plans can be changed on the Mac operating system.

  1. Start by opening the App Store
  2. Clicking your name in the bottom left corner
  3. ClickingView Informationin the top right corner
  4. Scrolling toSubscriptionsand clickingManage
  5. ClickingApple Music Subscription
  6. ClickingFamily (1 month)
  7. And then clickingDone (or cancelling the subscription).

After you’ve gotten everything in order and have an active family membership to Apple Music, you may share it with other members of your family by enabling Family Sharing on your device. Family Sharing will enable you to add a family member to your Apple Music family plan. For more information, see Apple Music Family Plan. This procedure may be completed on a Mac or on any device running iOS or iPadOS. Each family group can only be moderated by one adult, who should be the same person whose Apple ID has an active family plan membership to Apple Music.

To guarantee appropriate setup, that individual should complete the procedures outlined below.

How to set up Family Sharing on an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch

  1. Set up Family Sharing to allow you to share your Apple Music subscription with other members of your family now that you’ve gotten everything in order with an active family membership to Apple Music. If you have an Apple Music family plan, you may share it with a member of your family. Any device running iOS or iPadOS can be used to complete this process. Apple Music family plan subscriptions are only available to adults who have an active Apple ID. Each family group can only be moderated by one adult, who should be the same person who has an active Apple ID and an Apple Music family plan subscription. If you want to be sure everything is set up correctly, follow these instructions. On an iPhone, how to set up Family Sharing

How to set up Family Sharing on a Mac

  1. Using Catalina, select System Preferences followed byFamily Sharing
  2. If not using Catalina, use theApple menu. To access iCloud if you’re on macOS Mojave or an older version of the operating system, go to System Preferences and theniCloud. To set up Family Sharing, just follow the on-screen directions.

Using Catalina, choose System Preferences followed byFamily Sharing; if not using Catalina, select the Apple menu. To access iCloud if you’re running macOS Mojave or a previous version of the operating system, go to System Preferences > iCloud. To set up Family Sharing, just follow the on-screen prompts.

How to invite people to join your Family Sharing group on an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch

  1. Navigate to theSettings menu. Tap on your name, and then on “Family Sharing” to begin. Select Add a Family Member from the drop-down menu. Enter the email address associated with your family member’s Apple ID. Optionally, you may choose whether you want to invite them through Messages, or whether you want them to input their ID and password directly from your smartphone. Follow the on-screen prompts to complete the task.

How to invite people to join your Family Sharing group on a Mac

  1. Select System Preferences from the Apple menu after selecting the Apple menu. Click on “Family Sharing” to get started. The +plussign may be found at the bottom of the Family list
  2. Simply click it and follow the on-screen directions

How Much Is Apple Music, and How Can You Get It for Free?

It’s only natural for iPhone or MacBook owners to be interested in learning more about Apple Music. Apple Music might appear a little strange when compared to other music streaming services such as Spotify or Pandora. There are some limited-time “free” choices available, as well as a free trial to try out Apple Music, but if you use the service for an extended period of time, you will be required to pay. Anyone who signs up for the service will be required to pay a monthly charge in order to access it.

Let’s take a deeper look at what’s going on.

Apple Music plans

Please keep in mind that each subscription level includes access to the same catalog of ad-free material, offline listening, Apple Music 1 live and on-demand radio programs, and exclusive releases as the previous plan. You can stream more than 90 million songs (all of which are now available in lossless audio for no additional charge) ad-free after signing up, and you’ll also have access to special playlists and live radio that you can listen to across all of your devices. The Family membership (more on that later) is the most significant distinction, as it allows you to create up to six individual accounts under a subscription that is invoiced as a single flat charge each month, regardless of how many people you add on.

Apple Music Individual — $10

To restate, Apple Music does not offer a free plan; thus, if you’re searching for the most basic method to get your foot in the door — or if you don’t qualify for any of the savings listed below — you’ll need to sign up for an Individual membership, which costs $10 per month. Apple is also offering users the opportunity to pay for a year’s worth of service in advance for $99 — a $21 savings — which isn’t too shabby if you want to lock people into their service. However, you should constantly compare the price of your membership to other options (we talk more about this below with our Spotify comparisons).

It’s worth noting that consumers may not notice the option for the cheaper yearly plan until after they’ve signed up for Apple Music on a monthly basis and returned to their subscriptions page.

Apple Music Student Subscription — $5

Apple Music, like Spotify, gives all students (with a verified student email address from a recognized educational institution) a half-price Apple Music membership for the duration of their studies. If arithmetic isn’t your strong suit, this reduces the monthly subscription expense to a manageable $5 per month instead. For the time being, the offer is only open to college students who are currently enrolled.

Apple Music Family Subscription — $15

Interested in purchasing an Apple Music subscription for your family of up to six people? For $15 per month, you can have access to the Apple Music Family plan. This equates to a total savings of $5 a month for two family members, $15 for three, $25 for four, $35 for five, and $45 for six family members, depending on the size of the family.

Apple Music Voice — $5

The Voice Plan, which was introduced in the autumn of 2021, provided an interesting option to other Apple Music subscriptions: It’s a reasonable $5 a month, but it’s audio-only, and we mean that in the most literal sense. Because it can only be activated and controlled by Siri, it is only accessible on smartphones that have Siri built in (primarily just Apple devices). Despite the fact that Voice will have access to all of Apple Music’s audio tracks, it will not have the capability of playing videos or searching for lyrics on the service.

In turn, this plan is an excellent fit for people who are more casual and who listen to a lot of music through their HomePods, AirPods, or CarPlay devices.

Apple Music with Verizon

The good news for Verizon Unlimited customers is that you are eligible for a free Apple Music membership if you meet the requirements. Absolutely nothing per month is required in order to obtain a six-month Individual membership for the bargain price of zero dollars per month. Currently, in order to be eligible for the free six months, you must be enrolled in either the Play More or the Get More Unlimited plans offered by Verizon Wireless. Like a membership purchased straight from Apple, you will have access to the Apple Music collection, the ability to download music for offline listening, and the ability to stream your favorite songs via 5G, 4G LTE, and Wi-Fi.

Apple Music with discounted Apple gift cards

If you take a look at the payment choices for Apple Music subscriptions, you’ll notice that you may pay for Apple Music with Apple gift cards, including iTunes music cards. This opens the door to a new way to save money on your membership by paying using discounted Apple gift cards instead of cash. The difficulty, though, is in locating them. First, check for special shop promotions, like as Best Buy’s offer to purchase an App Store and iTunes gift card in exchange for receiving Apple Music for free for six months.

Various survey applications will reward you with free Apple gift cards in exchange for taking surveys and providing evaluations online.

Apple Music free deals for new buyers

In the event that you are a first-time Apple Music subscriber, you should look for promotions that offer you free months in exchange for signing up as a new user or purchasing certain goods, for example. These transactions can change over time, but some of the more notable recent examples are as follows:

  • Best Buy is now giving a promotion for three free months of Apple Music, which new users will be eligible for when they sign up for the service. This deal may be obtained with merely a Best Buy account
  • Apple also continues to give free memberships for new customers of certain items, such as Macs or iPhones, as they did with Apple TV+ when it first became available
  • And Purchase of newer Apple brand headphones — such as AirPods, AirPods Pro, AirPods Max, or Beats — entitles new customers to six months of free Apple Music service after signing up for the service. It is not possible to redeem older versions, like as the first-generation AirPods and select Beats devices.

How Apple Music compares to the competition

Spotify not only has a significant advantage over Apple Music in terms of worldwide coverage, but it has also just taken the lead over Apple Music in terms of paying customers, with 44.7 million paying members to Apple’s 37 million. Apple, on the other hand, is far from being a slacker, delivering 90 million songs, 30,000 playlists, and best-in-class human-run radio stations, among other unique material, earning it a large fan following in the United States and throughout the world.

Music and podcast selection

Spotify outperforms Apple when it comes to increased music-discovery capabilities, but its music catalog is rather more restricted in comparison (although that difference is narrowing). Many music enthusiasts who enjoy a variety of genres may welcome Apple Songs’s larger selection of music. Instead of exclusive releases and live radio stations, Spotify has more popular podcasts and has been pushing human-curated playlist material to compete with Apple’s live radio stations. Both sites also allow you to download any streaming music to your computer so that you may listen to it later.

When you tell Siri to “Play more like this,” Apple has also improved the assistant’s capabilities even more.

If free is your jam

However, at the present, there are some significant differences between the two leading competitors. First and foremost, Spotify continues to be the only service that offers a free version that lets users to listen to on-demand tunes (with some restrictions on mobile devices, but none on desktop) in return for advertisements. In the event that you do not wish to pay anything for your music service, this is a simple option to choose from. The voice-only option on Apple Music is now the most affordable choice, while reports suggest that Spotify is working on its own low-cost alternative for a similar service in the future.

Sound quality

Second, if audio format and quality are crucial to you, Apple is unquestionably the leader in the field: As part of the iOS 14 launch, the business had already made a selection of tunes available in its spatial audio format, which was previously unreleased (which pairs perfectly with the AirPods Max headphones). Although Apple Music plans to provide spatial audio with support for Dolby Atmos Music in the spring of 2020, the company has already revealed lossless audio throughout its full collection of more than 90 million songs.

Lossless audio begins at CD quality, which is 16 bits at 44.1 kHz and progresses to 24 bits at 48 kHz as the sample rate increases. Apple Music.

Editors’ Recommendations

  • In 2021, Spotify’s HiFi tier was nowhere to be found. Is the year 2022 going to be any different? The greatest free music applications available for iOS and Android devices. This Christmas season, Delta Airlines is offering complimentary Spotify streaming services. The best in-ear headphones for 2022
  • Spotify now has a Netflix hub, allowing you to listen to the soothing sounds of Squid Game while you work.

Joining an Apple Music Family plan is pretty easy when you get down to it

In order to accommodate its users’ needs, Apple Music provides three distinct subscription plans: a $4.99 per month plan for students who sign up using their university email address, a $9.99 solo plan, and a $14.99 family plan that accommodates up to six Family Sharing accounts (or devices connected concurrently on one account). However, once you’ve decided on a strategy, it doesn’t imply you have to stick with it indefinitely. In the event that you started on one plan but wish to switch mid-subscription, or if you want to leave a Family sub-account to start off on your own, you may take your favorite iPhone and switch your plan directly iniOS 14 by selecting “Change Plan.” No need to panic.

The following steps will show you how to switch between Apple Music Individual and Family subscriptions.

How to move from an individual Apple Music plan to a Family plan

It’s important to remember that in order to build your own family plan, you’ll first need to serve as the Family organizer for your Family Sharing group. In order to begin the procedure, go toSettingsiCloudSet Up Family Sharingif you haven’t previously done so. The following steps will walk you through the process of switching your account after you’ve set up your Family Sharing group.

  1. Open the Musicapp on your iPhone or iPad and press “Play.” Tap theListen Nowtab
  2. Tap theAccounticon in the top right corner
  3. Source: iMore
  4. TapManage Subscription
  5. TapApple Music
  6. Tap theFamily plan

How to move from the head of a Family plan to an Individual plan

Please keep in mind that if you, as the head of household, alter your plan, it will also remove access for any Family Sharing users who are on your plan, as well. Their Apple Music data, on the other hand, will stay on Apple’s servers for a limited amount of time, allowing them to each sign up for an Individual plan and recover their libraries and favorite artists.

  1. Please keep in mind that if you, as the head of household, alter your plan, it will also withdraw access for any Family Sharing users who are on your plan as well. While their Apple Music data will stay on Apple’s servers for a limited length of time, they will be able to each join up for an Individual plan and recover their libraries and favorite artists.
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How to move from a sub-membership on a Family plan to an Individual plan

Please keep in mind that you will need to temporarily quit your Family Sharing group in order to convert your Apple Music account to an Individual subscription. After you’ve changed your account, you’ll be allowed to rejoin your previous group. Your Apple Music data will stay on Apple’s servers for a limited amount of time after you leave your Family Sharing group, allowing you to join up for an Individual subscription and keep your collection and favorites.

  1. ActivateSettings, then tap the Apple ID banner, then tapFamily, then tapLeave Family Sharing, then open theMusicapp. If everything went as planned, you should be signed out of your Apple Music account with the opportunity to begin a new 30-day free trial. Your Apple Music account should be reinstated once you have completed the registration process. Request that your Family Sharing organizer re-address you to your family (if this is necessary)

How to move from an individual Apple Music plan to a sub-membership on a Family plan

  1. Ensure that the account’s administrator has added you to their group and that they have a Family plan in Apple Music
  2. Second, ensure that the account’s administrator has included you to their group. OpenMusic
  3. Select **Listen Now* from the drop-down menu. In the upper-right corner, choose the Account icon
  4. TapManage Subscription
  5. TapCancel Subscription
  6. TapConfirm
  7. Then tapDone to finish.

When the plan expires at the end of the renewal term, log out of Apple Music and back in again; you should now be on the Family plan for the head of household who is part of your Family Sharing group.


Please let us know if you have any difficulties switching between Apple Music individual and family plans in the comments section below. After successfully running through all of the situations listed above, I hope to be able to assist you. If all else fails, you can always reach out to Apple Support for more assistance. Updated on July 20, 2021: Instructions are still current in the iOS 15 beta, and have been updated for iOS 14 and iPadOS 14. Analog to Digital Conversion

What are the best DACs for iPhone and iPad?

You will require a digital to analog converter in order to listen to high-resolution Apple Lossless music on your computer (DAC).

Let’s take a look at which digital audio converters are the finest for your iPhone or iPad.

Apple Music Voice Plan: Did your music subscription cost just get cut in half?

Apple Musicnow offers three different subscription levels, the most basic of which is the individual plan for $9.99 a month. There is a monthly fee of $14.99 for the Family Plan, which provides access to six family members. And a new Voice plan, which you can access through Siri, is only $4.99 per month. The AppleMusic Voice plan, at least on the surface, appears to be a bit complicated. It is not restricted to a small number of songs from the accessible repertoire, and it does not include advertisements.

  • Although this Siri-focused music subscription appears to be a first, AmazonMusic has been offering a $3.99 a month Single Device plan for quite some time.
  • Apple, on the other hand, boasts that it has 90 million songs accessible in its repertoire, as well as 30,000 playlists that have been carefully chosen.
  • People who have never joined to Apple Music previously may be enticed to do so now, as the price is half that of a typical, individual plan membership.
  • However, it is likely that those who are now paying for Apple Music may be able to convert to the Voice plan and pay half of what they were previously paying.

How Apple Music Voice Plan Works

It will be possible to sign up for the new Apple Music Voice plan simply asking “Hey Siri, start Apple Music Voice” when the service releases in the autumn. An initial seven-day trial (with no automatic renewal) is offered to evaluate if this Siri-powered solution is a suitable fit for you before you commit. If you have an Apple device with Siri, you may subscribe to the voice plan by just speaking into it. Then there’s the Music application. Subscribers to the Apple Music Voice subscription will still be able to access the Music app, but the interface will be altered.

Recently listened to music and ideas for engaging Siri to play music will be displayed on the Listen Now page, which will be updated in the future.

There will still be a Search option in the app, which will serve as a sort of window into the variety of music available for listening.

Although the app may be used for certain service administration, it does not often allow for music to be activated by touching on it. This is a comparison table for the various Apple Music membership tiers and the features that are included with each tier. APPLE

What the Voice Plan Might Be Good For

Users of Apple products in their everyday life should at the very least take this new plan tier into consideration. Additionally, the sort of device you intend to use to listen to music may influence the value of this lower-priced tier of service. The HomePod mini is already a screen-less gadget that exclusively communicates with the user through voice commands. Subscribers to Apple Music who mainly or mostly use the music service with HomePods small should seriously consider making the move.

  • Although the Apple Songs app on the watch displays some images, searching for music is done entirely through voice commands.
  • It’s the only way I’ve done it thus far.
  • AirPlay will continue to be accessible for the purpose of sending music to non-Apple devices.
  • People who don’t pay attention to new music releases or who don’t want to hear advertisements but still want to be able to turn on music at a moment’s notice would benefit from this new voice plan, in my opinion, which is a wonderful alternative for casual music fans.

Apple Music Voice Plan Considerations

This new Apple Music membership tier has more positive aspects than negative aspects, but it is not without flaws. I’m quite aware that my first instinct is to reach for my phone and scroll through the latest music releases. With a voice-only plan, this will not be feasible, and I can understand how this may feel quite restricting to some people. Also, and perhaps more crucially, there are instances when I am unsure of the identity of an artist or how to pronounce a name until I can see it first.

This occurred more than a decade ago, yet it still comes to mind whenever I think of uttering the name of a band out loud that I have never done previously.

The only thing I can envision is a few uncomfortable situations that would result from having to say all of your music choices out loud.

One significant exception is the sound quality provided by Dolby Atmos or Lossless music.

Should You Buy Apple Music Voice Plan?

The fact that you can access 90 million songs for $60 a year is the single most valuable feature I can think of. This Apple Music Voice plan is ideal for people who listen to music on the go. Because of this, it is possible to have continual access to all music, without having to search for it on the internet or steal it. Providing Siri can uphold its end of the bargain and offer consumers the music they want for, this music tier has the potential to transform the music industry. If Siri continues to struggle and is unable to comprehend individuals or play the correct music on a consistent basis, it is difficult to imagine consumers continuing to use the service, no matter how much it costs per month.

Today is the day to sign up for Apple Music.

We engage in a number of affiliate marketing programs, which means that we may get commissions on items purchased through our links to retailer websites that have been editorially selected.

How to Get Apple Music Family Subscription and Share Music with Family (iOS 12)

Apple Music provides three distinct subscription packages for its users: a $9.99 individual plan, a $4.99 college student plan, and a $14.99 family plan that allows up to six family members to share a single account. A family organizer may create an Apple Music Family Account and then ask their family members to become members of the sharing group by inviting them to the Apple Music Family Account setup page. Once Family Sharing under the Apple Music Family membership is set up on each member’s devices automatically, the music purchased by a family member is made available to the other members of the sharing group who have also purchased the music.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Part 1: Benefits of Getting Apple Music Family Subscription

With an Apple Music family subscription, you and your family members will have access to over 70 million songs and all of the features, such as music videos, Beats 1, curated playlists, exclusive and original content, and more that are tailored to individual music tastes. To learn more about Apple Music family subscription, click here. Aside from that, there are three significant advantages to adopting the Apple Music Family Sharing Plan that you should consider. 1. It is more cost-effective and cheaper than individual health insurance.

In this case, if two or more persons share a Family account, it would be significantly less expensive than an Individual account.

Each member of a family who participates in a Family membership has their own private Apple account, which allows them to have unlimited access to the entire Apple Music catalog as well as additional content tailored to their personal music tastes.


With an Apple ID that is part of the Family plan, you will be able to play Apple Music content and access the songs, playlists, and albums that you have added to your Library across all of your devices, including your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac or PC, and Android phones or tablets, as well as your Apple TV.

Part 2: How to Sign Up and Activate Apple Music Family Subscription (Free Trial)

You will need to pick an organizer to sign up for this membership if you want to begin utilizing Apple Music Family subscription with other members of your family and setting up the Sharing feature on the compatible devices.

You can get more information on how to sign up for this membership here. Here is how to sign up for and activate Apple Music Family Sharing Plan on your iPhone (iOS 12), as well as how to invite other members of your household to become a part of your family group.

Sign Up and Activate Apple Music Family Plan

Start by opening the Music app on your iPhone and selecting “For You” at the bottom of the screen. Step 2:If this is your first time signing up for Apple Music, you may select “Try It Free” to get started. Then select “Family” from the drop-down menu and press “Start Trial.” Step 4: Check the box next to the terms and conditions that appear on the screen. Step 5: Select the genres and artists that you are interested in. After you have completed the Apple Music Family Plan sign-up process, you will need to configure the Family Sharing settings.

Set Up Family Sharing

Step 1: Open the Settings app on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. Then select “Set Up Family Sharing” from the drop-down menu. Step 2:Then, following the onscreen prompts, create a family sharing group and invite family members to participate in it.

Part 3: How to Move from Apple Music Individual to Family Plan (iOS 12)

If you began with the Individual plan but wish to upgrade to the Family plan, follow these steps to change your Apple Music subscription from Individual to Family. Furthermore, you won’t have to worry about losing your Apple Music collection or any other data while or after the procedure is complete. Step 1: Go to SettingsUser nameiTunesApp Store and enter your information. Then, at the top of the screen, tap on “View Apple ID,” and you’ll be prompted to enter your password or Touch ID information.

Then select Family (1 Month) from the drop-down menu and press “Confirm” to convert from the Individual to the Family Sharing Plan.

Part 4: Alternative Way to Share Apple Music Songs with Others

With an Apple Music Family Subscription, you can enjoy unlimited access to all Apple Music content and the ability to listen on-demand music across all compatible devices, including iOS and Android smartphones, Windows, Mac, Apple Watch, and Apple TV 4 (if available). For those who want to share Apple Music songs with more people or other non-Apple supported devices without using the Apple Music Family Sharing Plan, Sidify Apple Music Converter is the best alternative way to share Apple Music songs with more than six people or export songs to more devices such as a PS4, MP3 player, USB drive, SD card, or CD.

Learn how to export Apple Music songs, playlists, and albums to MP3, AAC, WAV, FLAC, AIFF, and ALOC audio formats, so that you can share them with more people and listen on more devices by following this tutorial.

How to Export and Share Apple Music Songs with Sidify Apple Music Converter

Step 1: Open Sidify Apple Music Converter and click on “Start.” Please make sure that iTunes is already installed on your computer before proceeding with the installation. Because your Apple Music membership is still in force, all of the Apple Music music have already been downloaded to your computer’s local hard drive. To begin, download and install the Sidify Apple Music Converter on your PC or Mac, and then run the application to begin. As an illustration, we will use the Windows operating system.

When you click theAddbutton, a window will appear asking you to list your iTunes music collection, which will include Apple Music tracks as well as paid iTunes M4P music.

Step 3: Customize the Output Configuration To access the settings menu, select theSettingsicon in the top right corner.

Helpful hints:You may select to put the converted audio files into a folder that is sorted by artist or album (for example, Artist/Album, Album/Artist, or Artist/Album).

To begin converting Apple Music tracks to the plain audio format, click on theCONVERTbutton in the toolbar. Following the completion of the conversion, you can access the Convertedtab to view the successfully converted Apple Music songs in your collection.

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