How To Follow Artists On Apple Music? (Question)

Connect has been highly touted by Apple, but is actually one of the simpler features of Apple Music. Following a specific artist is easy: just access their individual page and tap the “Follow” button — Â they’ll automatically start showing up in your Connect stream.


How do I like or follow an artist on Apple Music?

Simply click on the three dots on an artist or a track and select Create Station from the pop-up menu to listen to related music. Tap the ‘love’ icon on subsequent songs to tell Apple to keep playing more songs like it.

How do you add a favorite artist on Apple Music?

At the top, tap on the icon that is a person in a circle.

  1. Tap Choose Artists For You.
  2. Follow the on-screen prompts. First, you’ll tell the service what genres you’re into. Tap on a bubble once to like it, tap twice to love it, and tap and hold to make it disappear. Then tap Next when you’re done.

How do I follow an artist on Apple Music iOS 14?

In any tab inside Library, you can now swipe down to reveal a contextual search field. This lets you filter based on your current context, to quickly find the artist or album you were looking for. These new features are available now in the developer beta of iOS 14.

How do I browse artists on Apple Music?

At, click the search field in the top-left corner, then do one of the following:

  1. Choose from categories: Select a genre, mood, or activity, such as Dance or Fitness.
  2. Choose a recent search: Choose something you recently searched for, such as a song, artist, or album.

How do I unfollow artists on Apple music?

Open iTunes, My Music, sort it by artist. Click on the first artist and you’ll see their connect page pop up. You’ll be a button that says FOLLOWING. Click that and it will unfollow that artist.

Why can’t I follow someone on Apple music?

Either turn off restrictions or make sure Music Profile is turned on. Go to Settings > General > Restrictions > Music Profiles & Posts, this should be turned on. Let me know if this helps.

Can you request songs to be put on Apple Music?

Putting songs and albums on Apple Music is up to music publishers. Some of them don’t want their music to be streamed due to some reasons (usually, they’re afraid of losing sales revenue). All you can do is to contact the publisher—Apple isn’t allowed to add music by its own.

Is there a for you playlist on Apple music?

Other Apple Music Features Apple offers regularly updated personalized playlists in a “For You” tab, including a favorites mix, a chill mix, a friends mix, and a new music mix, along with other playlist options that are updated on a daily basis.

How do I organize my Apple Music playlists by artist?

Go to your MAC and sign in to iTunes. Select a list and from the top header, click on “VIEW” and select the dropdown “SORT BY”. From there you can sort by artist, album, song, etc.

Why can’t I browse Apple Music on my Mac?

If Apple Music fails to load playlists or display anything on the screen when you click Browse or Listen Now, the first thing to do is check your Wi-Fi network and an internet connection to make sure they are working properly.

Is Apple Music better than Spotify?

After comparing these two streaming services, Apple Music is a better option than Spotify Premium simply because it currently offers high-resolution streaming. However, Spotify still has some major advantages like collaborative playlists, better social features, and more.

How to follow artists on Apple Music

It appears that no one has responded in a long time. In order to re-start the dialogue, simply ask a different question. User profile for user:zeev257zeev257 is a user on the internet. Level 1 of the user interface (8 points) Question:Can anybody assist me with this? Do you know how to follow an artist on Apple Music so that I can receive an alert when they release a new song? Question:Can anyone assist me with this? iPod Touch, iOS 14 Posted at 2:52 a.m. on January 14, 2021 Reply Apple has advised that you answer this question.

Level 3 of the user’s experience (501 points) Answer: Answer: Unfortunately, Apple Music no longer allows you to follow certain artists.

If you’re looking for a previous debate on this subject, go no further than this thread: Posted at 2:56 a.m.

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The content of the page is being loaded. Apple has advised that you answer this question. fivetoninefivetonine’s user profile can be found here. Level 3 of the user’s experience (501 points) 14th of January, 2021, 2:56 a.m. responding to zeev257’s post In answer to zeev257’s question Unfortunately, Apple Music no longer allows you to follow certain artists. In 2018, this function was deactivated. If you’re looking for a previous debate on this subject, go no further than this thread: 14th of January, 2021, 2:56 a.m.

Apple has recommended this question.

on January 14, 2021 responding to zeev257’s question Regarding zeev257’s response: The ability to follow artists on Apple Music has been removed, unfortunately.

A prior debate on this subject may be found in the following thread: 2:56 a.m.

Apple Music now notifies you of new release music right in your library

Apple Music has always provided you with the option to receive push alerts when new music from the artists you follow is released, but it has never been the most dependable method of discovering new music in my experience. Apple appears to have recognized the problem and has begun including these notifications within the Apple Music application itself. You’ll now be able to receive notifications about new albums, EPs, and videos from your favorite artists directly at the top of your Library’s navigation bar!

Receive notifications about new releases from artists whose music you enjoy – all from the comfort of your own home.” As a result, if an artist you enjoy publishes a new album, single, EP, or even a music video, Apple Music will notify you of the release directly within the app.

Even though Apple is introducing the new function through a splash screen within the Apple Music app, if you aren’t seeing it, you may still manually enable the option. To do so, go to your account settings in the app and select the appropriate option.

  1. Open the Music app on your iPhone. Toggle the For Youtab to the right. To access your profile image, go to the upper right corner of the app and choose it. Select the Notificationsmenu from the drop-down option. On the Show in Librarytoggle, choose “On.”

While you may choose to just get alerts from a limited group of artists, you are currently only able to switch on or off in-app notifications for all of the artists that you follow at this time. Until then, keep an eye out for the splash page or, if you want to switch on the notifications right now, follow the steps outlined above. Analog to Digital Conversion

What are the best DACs for iPhone and iPad?

You will require a digital to analog converter in order to listen to high-resolution Apple Lossless music on your computer (DAC). Let’s take a look at which digital audio converters are the finest for your iPhone or iPad.

How to follow people on Apple Music and set up your profile for it

  • Individuals on Apple Music may be found and followed quickly and easily by searching for them on your profile page. If you’ve never created a public profile before, you may also add or invite friends from your contacts list right from thestartup menu
  • If you’ve never created a public profile before, you can create one here. Following a person on Apple Music will allow you to see what they are listening to, as well as any new songs or albums they have added to their collection. More articles may be found on the Business Insider homepage.

If you’re looking for friends, relatives, or coworkers, it’s simple to locate and follow them via theAppleMusicapplication. Apple Music used to allow users to follow artists as well, however the option was withdrawn in 2018 due to technical difficulties. While you can still follow friends to see what they are listening to, it is not as comprehensive as Spotify. You will just need to create an account in order to do so. In the event that you haven’t previously, you may quickly add individuals to your account by visiting your account details in the “For You” page at any time.

Check out the products mentioned in this story:

Opening the Apple Music app on your mobile device is the first step. 2.Click on the “For You” tab, which is located under the heart emblem at the bottom of the page. 3.Click on the profile icon in the upper righthand corner of the page to access your profile. If you haven’t created an account yet, the account symbol will display as a human (as opposed to a profile photo oryour initials). Photo: Select the “For You” tab from the drop-down menu. source Business Insider photographer Marissa Perino Then, to set up your profile, select “See what Friends Are Listening To.” 4.

  • source Business Insider photographer Marissa Perino 5.To begin, press the pink “Get Started” button on your screen.
  • source Business Insider photographer Marissa Perino 6.Customize your name, username, and profile photo, if applicable, by selecting the necessary elements from the list.
  • Continue to the following stage using the photograph.
  • This will result in the pink “Follow” button being replaced with a gray “Following” button.
  • You may also invite contacts from your phone who use Apple Music but do not yet have accounts by scrolling down to the bottom of the page.
  • Foto: Follow your pals and then press the “Next” button.

The switch toggles from green to gray to indicate whether the feature is on or off. 11.Press the “Done” button to complete the operation. Photo: Press the “Done” button.source Business Insider photographer Marissa Perino

How to follow people on Apple Music once you’ve alreadyset up your account

1.Start by launching the Apple Music application on your smartphone. 2.Click on the “For You” tab, which is located under the heart emblem at the bottom of the page. 3.Click on the profile icon in the upper righthand corner of the page to access your profile. If you’ve previously created an account, your initials or profile image will show in a circle next to your name and password. Foto: Click here to see your profile. source Business Insider photographer Marissa Perino 4.Click on “View Profile” at the top of the page.

  • source Business Insider photographer Marissa Perino 5.Scroll down to the bottom of the page to discover who you are following at the moment.
  • 7.Click to follow any of your connections who are currently posting music on social media sites like Facebook.
  • You also have the option to link to Facebook at the top of the page in order to browse the profiles of your Facebook friends or to invite contacts from your phone who use Apple Music but do not presently have accounts set up to do so.
  • source Business Insider photographer Marissa Perino

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According to some estimates, Apple Music will have 72 million users by the end of 2020. Even more impressively (depending on who you ask), the service has had a five-star rating from us since its introduction in 2015. Apple Music has undergone five major upgrades, including two major interface redesigns. Now, with the introduction of the excellent HomePod Mini (despite the retirement of the original HomePod), there’s no better moment to become completely familiar with Apple’s music streaming service.

You can get the most out of Apple Music regardless of whether you’re using the free three-month trial or are already a subscriber and frequent user.


1. How to unsubscribe from a mailing list Sure, this is a bit of a downer to begin with – but if you’re signing up for the three-month Apple Music free trial and don’t want to commit to paying for the service after that, you can drop out at any time without penalty. To do so, go to the For You page and click on your profile symbol in the upper right corner of the screen. From there, select View Account, then View Apple ID and login into your iTunes account to complete the process. Then, about halfway down the page, select Subscriptions.

  1. Don’t worry, you may still use the service for free for the next three months if you don’t want to.
  2. Savvy.
  3. Unfollow artists in large numbers.
  4. Thus, you will have a constant stream of new and apparently never-ending content from these artists in your Connect area (which has been relocated to the Made For You menu).
  5. We don’t pass judgment).
  6. You may now ensure that you only hear music from artists who you enjoy listening to.
  7. Sign in to iCloud Music to have access to additional services.

Many features, like offline listening, are only available when iCloud Music is engaged, and this is especially true with Apple Music.


Users who have a large existing collection, particularly if they create their own playlists, may have difficulties as a result of this.

As a result, if you value your current downloads (and you should), you might consider turning off iCloud.


If you have a large existing music library and are concerned about Apple matching it for access on your mobile device, you may turn off this function on your PC but leave it turned on for your mobile device instead.

By selecting PreferencesGeneral and unchecking iCloud Music Library under the iCloud Music Library section, you may turn off the iCloud Music Library on your Mac.

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A number of different gadgets The Apple Music Individual Membership plan, which costs £9.99 a month and can be used by up to 10 devices, five of which can be computers, is available for purchase.

7. Using several devices at the same time If you wish to listen to many devices at the same time, you’ll need to purchase a Family Membership from us. With this service, you may stream simultaneously with up to six other individuals for just £14.99 per month.


8. Access the album details for the currently playing track. One feature that is only partially visible is the ability to examine the album of the tune that is now playing. There are two ways to go about it. The quickest and most straightforward method is to touch on the artist and album names at the top of the currently playing window. After that, a pop-up will display asking if you want to “Go to Album” or if you want to “Go to Artist.” Select the Album choice from the drop-down menu. It takes a little longer to use the second approach, which involves tapping the three-button symbol in the bottom right corner of the screen and selecting ‘Show Album’ from the pop-up menu that appears.

  • 9.
  • Alternatively, if you’ve chosen the more time-consuming method: once you’ve been carried to the album page, click the name of the artist (highlighted in that pinky-red text).
  • 10.
  • Prepare your ears (or the ears of your child).

Organising your music

11. Make the most of your storage space. This is a no-brainer in my opinion. Because why would you want to take up valuable storage space on your phone with music you’re not listening to? If your Apple Music storage is getting low and you haven’t listened to any of your downloaded music in a long time, the Optimise Storage function will erase them for you on its own own. It’s a simple but effective function that keeps your phone free of music you don’t want or need to listen to. When you’ve completed the process of toggling a button, you’re done.

  1. To configure it, go to the Settings menu on your iPhone and select Music > Optimise Storage from the drop-down menu.
  2. 12.
  3. Only music that has already been added to your collection can be downloaded.
  4. To include it, simply tap it.
  5. To download, simply tap on the cloud.
  6. 13.
  7. If you just want to see the music stored on your phone for offline listening, simply pick the Downloaded Music category in the Library tab on the left side of the screen.
  8. 14.
  9. Rather than by artists (as is the usual configuration), you could choose to have your music collection organized alphabetically by title.
  10. Choose either Title, Recently Added, or Artist from the drop-down option that appears.

And there you have it. 15. Shuffle and repeat the process Have you noticed that the shuffle and repeat icons have vanished? On the Now Playing screen, you’ll find them directly beneath the track and artist, right close to the words ‘Playing Next.’

Music curation

11. Make your storage space as efficient as possible. No doubt about it, this one. Why would you want to take up valuable storage space on your phone with music you’re not listening to? If your Apple Music storage is becoming low and you haven’t listened to any of your downloaded songs in a long time, the Optimise Storage tool will automatically erase them. It’s a simple, yet effective tool that keeps your phone free of music you don’t need or want to listen to anymore. When you’ve completed the process by toggling a button, you’re done.

  1. Set it up on your iPhone by going to the Settings menu and then scrolling down to Music > Optimise Storage.
  2. music while you’re not connected to the internet 12.
  3. Your library must first be populated before you may download songs.
  4. To include something, simply tap it.
  5. You may download files by tapping on a cloud icon.
  6. Viewing music that has been downloaded What if there is no cellphone or network reception?
  7. Keep in mind that this includes both downloaded songs and playlists from Apple Audio, as well as your personal music files that are physically saved on your smartphone.
  8. Instead of by artists (which is the usual configuration), you want to sort your music collection by title alphabetically.
  9. Then, from the drop-down option, choose Title, Recently Added, or Artist.
  10. 15, shuffle, repeat, and so on Have you noticed that the shuffle and repeat symbols have vanished from your screen?

Radio and TV

Create your own radio station (number 21). You may listen to a selection of music that has been handpicked by Apple based on a specific artist or tune. To listen to similar music, simply click on the three dots next to an artist or a track and then pick Create Station from the pop-up option that appears. The ‘heart’ icon may be used on future tracks to inform Apple that it should continue to play similar music. 22. Use Apple Music to listen to live radio stations. Apple Music members may now listen to not one, but three live radio stations: Apple Music 1, Apple Music Hits, and Apple Music Country.

  • Choose Apple Music 1 or Apple Music Hits from the drop-down menu at the bottom of the home screen, then scroll down to tune in live, browse upcoming shows, or listen to previously broadcast shows on demand.
  • Tune in to public radio broadcasts.
  • You may do this by going to Search and searching for the radio station by its name, call sign (if applicable), frequency, or nickname, and then tapping or clicking on the radio station to listen to it live.
  • 24.
  • Apple Music makes it simple to watch music videos on Apple TV, thanks to its streaming service.

If you want to utilize it, go to the Music app on Apple TV and slide to Videos. Then, using your finger, swipe down to reveal a list of video categories. In certain cases, you may add the movie to a playlist or add it to your library, while in other cases, it can be removed from your library.

More features

25, make your listening history available to your friends and family. Do you want to share your latest audio discoveries with your friends? Within the app, you may accomplish this by establishing an Apple Music profile. Finally, if your friends subscribe and establish a profile, you will have access to see what they are listening to, as well as their favorite artists. To establish a profile, go to the Listen Now screen on your iPhone and then press the picture icon in the upper-right corner of the screen to add a photo.

  1. Follow the onscreen directions to establish a login, locate and follow friends, share playlists, and other features of the service.
  2. Certain playlists can be hidden from view, people can be blocked or unblocked, and you can follow your friends’ profiles.
  3. Siri and Apple Music are a brilliant combination.
  4. However, it is actually considerably more ingenious than that.

“Play the number one hit from April 1988,” “play the most popular songs by AC/DC,” and “play the newest song by AC/DC*” are all valid commands for Apple Music, as is “play the number one hit from April 1988.” It might be a bit hit-and-miss at times, but it’s worth testing with a variety of instructions to see what works best for you.

They’re not quite as excellent, however.) (Image courtesy of Apple) 27.

In order to get the most out of your new Apple HomePod Minispeaker, you’ll want to use Siri voice commands in conjunction with Apple Music.

Start by saying “Hey Siri, play something I like,” and it will utilize your Apple Music profile to build a customized radio station consisting of music you are familiar with and enjoy.

  • When comparing Amazon Echo with Apple HomePod Mini, which is the superior smart speaker?

Turn off the Listening History feature on your Apple HomePod Mini. For those of you have a HomePod Mini, you may be concerned about your children or that friend who only listens and enjoys country music interfering with your carefully tailored For You suggestions when they start yelling out song requests. Using the Home app (which you should have downloaded when setting up the Mini), navigate to the Details section and toggle the ‘Use Listening History’ switch to the off position to keep your Apple Music profile distinct from what the Mini has been listening to.

When setting an alarm in the Clock app on your iPhone, choose SoundPick a song (located under the Songs section) and then select a music from your Apple Music collection.

Lyrics You have the ability to karaoke!

If you want, you may select the Lyrics tab from the pop-up choices menu.

Since iOS 12, it’s also possible to search for songs based on their lyrics. Simply begin entering lyrics into the search box, and voilà – you’ll be directed to the music you’re looking for in no time (or at least suggestions for what it could be).

  • Music streaming services that are the best 2021: free high-resolution audio streaming
  • 12 of the best-produced records to put your speakers through their paces
  • If you’re more into hi-fi than music, you’re in for a challenge

Apple Music Rolling Out Feature That Displays New Music Notifications From Favorite Artists in Your Library

With the introduction of this new feature, Apple Music fans can expect to see newly released albums, EPs, and videos from their favorite artists prominently displayed at the top of the Library page on iOS. The new feature shows as a splash screen in Apple Music on iOS, informing users that they may “view new music from artists you enjoy.” The new feature is only available on iOS devices. This will allow you to get notifications about new releases from artists that you enjoy listening to, with notifications displaying above your library of albums and playlists as they become available.

You can only select whether or not to enable these alerts, as well as whether or not you want to view these notifications on your Library tab when you do.

Check by visiting Apple Music on your iPhone or iPad; the splash screen will show for those who are able to take use of the new functionality.

Because Apple is now posting alerts immediately within the Apple Music app, the firm appears to be attempting to provide more reliable information on new album releases.

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Kuo: Apple Headset Will Use Same 96W Power Adapter as 14-Inch MacBook Pro

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Julia Clover posted on Wednesday, January 12, 2022 at 3:28 p.m. PST. Apple agreed to settle a long-running lawsuit over employee bag checks in November, with the Cupertino company agreeing to pay $29.9 million to employees who were subjected to off-the-clock bag searches. The terms of the settlement are now available on Apple’s website, along with additional information about the settlement. Apple workers in California originally filed a complaint against the company in 2013, and the case was eventually turned into a class action lawsuit in 2015.

MusicHarbor now lets users easily follow artists with Shazam integration

MusicHarbor is an app that allows users to follow their favorite musicians in order to remain up to date on new songs, music videos, and live performances by those artists. After being upgraded, the app now has a fantastic new feature that will make it even easier to follow artists: integration with the Shazam music recognition service. In the past, users had to actively search for an artist within the app, but what if you don’t know who is singing a certain song and don’t know who is singing it?

  1. When you long-press the Shazam app icon on the Home screen, a shortcut to the app has been added to the Home screen menu, making things even more easy.
  2. It’s then only a matter of tapping the button to start following the artist.
  3. Shazam now allows you to easily keep track of your favorite musicians!
  4. Recently, the program received another update that included revamped widgets, including an extra-large option for users of Apple’s iOS device.

MusicHarbor is available for download for free from the App Store and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and Mac computers. To have access to all of the app’s functions, you must make an in-app payment of $5.99.

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  • Musical Harbor is an app that allows users to follow their favorite musicians in order to keep up with the latest music releases, music videos, and live performances. After being upgraded, the app now has a fantastic new feature that will make it even easier to follow artists: connection with the Shazam music identification service. User’s had to make a manual search for an artist within the app in the past, which was inconvenient if you didn’t know who was singing the song. Shazam integration has been added to the current version of MusicHarbor to address this issue. The app icon has been long-pressed twice to bring up a menu that includes a shortcut to Shazam. This makes it even more straightforward. Using Shazam technology (which is owned by Apple), MusicHarbor is able to identify the music in a matter of seconds. Simply tapping on the button will allow you to follow along with the musician. Also available from the Artists tab is an option that may be found by selecting More from the drop-down menu. Shazam now allows you to easily keep track of your favorite musicians. To identify and follow the artist of the music playing around you, long press MusicHarbor on your Home Screen and tap Shazam. Recently, the program received another update that included revamped widgets, including an extra-large option for users of Apple’s iOS devices. MusicHarbor is a free app available on the App Store that works with iPhone, iPad, and Mac computers. It may be downloaded by clicking here. Unlocking all of the app’s capabilities necessitates making an in-app purchase, which costs $5.99.
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How to find your top tunes and artists from 2021 with Apple Music Replay

Apple Music Replay allows you to listen to your favorite artists, songs, and playlists from the previous year in chronological order. Image courtesy of Apple Apple Songs customers may be interested in knowing how they may evaluate their favorite music from the previous year now that the ever-popular Spotify Wrapped has started for 2021 on the platform. In this case, Apple Music Replay is the solution. It doesn’t have all of the features of Wrapped, but it is constantly being updated and is available all year round.

Apple keeps track of what you listen to in order to make recommendations to you about artists, albums, songs, and playlists.

It is updated on Sundays and includes your top 100 tracks.

How to find your Apple Music Replay 2021

You may listen to your Replay mix on any device that supports Apple Music, including your phone. Simply follow the instructions outlined below:

  1. Click theListen Nowbutton in the Apple Music app or, if you’re on the web, click theListen Nowbutton in the sidebar to begin listening. Follow the arrows until they reach the bottom of the screen. To begin listening, choose theReplay 2021playlist from the drop-down menu.

How to find your listening stats for 2021

To view your listening statistics for the year 2021, you must log into Apple Music on the web. Despite the fact that they aren’t available in the Apple Music app, you may access them using mobile Safari. To view your statistics, navigate to in a web browser that supports Apple Music. Upon logging in, you’ll be able to see how many hours of music you’ve listened to and which artists and albums you’ve found to be particularly enjoyable.

How to share your music stats

The process of sharing your music numbers from Apple Music Replay statistics on social media isn’t as clear as the process of sharing your Spotify Wrapped information, but it is possible.

  1. Share a playlist with your friends on Instagram or Snapchat directly from the Apple Music app by clicking on the three dots in the upper-right corner of the screen. ChooseShare
  2. Choose your favorite application

The Indie Musician’s Guide to Apple Music

When advertising your music, it is critical that you do not concentrate all of your efforts on a single streaming service or platform. Spotify, Amazon Music, YouTube Music, and Apple Music are just a few of the places where your fans may listen to your music; listening is dispersed throughout a variety of other sites as well. It is essential that any promotional material you provide to your whole audience acknowledges this fact, and Apple Music should be promoted alongside other popular services.

The numbers are broken out as follows:

  • Spotify has more than 144 million paying members, whereas Apple Music has more than 72 million paid subscribers.

144+ million paying customers to Spotify; 72+ million paying subscribers to Apple Music

How did Apple Music start?

Apple Music, as its name implies, is the music streaming division of Apple, the technology corporation that is responsible for the Macintosh computer, the iPhone, the iPad, and other diverse products that are used by hundreds of millions of people across the world. You might also recall an application by the name of iTunes from your childhood. Apple Music is a spiritual heir to that service as well, but we’ll get to that in a minute or two. It all started with Apple’s acquisition of Jimmy Iovine and Dr.

Beats Music had begun as a streaming service earlier that year and had collected a collection of more than 20 million songs by the time the company was acquired by Apple in 2014.

Beginning in early June 2015, Apple announced the debut of their new music streaming service, Apple Music, which went live at the end of the same month.

By the middle of 2019, it has surpassed its most recent key milestone of 60 million members, surpassing Spotify in terms of paying customers.

Why should I distribute to Apple Music?

Because, unlike Spotify, Apple Music is only available through paid subscriptions, this last milestone is crucial. It is expected that premium subscription services would pay more for streams in comparison to a platform that provides a free streaming alternative. In reality, Apple Music sent a memoto to artists, labels, and other rights holders in April of 2021, explaining the company’s one-cent-per-stream royalty rate for streaming music. This is significantly greater than the average for other platforms.

  • Real-time payouts are dependent on Apple Music’s total streaming revenue for each pay period, which varies.
  • It’s also a numbers game: because Apple Music comes pre-installed on all Apple devices, there’s an already-existing potential user base that you can tap into by uploading your music to the service.
  • Particularly in light of the fact that Apple offers a free three-month trial to lure new customers to subscribe.
  • Apple Music is a great place to listen to music.

How do I send my music to Apple Music?

Okay! Now that we’ve persuaded you of the benefits of becoming a subscriber to Apple Music, how do you go about getting started? To obtain your music on Apple Music, you’ll need to utilize a music distributor, just as you would to get your music on any other music streaming site, such as Spotify.

CD Baby is the service provider in this case. All for the same one-time cost, we distribute your music to Apple Music along with dozens of other streaming channels, like Spotify and Pandora. And it’s a simple process. Simply follow the instructions outlined below:

  1. On your Dashboard, select Add New Title from the drop-down menu. When you get to the Distribution Options screen, choose Downloads and Streaming as your distribution method. Make certain that Apple Music is selected from the list of available partners.

That’s all there is to it! CD Baby will distribute your music to Apple Music, as well as the other platforms that you have specified for distribution. DISTRIBUTE IMMEDIATELY

How do I claim my Apple Music artist profile?

Once your music is made accessible on Apple Music, you may claim your artist profile on the platform using a service called Apple Music for Artists, which allows you to claim your profile on Apple Music. This is analogous to the process of authenticating your artist page on Spotify. Both features allow you to personalize your artist profile as well as see statistics and data, which includes the following:

  • The number of plays through on-demand streaming
  • The average number of daily listeners Purchases of songs on iTunes
  • Apple Music has radio stations playing
  • Shazams (yeah, that’s right, Shazams! )
  • Aspects of your music’s global success, such as “You reached 10,000 all-time plays in Canada,” will be shared with you.
  • Plays songs from a playlist
  • Songs that are most frequently played
  • Countries that are popular (as indicated by heat maps)
  • Demographic and regional information about your listeners (by song, album, playlist, and so forth)
  • And much more information about your listeners

The best part is that if you’re releasing your music through CD Baby, you won’t even have to go through the hassle of claiming your profile with Apple Music. Using your CD Baby account, you may claim your Apple Music for Artists page right away. To claim your Apple Music for Artists profile, follow these steps:

  1. On the Dashboard, select Tools and Promotion
  2. Then select Apple Music for Artists from the drop-down menu. Request Access Right Away
  3. Alternatively, you may click here to be directed to the page.

Can I make my music available to pre-save on Apple Music?

Apple Music has a function that is akin to pre-saves, which is another resemblance to Spotify. When using Apple Music, users may store an album that is available for pre-sale on iTunes to their Apple Music Library by using the “pre-add” feature. The album will be instantly added to the listener’s Apple Music Library on the day when sales begin to be made accessible. Pre-adds can also contain a music that provides “immediate pleasure,” if the artist decides to make one accessible for download.

They are then alerted when the whole album is made available for purchase.

How is Apple Music pre-add different from Spotify pre-save?

Apple Music, in a similar vein to Spotify, offers a tool that is comparable to pre-saved playlists. When using Apple Music, users may save an album that is available for pre-sale on iTunes to their Apple Music Library by selecting “pre-add” from the dropdown menu. The album will be instantly added to the listener’s Apple Music Library on the day when sales begin to be made available to the general public. A “immediate gratification” track can also be included in pre-adds if the artist wishes to make one accessible for download.

Afterwards, they will be alerted when the whole album is made available for purchase.

How do I submit my music for Apple Music pre-add?

During the submission process with CD Baby, you will have the option to include your album in the Apple Music pre-add queue. Take the following steps:

  1. Choose a release date that is far enough in advance of the actual release date to qualify for pre-add (you may use CD Baby’s Release Generator to help you arrange this!)
  2. Choose to have your music distributed to both iTunes and Apple Music. Pre-sale on iTunes is available
  3. Select it. Select the date for the pre-sale
  4. Select your preferred tune for quick satisfaction

How do I create a playlist on Apple Music?

Because Apple Music is more restrictive in terms of membership due to its subscription-only model, functionality such as playlist building aren’t as transparent as they are on other platforms like Spotify and Pandora. Making a playlist on Apple Music, on the other hand, is really rather simple if you know the steps:

  1. Launch the Apple Music application. Select Library from the menu bar at the bottom of your screen. Select Playlists from the drop-down menu. Select New Playlist from the drop-down menu. Add music to your playlist by giving it a name and then tapping Add Music. Search for the music that you wish to include, tap it, and then hit Done to finish.

In addition, by selecting “Show on My Profile and in Search,” you may make your playlist visible to the public.

How do I share my Apple Music playlist?

These are the steps to do in order to share your Apple Music playlist on social networking platforms:

  1. Check to see whether Facebook, Instagram, or Snapchat are already loaded on your smartphone
  2. And Launch the Apple Music application. Determine whatever song, album, or playlist you wish to share with your friends and family. When you locate anything, touch and hold it for a few seconds before tapping Share. In the apps area of the share sheet, select one of the following options: Facebook, Instagram, or Snapchat. To see Facebook, Instagram, or Snapchat on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch if you don’t already have them, slide left on your applications and then hit the More icon.

What is Apple Music Radio?

Earlier in this post, we reported that iTunes Radio was merged with Beats Music to become Apple Music, which is now available for purchase. So far, we’ve only discussed the on-demand music streaming aspect of Apple Music; however, the radio element of the service is still available and offers a variety of ways to find new music. Apple Music Radio is separated into two sections: the first is dedicated to classical music, while the second is dedicated to hip hop.

  • Apple Music 1, which is a 24-hour radio station similar to any standard FM station, is now available on the App Store. This radio station is further subdivided into three different stations:
  • Apple Music 1 is the flagship station of Apple Music 1 radio, and it is available on all devices. This station broadcasts a combination of the most recent songs from popular music genres such as pop and rap
  • And Apple Music Hits: This station plays music from the last three decades, with a focus on pop and rock. Gen-Xers and Millennials will undoubtedly find something to enjoy about this. Music Country on Apple Music Radio: Apple Music Radio’s country channel broadcasts current and historic country music songs.
  • Music Radio stations on Apple Music are not controlled by DJs, and they can cover a wide range of musical genres, in contrast to Apple Music 1. Generally, these stations may be divided into two categories:
  • Semi-automated stations that have been pre-programmed and are sorted by genre are available. You’d expect to hear all of the classic metal hits from bands like Iron Maiden, Priest, Ozzy, and so on if you tuned into a ’80s metal station. Users can design their own own stations. Now, these stations aren’t totally programmable track per track, but they are changeable overall. A station is created for you instead by Apple Music’s algorithm, which takes your preferences and the music you are now listening to into consideration.

To create a personalized station on Apple Music, follow these steps:

  1. Begin by listening to a music that you find enjoyable
  2. To the right of the music, click on the ellipses (the three dots) button to stop it. Create a station by selecting it from the menu.

How do I promote my music on Apple Music?

Did you know that Apple Music offers a variety of promotional options to help you promote your music? You may make use of these resources to:

  • Produce a track preview tweet: You may send out aTwitter Audio Card that contains a 30-second preview of your music, replete with cover art, to your followers. This preview provides a link, which allows fans to simply navigate to Apple Music to hear the complete song
  • Create an embeddable player by following these steps: This player, like the Twitter Audio Card, allows listeners to hear a 30-second preview of a song, but it has the extra flexibility of being embeddable on any website that accepts the web-based code. It also displays the whole track listing for your record. Furthermore, if the listener has an Apple Music account and is signed in, they will be able to listen to the entire songs directly in the player without leaving your site. Create badges and symbols that represent your organization: A badge is a branded graphic associated with a product that is accompanied by text that displays the name of the product. An icon is just a representation of the product’s imagery. Apple Music’s logo, which has a music note and a pink color scheme, is easily identifiable to users. Use this to promote your music by including one of these clearly recognized links to your song or album on Apple Music on your website
  • Or Produce a list of links to your music: This one is quite basic. You may direct fans to your song, album, or playlist directly from your website by sending them a link that will open Apple Music on their device. If you want to publish something on social media, you can even make a shortened URL for it.

Play songs from Apple Music to your app with MusicKit

In this case, things are a little more complicated. App developers may make it possible for their customers to play music from Apple Music within their apps by utilizing a technology known as MusicKit, which is available in the iOS SDK. When consumers agree to allow your app to log into their Apple Music account, your app has the ability to play any song from Apple Music’s full catalog. Because this is a developer kit, you’ll need to be familiar with coding for the iOS or Android platforms in order to use it.

How do I add my lyrics on Apple Music?

Apple Music allows you to add lyrics to any of your songs, and the process is rather straightforward. You should be aware, however, that lyrics must be uploaded one song at a time, rather than all at once. There is no option for mass uploading. Additionally, the synchronization function, which syncs the lyrics with the singing, is only available at the discretion of Apple Music’s editorial department. The following is the procedure for submitting your song lyrics to Apple Music:

  1. Please fill out this contact form. Fill out the contact and artist information (you’ll need an Apple ID to complete this). Select Submit Your Lyrics from the “Topic” drop-down menu. Specify the URL to your music on Apple Music (to get the URL to your song on your computer, go to the iTunes Store and search for your track). Copy the link by clicking on the arrow next to the price and selecting Copy Link. The lyric writers’ names should be entered in the text box following the colon. Your lyrics should be copied and pasted into the Lyrics area.
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IMPORTANT: Make certain that your lyrics are formatted in accordance with the standards of Apple Music’s lyrics rules! Preparing the text for the lyrics area BEFORE you copy and paste it ensures that it is accurate. Once you’ve submitted the lyrics, you’ll receive a confirmation email to the address associated with your Apple ID. According to the email, it might take up to ten days for the lyrics to be assessed.

Use Ad Builder and HearNow

Use’s Ad Builder to incorporate your music into interactive advertisements that appear on your fans’ favorite websites. And don’t forget about HearNow smart-links, which contain links to your music across a variety of platforms, including Apple Music, throughout the Internet.

Did iTunes disappear?

You may recall that Apple stated in 2019 that it will be ending the iTunes store. Despite the fact that this is true, they did not fully abandon the animal. Apple, on the other hand, combined iTunes with Apple Music. Yes, your fans will still be able to purchase and download your songs through iTunes.

They just select the iTunes Store tab from within the Apple Music application. And CD Baby is still a distributor for iTunes, so make sure they’re on your list of options for those who want to purchase music rather than stream it online!

How to See Your Top Songs of the Year With Apple Music Replay

  • Using your iOS device, you may listen to Apple Music Replays: Open the Music application and select “Listen Now.” Replay: Your favorite songs from each year
  • Apple Music is available online: Sign in, then click on “Listen Now.” Replay: Your favorite songs from each year. To play it back, click on the Replay button. To start listening, go to theApple Music Replay website and sign in before clicking on the Get Your Replay Mix button

This article shows how to use Apple Music Replay to listen to your favorite songs from your Apple Music library for a whole year. Replays may be accessed using the Music app for iPhone and iPad, as well as online. All you need is an Apple Music membership to listen to music.

What Is Apple Music Replay?

The songs, albums, and artists that you listen to the most on Apple Music are recommended to you by Apple based on your listening history on Apple Music. Every year, your Apple Music statistics are combined into a single playlist called a Replay, which you may access at any time. All of the music you’ve listened to on any of your devices while logged in with the same Apple ID is included in Replays. Exceptions include devices on which your listening history has been turned off, as well as songs and albums that are not currently accessible in the Apple Music library.

Apple Music Replay on iPhone and iPad

Listen to your favorite songs and learn more about the artists who created them with the Music app on your iPhone or iPad, which is available for both iOS and Android devices.

  1. Activate the Music application on your mobile device. In the navigation bar, select theListen Nowtab. This may be found at the bottom of the iPhone screen and in the sidebar of the iPad
  2. It is also available on the iPod touch. You’ll find Replay: Your Favorite Songs by Year at the bottom of the Listen Now section if you scroll down. Select a Replay for any year to view and hear the songs that you most frequently played
  3. Featured Artists for each song are listed at the bottom of each of your Replays if you scroll down to the bottom of that particular song. More information may be found by selectingSee All.

To play it, add it to a playlist, share it, or play it next, press and hold a Replay button on theListen Nowscreen for several seconds.

Apple Music Replay on Apple Music Online

On the Apple Music website, you can listen to and view your songs and playlists. With a built-in player, you may listen from any computer that has a web browser and access to the internet. With Replays, you can listen to your most played songs by year, just like you can with the mobile app.

  1. Sign in by going to theApple Music website and clickingSign Inin the upper right corner
  2. When prompted, enter your Apple ID as well as your Apple Music membership password in the Continue with Password box
  3. ChooseListen Nowon the left-hand side of the screen, and then slide down on the right toReplay: Your Favorite Songs by Year. If you want to see the songs and performers, you may choose a Replay for any year, or you can just press thePlaybutton. If you choose a Replay, you’ll see a list of the Featured Artists for that song at the bottom of the screen.

To add a Replay to your collection, share it with others, or listen it next, click the three dots to the right of the Replay in theListen Nowsection.

Apple Music Replay Online

To check the current year’s Replay for the songs you’ve listened to the most thus far, go directly to Apple Music Replay online and search for those songs. Prepare your mix or begin listening in order to add tracks to it.

  1. Go to theApple Music Replay website and sign in using your Apple ID and password. When prompted, enter your Apple ID as well as your Apple Music membership password in the Continue with Password box
  2. To begin listening, select Get Your Replay Mix from the drop-down menu. In the event that you haven’t listened to enough music this year, you will see the notice below. After that, you may enjoy the Apple Music service by using the Listen Now button.

If you’re an Apple Music member, you can take advantage of Apple Music Replay to your advantage. For each year that you are a member, you will receive a Replay of your favorite songs and performers. Remember to visit one of the websites listed above if you use Apple Music on Windows to view your Replays. Thank you for informing us about this!

Apple Music: Is it worth it? Everything you need to know.

The Android Authority is a project led by Dhruv Bhutani. Despite the fact that Spotify is still the world’s largest music streaming platform, Apple Music is quickly closing in on the top position. It has expanded from a few thousand subscribers to over seventy million in only five years. It’s also become an even greater element of Apple’s subscription service push in 2019, after basically replacing iTunes in the previous year. In contrast to some of Apple’s other services, the platform is available on devices other than Apple-branded ones.

So, what exactly is Apple Music, and is it worth your time to subscribe? Continue reading to learn all you need to know about the platform, including its features and cost, as well as its main rivals. You can also begin your free trial right away by clicking on the icon below to the right.

What is Apple Music?

The Android Authority is a project led by Dhruv Bhutani. Apple Music is a premium music streaming service that offers access to more than 50 million songs that may be streamed directly from the internet. It also features a number of free internet radio stations that broadcast 24 hours a day, seven days a week in more than 160 countries across the world. It was introduced in 2015, following Apple’s acquisition of Beats, and took over for the company’s then-developing Beats Music service. The service, which bills itself as a one-stop shop for all of your music streaming requirements, gives you access to a large collection of songs as well as your own personal library of music acquired through iTunes through the use of iCloud connection.

While Apple Music first garnered negative feedback due to its clunky user interface, the service has evolved into a prominent participant in the music streaming battles over the years.

What is Apple Music for Artists?

It was a rocky start for Apple Songs’s relationship with artists after it declared it would not pay royalties for music played during a user’s free trial period, but things swiftly improved once the company changed course. Musicians can now access Apple’s data and monitor how their music is performing throughout the world, courtesy to Apple Music for Artists, which was launched in 2015. The program, which is geared for musicians, provides information such as listener demographics, trend reports, milestones, the most Shazamed tracks, and more.

To register for an account and begin tracking the performance of your music, just click on the icon below.

How does it work?

The Android Authority is a project led by Dhruv Bhutani. Since its initial introduction in 2015, Apple Music has evolved into a lot more user-friendly experience. When using an iOS or Mac device, you already have it installed on your computer. In addition, it’s most likely selected as your default music app. The software can be downloaded through the Play Store if you’re using an Android device; but, for Windows users, they’ll have to rely on the traditional iTunes interface. As soon as you’ve finished installing it, open it up and you’ll be welcomed by four primary sections: the Library area, For You, Browse, and Radio.

  1. On iOS, there is an additional search icon at the bottom right of the screen, however on Android, the search symbol is situated in the upper portion of the display.
  2. Your saved and customized playlists may also be found in this section of the menu bar.
  3. With complicated algorithms, Apple Songs evaluates what you’ve been listening to and whether you’ve liked or hated it, and then offers comparable music to you.
  4. Finally, the Radiosection is one of the most well-known and distinctive characteristics of the program.

There’s also a schedule of future live content, so you’ll never have to worry about missing out on your favorite shows.

Is Apple Music worth it?

The Android Authority is a project led by Dhruv Bhutani. While there is certainly no shortage of excellent streaming music alternatives available, Apple Music is one that should be seriously considered. This service provides a greater collection of music than the vast majority of its competitors, with 60 million tracks to choose from. Additionally, it is around the same price. Considering that you’re already a part of the Apple ecosystem, with your music library synced up with iTunes, it’s really a no-brainer to give Apple Music a shot.

  1. Music enthusiasts will like the convenience of being able to access all of their purchased music as well as a vast streaming library in one location.
  2. Listening to your own music on Apple Music is absolutely free, as are the online radio stations that are broadcast 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  3. However, if you are not connected to WiFi, it will consume a lot of your data.
  4. Nonetheless, if you’re not searching for anything too out of the ordinary, the recommendations might be excellent.
  5. Tidal, Amazon Music HD, and Deezeare the current leaders in sound quality, but they come with fewer features and a lack of connection with a broader ecosystem as a trade-off for superior sound.

How much is it per month?

The Android Authority is a project led by Dhruv Bhutani. As previously stated, Apple Music is priced at $9.99 a month for the individual plan, which is competitively priced with other streaming services. This is the same as the lower-resolution options for Tidal and Deezer, as well as the free versions of Spotify and YouTube Music. Additionally, if you are a student presently enrolled in a course, you may take advantage of the student discount, which is $4.99 per month for up to four years. The cost of a single subscription for a complete family is prohibitively expensive, which is where the $14.99 per month family plan comes in.

Apple Music is also included in all Apple One subscriptions, with individual plans beginning at $14.95 per month.

It’s the same price as Apple Music for a family subscription, which costs $19.95 per month. A family subscription to the most costly Premier plan, which costs $29.95 per month, includes Apple News Plus and Apple Fitness Plus, among other features. Apple Music price information

  • Individual plans are $9.99 per month
  • Family plans are $14.99 per month
  • And student plans are $4.99 per month.

How to get free Apple Music access

The good news for new users is that getting Apple Music for free isn’t too tough to come by these days. For starters, there’s a generous three-month free trial period for the commercial version of the software. The time allotted should be more than sufficient for you to determine whether or not the service is worthwhile for you. The third option for getting free Apple Music is to just download the Apple Music app. In addition to various online radio stations and access to your local music files, the basic service is provided absolutely free of charge.

It is likely that the app is already loaded on your iOS device if you have one.

Apple Music alternatives

Apple Music is a long way from being the first music streaming service to emerge on the scene. To be more specific, it was the emergence of music streaming services such as Spotify over traditional music downloads that drove Apple to transition away from its previous iTunes business model in the first place. We’ve compiled a list of some of the major participants in the music streaming sector, along with a comparison of how they compare to Apple’s streaming service.

Apple Music vs Spotify

Lily Katz of the Android Authority has contributed to this article. The greatest brand in music streaming is without a doubt Spotify, which jumped out to an early lead and has since amassed an unrivaled subscriber base. Spotify’s ad-supported free plan accounts for a significant portion of this. Despite the fact that Apple Music’s radio shows are free, the service simply does not provide anything that can compete with the vast amount of free music available. More information may be found at: Apple Music vs.

A feature set that has developed that Apple’s offering does not yet match, such as collaborative playlists and the ability to connect with your friends beyond simply sharing a playlist, has also been developed by Spotify.

Spotify is available in English and Spanish.

While the addition of podcasts to Spotify may have propelled it to the top of our list, both services are outstanding.

Apple Music vs YouTube Music

When it comes to paid subscriptions, the cost for all three platforms is almost same. YouTube Music, on the other hand, is included with aYouTube Premiumsubscription, which also includes the removal of advertisements from YouTube videos for a monthly fee of $12. This is an excellent offer if you watch a lot of YouTube videos and don’t mind being interrupted by advertisements. However, when it comes to listening to obscure music, YouTube Music truly shines through.

There is no other service that offers the same selection of remixes, mixtapes, and older music as Rhapsody. Moreover, it has the uncanny capacity to propose songs that no one else has ever heard of yet that nevertheless perfectly match your musical preferences.

Other FAQ

Q:Can you tell me how to play Apple Music on Alexa devices? In order to use Apple Music with Alexa, you must first link the two services in the settings section of the official Alexa App. Once you’ve done that, you can just say, “Alexa, play (song) on Apple Music,” and the music will begin playing. If you like, you can also set it as your default music player so that you don’t have to remember what service you’re listening to every time you want to listen. Q:Does Apple Music provide a podcasting service?

Earlier this year, when Apple separated iTunes into several services, all podcasts were moved to the Apple Podcasts app.

A:The method through which you cancel your membership is dependent on the device you are using at the time.

  • Subscriptions via the iOS Settings app (your name)
  • Mac App Store (your name) InformationManage (under subscriptions)
  • Android: Apple Music application YoutabSettings(upper right)AccountManage Membership
  • Windows:iTunesAccountmenu
  • And Mac:iTunesAccountmenu (top of screen) View and manage your account (under subscriptions)

Q:Does Google Home support Apple Music? A:Yes, Google Home does. A:At this time, there is no support for Google Home on the market. Bluetooth connectivity, on the other hand, allows you to access the platform on the majority of Google Home devices. Q:Does Apple Music provide access to song lyrics? A:Yes! It is simple to understand the lyrics since they are shown in a manner that corresponds to the music. You may find it in the app by looking for an icon that looks like a quote mark within a conversation bubble.

A:Apple Music consumes roughly 40MB per hour of streaming when using the iTunes Store.

Q:Can I move a Spotify playlist from one platform to another?

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